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  1. Then again, perhaps riding it down might not be so bad if they were in a VF, considering how tough they make em!
  2. https://theaviationist.com/2022/08/24/check-out-these-amazing-photos-of-the-second-f-35c-sporting-a-mirror-like-coating/
  3. I guess it shouldnt be surprising that UN forces used conventional aircraft during the lead up to SW1, but I cant believe I never picked up on this photo of a B-52 in Plus.
  4. I have been enjoying the Enhanced Gunplay mod recently, fixes a lot of issues with 7 like the lackluster enemy AI and weak weaponry (missiles follow a predictive path instead of chasing the tail, aircraft and AA guns use a tweaked raycast and more accurate to real life rate of fire, special weaponry launches based on pylon count instead of the artificial 2-4-6-8 salvo of the regular game) Recommend it for anyone on PC whose gotten bored of the base game.
  5. https://taskandpurpose.com/entertainment/realistic-aerial-combat-movie-patlabor-2/?taid=62229810dc4331000182cae8&utm_campaign=trueanthem_manual&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Cool breakdown of the Wyvern sequence from Patlabor 2.
  6. So that's how the UAVs are carried for the Nosferatu, guess it makes more sense than carried internally.
  7. Dont know if that design is just some random bit of CG they whipped up as a stand-in, or something with more substance.
  8. Just got to listen to the full version of Glow In The Dark, its excellent! Honestly might be one of my top 10 Macross vocal tracks to be honest.
  9. Three new planes for DLC, Block 3 Super Hornet, MiG-35, F-2 Kai
  10. "With the support of the US Marine Corps F-35B, the escort ship Izumo F-35B departure and arrival verification will be carried out."
  11. Reading about the RVF-25's providing AEW and the carrier spoofing to cover for the regular VF-25s was neat, wish we got to see some of that more tactical coordination in Delta. Its been years since I watched Delta, but I dont really remember Chuck doing much.
  12. 2051, eh? 99 years from first flight is a pretty good record for a single design!
  13. Not everyone ages the same. I'm gonna presume someone with as much power as Max, and with his martial background might keep himself in the best shape possible.
  14. DVIDS - News - Teaching the Commando new tricks (dvidshub.net)
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