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Yamato VF-1J MP - weathered and stickered


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Here is my Yamato VF-1J MP (brownie) weathered and stickered.

This was actually my first work, as I used it as a test bed when I was starting to weather my valks - It was less risky (already dark colour), and not a big loss if I botched it up.

I actually weathered about 75% of it, then the VF-19 Adv arrived and I went on to that and then the YF-19 there after.

So now with those 2 completed I went back and completed the weathering on the VF-1J MP, applied all the stickers and finished with a top coat.

Some of you may have seen my VF-1J MP previous, as it is not the stock Yamato VF-1J MP. It is actually a custom I had to create as the Yamato one was very hard to find, and actually more expensive than buying a VF-1A MP Movie + VF-1J assembly kit. This way I ended up with an assembly kit + VF-1A MP head to make another custom later on.


- Gundam Real Touch marker

- Gundam marker silver colour

- Mr Hobby Top Coat - Matt

Currently working on a VF-1A MP to accompany mr VF-1J MP

Now on to the pictures!








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Glad you guys like it.

Incredible for a pen work, it really is like a airbrush work. How did you paint the head the color is perfectly matching!

The real touch markers are super forgiving. There is even an eraser pen if you botch up badly. XD

Just a little here and there then some rubbing with a cotton bud and magic. Also a bit of clean up with your finger works well too. Fills in the panel lines nicely and leaves nice shade also.

After finishing the YF-19 I went back over the VF-1J again as I had held back a bit initially as I was scared of doing much.

On the head I actually I didn't get the colour mix right and the colour is slightly off compared to the Yamato brown plastic. In my original clean photos, I posted ages ago (somewhere here), you can see the difference. After the weathering the colours have evened out nicely.

So glad it is finally warm weather again in Australia. I couldn't spray top coat when it was cold and damp.

Have to keep working at my VF-1A MP so I can spray it before autumn/winter rolls around again. HAHA! :p

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"Glad you guys like it". I get it. That sentiment. My brothers and I played tabletop growing up. Battletech, Warhammer, 40k, and a few others. My favorite part was always the painting. I got good at it. Good enough to be noticed when we'd play somewhere. For me it wasn't about winning the game. I won when my mini's looked better than the other persons. So much time, and care goes into painting. Time I don't make so much any more for that hobby. I appreciate seeing your customs. You can tell how much time, care, and effort is spent on each one. eggy99's, and all of you guys that customize/weather/paint. Keep sharing. Never enough pictures.

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Wow, Eggy! I didn't know what "real touch" was until seeing your customs. I've now learned how they work and what they're for and man, if that's not a really great way to do shading if you don't have (or don't want to use) an airbrush! Excellent results. Thanks for sharing your work!

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Hope it's NOT "Masterpiece", don't want the Yamato legacy tarnished with a Toynami name.....yuck.

I'm guessing " Mass Production".

Although from what I remember from the admittedly non-canon Master Files, there was only a very small amount of VF-1J actually produced.


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Wow, great job!! We all could go on and on about how great it looks! Just beautiful!

QFT! Amazing work, eggy99! The MP VF-1J is easily my favorite 1J by far.

If you don't mind me asking, what brown paint color did you use to match the VF-1A CF brown? I'm thinking of doing the same thing and creating my own 1J MP too seeing as how the chances of ever getting an actual one now is like winning the lottery.

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