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  1. Hi guys, Just in case you were curious about the 1:8 scale Bust statues. Here is my review. Enjoy.
  2. Thanks SMS, Yeah Im working on a new Background. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. I know it’s a little bit late, but I thought you guys might enjoy anyway .
  4. Mpower never got back to me. So this item is still up for sale if interested.
  5. Hi sure thing please send payment through PayPal at the following : jayliu94@yahoo.com. Please send as gift to avoid fees. Also please include your address. I’ll get it ready for shipping Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone I’m selling me a high metal super ostrich. It’s brand spanking new just looking to clear out a little bit of inventory please Let me know if interested $90.00 shipped. PayPal Thanks!
  7. sorry just saw you message LOL, Thanks Jenius for the assist! Hope that helped? let me know if you have any additional questions. I will be posting my review of Ley or the " Rand " Version Soon.
  8. mustang1

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Well, looks like i'll be in the market for another Vf-19 advanced. Honestly, I only wanted this because I want to display a 19 in battriod mode. Can't see paying up the ass for a few minor design changes and the Macross plus scheme. Really can't justify paying that much on the secondary market for stickers. Bullshit! who i am i kidding! i still want one!
  9. Awesome! Thanks for the tip! May build another and try your method. Any pics?
  10. mustang1

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Oh crap, is this going to go the way of you can’t own this and less you go to eBay ?
  11. Yeah nice variety , but Bandai is superior in my opinion. But not bad over all, you just need to be a little creative with some of the seem lines.
  12. I usually do, but this is a snap together kits and the lines get a bit difficult.
  13. Glad you noticed, unfortunately the engine the cell doesn’t fit too well. There’s a natural gap for some reason and I’m not that great with putty. so it created an uneven surface but it had an unexpected result that I thought looked really cool so I just left a semi gap and then painted a gun metal stripe running up the engine. Actually kind of prefer it that way . Of course that meant I had to do the same thing to the other side for uniformity. But I like the end result looks like the Canon has a groove.
  14. AGR’s pop culture reviews: Hey guys I just got this 1/72 scale kit of the VF -4 lightning III. Not bad for a snap together kit . Thought you’d might like to see the finished product in case you’re interested.
  15. AGR'S POP CULTURE REVIEWS ROBOTECH 1:72 Scale Limited Edition F 14 Type S Hi guys , Thought you might be interested, my Review for those of you who are into 1/72 scale Die-cast Enjoy!
  16. Sorry Guys Youtube Bots are being jerks again. Here is the full review from my facebook page.
  17. Merry Christmas From AGR's Pop Culture Reviews Enjoy! Sorry Guys Youtube bots are being jerks. Here is the full review from my facebook page.
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