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DarrinG just pointed me to this thread, I'd be happy to sculpt pilots for this figure if the captain isn't already going to provide it. I would just need a copy of the cockpit from someone who bought it to get the correct measurements. That is of course if anyone is interested. But please focus on getting the numbers for this project first...

Sorry cap... didn't mean to intrude. I do love these Inbit sculpts!


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It always depends on the specific mold. I usually limit castings to about 30 per mold for quality purposes, even though I know that they can produce more castings. The Gamo molds were really exceptional in that they survived for 40+ good castings. Smooth-On has definitely improved their rubber, and this combined with a new secret technique of mine helps to extend mold life. The 30 kit threshold is also the minimum limit which allows a new project to break-even.

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First, thank you very much to "sbantonelli" who warn me about this topic..

i was busy last week and i didn't know that the captain was started this topic :angry:

John, it will be a good idea to create a mailing list for guys who already bought one of your kits ?

Well... 200$ (perhaps less?)... but i don't have any choice, i want these guys <_<

So 3 for me captain....

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Just spotted this thread... Please put me down for one. I think you have all my info from last time.

And I'm tempted to say PM me or email me if you don't hear from me on future offerings. I'd hate to miss one of these because I was too busy to keep up with the forums.



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