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  1. It is amazing that Chinese factories will screw up a mold and then charge you for the fix, push your work back while they do otherr jobs, force so many redoes, and still US companies claim it is cheaper doing business over there. I can’t help but think of the health of middle managers who are overseeing production as the stress must be terrible -or you would just give up caring.
  2. Received my fast pack today. The batteries are a pain to deal with but the set looks great. I have mine in G mode and it is cool. I just hope it holds together over time. I really wish they put the switches in a place where you didn’t have to unscrew or remove something to turn them on.
  3. I am in. I have all your other Invid so need the complete set!
  4. I saw the same thing today, as I was expecting an email saying the order was processing any day now. I hope it’s a mistake!
  5. CMs had a few of them in regular outfits and the seemed to do well even though they were static poses and were often posed a little oddly. And they left out several characters - although Annie was included with Red. Those figures show that even in a relatively poor line the figures sell. Today they go for quite a bit on the secondary market,
  6. My understanding is that the art books will have a strong Macross flavor as they will include art given to them from the original series - things they promised would be remarkable. It will be interesting what they produce from the archives. I don't think even the publishers know what they are going to use or produce yet.
  7. To be fair, hearing how many folks have gloated that the contributions were inflated by Macross fans who planned to take them back at the least second, I would say that there was an effort by some folks to do more than just talk bad about HG. Sure, it would only hurt HG if the real fans were supporting the cause but a mass exodus would almost certainly undermine the effort. It's more psychological than economic - if people think RA is good, why contribute any more? So, while not every Macross fan is nefarious, some were up to no good.
  8. To go along with this, it was just simply not a well thought out Kickstarter - almost as if it was created in an afternoon so it could be announced at a convention. It was quite late in the game that they became somewhat synergistic across the different Robotech brands by suggesting add-on toys, exclusive Tactics game pieces, a new "art of" book, etc. I'm not sure if they just thought that if they offered new animation that fans would jump on it - no matter how ill fitting the title was to what they were attempting to create (Robotech Academy implies it would be about the education of the students, not an adventure to follow their parents to Tirol). On top of this, you have the added issues created by the creators of the Tactics game who have failed to meet deadlines and promises to fans on multiple occasions and you have a fan-base that is jittery about Kickstarter to begin with. There was a complete failure to reach out to fans of the show that are not on fan sites but might have supported this via advertising or creating some PR. No bone was thrown to Macross fans, only a slight nod was given to the Project:Valkyrie group, and there was virtually no attempt to ask if fans even wanted this concept. To the original response - this would have likely succeeded if it had been a continuation of the Sentinels. It would have succeeded if they had negotiated a new deal with Big West and worked out their legal issues and announced that they were tying the new animation in with perhaps Macross 7. It might have even succeeded if they had chosen to not make this a pilot but an OVA. But HG doesn't listen to anyone so fans responded by refusing to pay. But don't assume for a second that this was all that HG was capable of raising. They just didn't try to woo the fans - they just thought we would jump at the chance for more Robotech.
  9. Macross zero could have worked in the robotech universe. Heck, we kind of had a live action robotech zero on youtube until HG stepped in.
  10. Part of me really believes that HG will pay out the remainder at the end, although that would be kind of dumb as they would be paying kickstarter to pay themselves. I think the biggest blunder was saying this might go forward without kickstarter.
  11. Not sure what the point of your post was as of course someone who has not watched, grown up, or has any connection to a series would not care about it. The same argument you are making could made for any of the following: GI JOe, Masters of the Universe, transformers, thunder cats, tmnt, etc. Yet many of those have had resurgence recently. Just like many of them, Robotech has hung around in various forms for quite a while now - in fact, it only really died when HG started working on shadow Chronicles. The same could be said for these other shows. In fact, many of them stole ideas from other franchises - GI Joe= shield, Transformers=Diaclone. To your point, Starblazers - another westernized anime - has been rebooted and continued numerous times, even via a live action movie (albeit by the original Japanese company, not a westernized version). Robotech could follow their lead - if HG could simply move forward.
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