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VF-4 1/72 'Skull Squadron' and 'Max Special' - Double


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It's been over fifteen years since I've done a commission (they helped put me through university back in the day) so it was with some trepidation I undertook a very special request from a member on this board - a pair of VF-4s!

One was to be Skull Squadron battlewagon we're all familiar with, and the other a souped-up Max version with custom decals, weapons and other accessories.

Presented here are the two results - built from the resin kit that has been offered here a couple of times. I do like the kit - it's a relatively easy build, but it may be beginning to show it's age as there aren't many straight lines and symmetry is a challenge.

Never the less I'm pretty happy with the overall result and the client is as well - he's graciously allowed me to post these pics up for you enjoyment. As of now these birds are very securely packed away to be sent off. I will be sad to see them go.

I couldn't resist putting Max and Miriya together in one bonus shot.

Thanks for looking!









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Great work! :) I know what you mean about the straight lines, my example has some wonky panel lines that look more like worm track than anything else. It's ok though, nothing I can't fix with time and after it's all done I'll have something like you've accomplished here.

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Outstanding as always Petar!

You should have a very happy client! I actually just cleaned up my second kit and am preparing to get started on it too. Got a unique scheme idea for it.


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I see you dropped the ventral fin like I did, this bird has too many wings already. Do your recent kits have a different canopy from the Milia aircraft?

Thanks Roman - and sharp eyes there! I made a custom canopy for the Milia version, since the canopy I received in the kit was not really usable.

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Double trouble! What a great looking pair of VF-4's! Your client is blessed for sure! I built the vinyl kit of this from the 80's and the warping drove me nuts! Even with warm water is didn't want to sit right when I re-shaped it. As you've illustreated, when you put the work into it, this is a beautiful plane! - MT

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Thanks for all the kind words - I must say I do find it hard to build stock kits with stock finishes. But I'd love to build an injection-molded kit again soon, it can be quite frustrating building an old resin kit where you're accurate, but the kit is not...

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