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Kaa-'Tsai Lecon Prane?

captain america

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Good news!

The canopies are finally in!!!!!! :lol:

I'll start doing the canopy triage today, and should be able to get a few kits shipped tomorrow, and the rest early next week.

**Does cartwheels down the hall**


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Assuming that I can get sufficient demand to resurrect it, you'd likely be looking at 7 big ones price-wise, including screws, acrylic pieces & decals. My idea was to break it down into 6 modules, with me offering one module every 1-2 months: this makes the price easier to manage, and the work load easier to manage as well. It's hard to convey, but just one arm of the Beast is more complex than one of my 1/72 Destroids.

Assuming it even comes to fruition, it would be commencing around late October to mid-November, and I would easily give everyone a 30-day heads-up to prepare... Including myself! :ph34r:

:o How'd I miss this!!! My favorite kit of all time!!! If this happens someone PLEASE PM or email me. Lately I'm working 12 hour days nearly 7 days a week and this is my first peek as Macross World in a month or two. I really would hate to miss this one. If this happens any chance for the beta/tread/tlead?


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I'd love to see finished builds of this... hell, of any of your kits.

Maybe we need a new thread; "Moscato Models - Works in Progress and Finished Builds"

IIRC, I've only seen one completed Commanchero posted. :ph34r:

There have been several different people who've finished/shown pics of my kits. Just off the top of my head: cool8or, Neptunesurvey and HWR MKII, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.

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I had a Moscato Hobby box show up at my house yesterday!!! :D

The wife was not happy that I had bought "something else." :p She grabbed it right away and threatened to not let me have it! <_< What's she going to do when that other stuff I ordered comes in? :ph34r:

Anyway, I had a lot of running around to do last night and I'm heading out of town right after work today, so I won't even get a chance to look at the kit until probably Monday! :(

At least it's good to know it's here! ^_^

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Yup, the last of the kits went out last week so it's just a matter of time now.

Cobywan: glad you like the kit. It might be a bit of a PITA to clean up though.

Hey Cap, got mine yesterday and it's just...amazing! :D No clue how you managed to pack so much detail into the intakes, exhausts, and gear bays, but....THUMBSUP!

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