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  1. Appropriately, Tamiya's releasing a brand new 1/48 F-14 Tomcat in a matter of months....
  2. I'd be interested in one too when available
  3. I'll take one if I still get in on this....
  4. This isn't downloading for me but I've never downloaded a torrent file before....
  5. If they were shipped out on the 7th mine should get to me here in California tomorrow (I hope)....
  6. Always loved the Vandy-1 scheme - too bad VX-9 had to drop the Playboy bunny logo due to political correctness.
  7. Payment sent via paypal for one kit....
  8. Man am I stoked I got in on this!
  9. aquilon


    I had one of those - still had all parts + stickers + box. Wound up eBaying it off in 1999 (?) or so - sold it for something like $350 which was and still is some serious coin.....
  10. Captain: I'll take one. When would you want the money?
  11. Holy cow - I didn't realize those had gone up in value that much.... I could've sworn HLJ was still selling them....
  12. I Netflixed it long ago and kind of let my qeue go and forgot about it - then it showed up and I said OHWTH and watched the first disk. I was hooked from there!
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