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  1. Salzo are still around I have made 2 in the last 5 months
  2. Do you still make the decals?? The X-wing Cap cardboard would sell like hotcakes right now. I would buy some myself/
  3. Just what I have had in reference for about 15 years.
  4. My own personal Made decals are here. you can use them. Some are BMP you will just have to download them "Alaska Base" I have more, Lots more, Just need to find a way to scan them again. kit decals.bmp fighter_pod1.bmp Alaska Bas2.bmp Alaska Base circle.bmp Alaska Base circle1.bmp Alaska Base circle2.bmp destroid kite2.1.bmp
  5. I have a truck load, I will just have to scan them. Many are not in here. Give me a few days I will have it for you all.
  6. Man I have not been on here in forever. Testers made a color that was for WW2 Aircraft that fit this perfectly. Need to see if I can find out.
  7. Hello, have not been on these forums for a very very long time. Not sure if many are still around that I used to chat with daily. I am looking to work on my old Cap America Cats eye Kit that was made and I realized I have no Canopy's that came with the kit. Does anyone know if they were ever made?? Thank you for any info you can provide. Carl
  8. Man I have not been around here in so long. Looks really good.
  9. Now this I would like to see!
  10. Still looking good, Hope all has been well! Carl
  11. Anytime. I have spent Hours and Hours Matching Colors. to get them Perfect! Carl
  12. Dunkelblau for the Boosters Kaki for the Fodder Main colors. You may laugh, but its still the best I have found. And yes I have posted this picture about my VF enough, but here they are togeather, with the colors Hope this helps.
  13. Look at These 2 greens, Its a Toss up between the 2 SAC Bomber Green http://www.testors.com/product/0/1993/_/SAC_Bomber_Green_FS34159_-_3_oz._Spray_Can Or SAC Green http://www.testors.com/product/0/1793/_/SAC_Green_FS34159_-_12_oz._Bottle Also For Cannon Fodder use Dunkelblau http://www.testors.com/products/136388 Also thats not the Best pic to use, But they are green a light military Green
  14. When it comes to Millia Paint, If you can find a WW1 Red Barron Red, thats what you should use. Its a deep red. There is a company that makes it, I will have to look it up for you. Carl
  15. Hey Joscasle, I am prob the most crazy when it comes to Getting the color right. For fastpacks or max, Millia, or Fodder, Look at the color I used for My Fodder. For the skull its a Green. so dont use that for Max or Millia or a Fodder! In this picture of a model kit you see Max's Correct Blue paint, However, the Fastpacks are NOT grey, thats is wrong in this picture. Also this model kit of max is the Factory Battle paint scheme NOT last battle paint scheme. For the Last battle Max had a blue plate as in the Fodder, NOT matching his paint scheme. ONLY the top of the Fastpack was the color of the max blue, the rest was the same as the Fodder. So you need to decide what Battle Version you want to make it! The guy who Did the paint for the max blue is Dead nuts on! He was 100%. But the grey is NOT even close. Wonderful model kit though. The paint I use for the Booster is Drunkle blue or something. Its from Testors. Its the 100% best match I can find. it is an enamel. Carl
  16. Hey man Yamato Color is WRONG In sooooooooooooooo Many levels for Fastpacks! NEVER use yamato for that!!! I have Pics for you, if you want TV DO NOT go to Yamato!
  17. Peter I know, I was too. I have sold almost every kit I own in the past 5 months. I am just having to deal with the fact that I have so much stuff and when in the world will I have time. I have kept some of the kits. I still have my Defender, phalanx and a few others. The ones I really want.
  18. As of right now just the Kamjin is. The commanchero Is on Hold.
  19. Here are a few of the last kits I have. I just realize I dont have time to build these and well Its got to go. I am selling for what I paid for them. No upping the price. Buyer pays shipping. Commanchero Gunship Moscoto Sold! Kamjin Kridanik SOLD NOTE: NOTHING HAS BEEN PAID for yet and I have a few tells for each item. If I hear nothing in 24 hours from both people. I will offer it to next person.
  20. John, Something I dont understand. How come you can just Use a clear resin and Make them and not have to use the Strech Plastic material? Is it due to the Material? Or the Clear Resin? or bubbles in the Resin? You are the master of all, Just dont see why you have to always Send out for the Clear stuff. Thanks for any info Carl
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