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  1. This is awesome! If you make a 1/72 version I would be interrested! (depends of the price range, of course) I wasn't expecting to see it in model kit one day.
  2. Hi! You're a god of creation! What a amazing work! I'd like to be on the list to have one, if possible, please. What will be the estimated cost, please? Will it be possible to have just the file to print it at home? If yes, will the cost be different?
  3. Many thanks to you for showing us such a piece of art!
  4. I wish I'd be as good as you are, just seen it, nice job!
  5. I like a lot PE parts, but it's a real pain for me to put them in shape :-/ Here, some shots of my Comanchero, sorry,not finished yet, I'm not as good as most of you, at least I'm trying to progress :-) The Phalanx custom (still have to put the decals on it)
  6. Marvelous piece of work! Very impressive, gratze for this piece of art
  7. Superb! Too bad it isn't in 1/72 :-) Great work!!
  8. Destroids pilots would be great too. We've seen one (...ok, in Robotech, BUT...), it looks a little different from Valks pilots.
  9. Hi, everyone! Any news on the progress on this beauty? It's been a long time I didn't check. I apologize if there is any bad english (read it with a french accent )
  10. Are we suposed to use a special type of paper? Sorry, it may be a silly question, but I'm not used to that.:-) So, I don't have any special paper, nor I haveIllustrator... How can I do, please? Thanks by advance
  11. Hi! I'm interested in the 72 version I'm eager to see more :-)
  12. Your work is giving this mecha all its glory back! From the previous kit available I didn't like this mecha, but now it looks as serious as the others (it reminds me when Zentraedi are trying to still a protoculture chamber, in robotech, they're using N-ger, as special forces). I thank you for that!
  13. Take your time and, above all, take care of yourself. Nothing's more important than health.
  14. Hi! If someone withdraw, for any reason, I'll be happy to take the slot
  15. Hi, everybody! If it's not too late, count me for one, please. Also, if it would be possible to have multiple payment...
  16. No, not yet, I'm still figuring what is an airbrush Seriously I'm in the polishing phase and trying to figure where I will put this beast without risking it to become my 6year old daughter's poney
  17. Hi! just a word to say thank you!! The beast has arrived! And just on January 7th, for my birthday. It's monstruosly awesome!! My neighbour almost called the cop, as she was hearing strange voices and maniachal laughs ;-) I don't have enough words to say my joyce. ... And sorry if there is any bad english
  18. Lol My wife will be mad! i forgot to say :third payment already sent, but I need to know the shipping fees. I want this one so bad! :-)
  19. I'm still interested by this awesome project!
  20. wow! very impressive!! I'm eager to get mine, just have to send the third payment (plus shipping, of course...)
  21. New projects? interesting... No, no, no! I must stay focused on what's left to come :-) 'cause my wallet's gone :-D
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