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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! Now, to figure out who'll be getting them in online....and when >___> <___< Assuming HLJ...
  2. WAY back in the day, I remember owning the Imai 1/72 Destroid Spartan, never could get my hands on the 1/72 Defender. Never got around to the Spartan before losing it in a most unfortunate plumbing related accident, LOL - so these reissues will be welcome. Now the question: proportionally and detail wise, the Spartan SEEMED like it was pretty decent, hopefully the fit isn't a total PITA, has anyone here actually ever built it? Or can comment on poportions,etc. of the Defender?
  3. Grapeape


    Yep, and they do a darn good job, most of the time
  4. Hey Cap, got mine yesterday and it's just...amazing! No clue how you managed to pack so much detail into the intakes, exhausts, and gear bays, but....THUMBSUP!
  5. Awesome! Definately interested, 1/100 and especially 1/72 for a Macross City warzone diorama I'm planning XD
  6. Can't wait for the eventual 40cm Thuverl Salan. Oh wait, CAN wait, need another model display case first Also, second the Meltran idea, especially Millia 639's Meltran Gun Destroyer from DYRL . Only problem, you couldn't use cucumbers, gourds, or baguettes for those
  7. Sadly, nothing on HLJ or elsewhere that I've seen But really hoping they do a VF-1S, a Super/Strike, and....A BATTROID eventually!
  8. 30cm length in 1/5000 scale? Count me in! My (er, your) Baby Scout Ship needs some friends
  9. Totally agreed! I'm in for one of the Qualamitz in both scales, if you make 'em, or one of the 1/5000 scale regardless. The dramatic scene where one makes a missile and mega-particle run was breathtaking (see crappy quality pic below). And, any other space cucumber or ARMD *hinthinthint* that you may make in the future
  10. Thanks for sharing - REALLY WANT the RVF-171, SF-3A Lancer, and Ghost! Wonder how good the odds are of a recast company offering these as kits eventually? >____> <____< Or better yet, a legit company offering a mass-market version?
  11. Ok, Payment sent for one kit!!!!
  12. I'm dreaming of doing a diorama of a Cat's Eye parked next to a Green Arrows Super Valk in the ARMD-01 hangar..... Hey, just *assuming* it also existed in the movie timeline XD. Payment ready to send!
  13. Great job! I would loves me one of these!
  14. Hey, IMHO, I either buy a few kits of lesser quality, or one of these.... ...it's not even a question worth asking - CAN'T WAIT. The cockpit looks BEAUTIFUL, even! :D:D
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