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  1. Congratulations! A beautiful build! Thanks for making this kit justice! One day, I'll give it a second try, using model glue and building reinforcing elements...
  2. Thanks O Mighty Pineapple Eater! May your children be blessed till the 7th generation! [Note: I just watched "Midsommar" and it was really weird]
  3. Hello everyone! I purchased a Bandai VF-25S (Ozuma version) 1/72 kit online (Amazon) but the decal sheet was missing from the box. I requested a rebate from the seller (and obtained it) but I am still missing the decal sheet. Does any of you know a source, online, where I could get/find/purchase either the decal sheet or a scan (with reasonable resolution)? Thanks in advance Valkyrian cheers! Skypouêt.
  4. Love the Chinese. this video makes me feel like resuming my study of Mandarin Chinese and leaving North Uhmerica for Shenzhen...
  5. Yup, I'm saving my pesos for Mustang's Siegfried!
  6. Thanks Chronocidal and Mickyg for the inputs. You guys make me feel like getting a 262Ba, and I still have to paint and decal a 262H, a 31J and a 1A/S :-) They're just so much fun to build while reasonably affordable, and I was too lazy/busy to do more than build them and play with them. I'm glad to see that some people love the Bandai transformable Macross kits as much as I do! (And that it's pointless to desire a DX 262!)
  7. I'll second MechTech: that was a great try, and it all looked very promising! Thanks a lot for the sharing and sorry for your frustration! I'll recommend you to give the SV-262 a chance. You can always smash my head open with a bat if you end up not liking it :-D
  8. Ah the Humanity! Sure the old transformable VF-1 had its weirdness and issues (though at least, in spite of his chunkiness, he was always kind to me and a great companion of my prepubescent years) and the recent VF-1 is a true nightmare. Over-designed, most likely never or insufficiently beta-tested prior to release, made of brittle plastic. Still, I'm managing to get something out of it. It looks great with the super parts on and everything holds pretty well (including the back-thrusters/micro-missile tank... after modifying the ABS "nubs" that hold them to the backpack with a dollar sto
  9. Thanks for the advice regarding the decals. I might go back to my earlier plan consisting in airbrushing the big parts of the paint schemes to avoid using the big decals or big stickers. I did invest in a bottle of micro-sol and a bottle micro-set and reverse-tweezers by the way. Maybe I'll give them a try on the VF-1 and corresponding super parts first since this guy is more or less a "lost cause" - even though I manage to find some interesting life-hacks that make him rise and shine and may, in the longer term, save humankind. I agree own the landing gear. They are ugly and the wheels a
  10. With the exception of the VF-1, yes, the transformable Macross bandai kits did get better with each new production. I built all kits with the exception of super/armored/tornado parts in the frontier line... (Please skip to "to sum it up" if you want to save time)... Each kit having its own flaws of course: - Interlocking mechanism lacking for the VF-25 in fighter mode (though still satisfactorily solid), articulation of legs a little disappointing in Gerwalk, making A-stances difficult (I never tried the super or armoured parts) - Back-heaviness of the VF-27, same issue for
  11. Hahaha yeah I think you understood the symbolism behind the picture! I'm working on problems that take 5-10 pages to solve each, so when I'm done with one of them it actually feels like I did stomp onto a bad guy ... even more so if I'm done with solving a problem late at night I'm not anti-math. Not at all. I used to teach math. I'm just very skeptical about neoclassical economics. You can't quantitatively predict anything with them. Unlike the applied science we use in engineering to actually make stuff. I actually used math to predict airplane performances, and the prediction were ver
  12. Hi! Yes I'll transform it if you request more pics in Battroid and Fighter modes! I "play" with this guy almost very day, changing it position a little! By the way I find the anime paint scheme to be a bit overdone, and I might improvise something much more sober... The equations you see here are theoretical microeconomics, for my thesis in environmental economics (this kind: https://gnunet.org/sites/default/files/Laffont %26 Martimort - The Theory of Incentives.pdf) but I'm also able to handle aerodynamics, flight dynamics, some structural engineering, robotics... from my forme
  13. Strange... I have no issue whatsoever with the wing tabs! Taking the average price for each kit, I get a JPY/g ratio of 7.61 for the Bandai and 8.42 for the Hasegawa. So yes quite similar after all... but that calculation does not discount the box (cardboard) weight...
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