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NY buys from brick and mortar stores probably at the market rate and then mark it up in order to make a profit. Don't see how that's a problem as it allows international buyers like us an opportunity to get something that is rather hard to get even for locals.

If you find the price too dear, don't buy from them. Generally speaking their first time and even their second time batches don't go up ridiculously high but you get crazy prices by the end- you seen some of the prices of their later Metal Builds!?


Don't think they're sketchy but I do think they're a bit too ambitious with some of their prices. Funnily enough, when I was in Tokyo I saw sellers that were doing this in Akihabara with higher prices than NY for things that are readily available for a third of the cost in brick and mortar stores! :0

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22 minutes ago, subie81 said:

Are there any reviews of the mb f91 in English? Mine is sitting in my private warehouse in hlj and I'm itching for a review I can understand!

all the video review that's out now is either Chinese or Japanese.  The ones that will be in english are probably still in the shipping process.

But I think if you watch the video anyways, you should understand what they are talking about even if you don't know the language.

I ended up watching all the videos that went up on youtube (5?)

The main thing you need to know.

When changing the head, remove the backpack first. since that seems to lock the gray blocky base.

when collapsing  the VSBR , hold it from the tip , then once collaped, push the 2 flaps close.


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Thoughts on the transforming head? The videos I've seen make it seem like a cool but finicky gimmick. The mouthpiece seems to separate easily, without even engaging the lever on the top of the head.

I think I'll stick to the parts swapping head when I get it. Interesting that they didn't go the route of the unicorn (GFFMC), which retains perfect head transformation without the finicky separation issues.

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4 hours ago, Eslim109 said:

Has anyone received notification from bbts in regards to the MB F91 Gundam coming in?

Their website says it will come in April but no exact date. Just anxiously waiting for it to come.

it was released on the 25th of March in Japan,  I would say May is a more likely month.  June even .

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Thanks for the update everyone!

17 minutes ago, brannon said:

Thanks Brannon for the notice! Just ordered one and cancelled bbts. Finally getting the F91 that I have been waiting for! :)

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more detail

To celebrate the holding of the New York World Tour, we will do a campaign for TAMASHII WEB SHOP AMERICA shipping fee discount $20!

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Debating if it's worth getting the Red Frame Kai figure/set. Already have the Tactical Arms & Tiger Pierce options set on preorder at a Japanese site and have the original Red Frame and Flight Unit. 

Although I prefer the look of the new Red Frame Kai figure over its original, don't see it being worth to have both. Now if it was a blue Frame kai then I may have no choice haha

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