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  1. sent you a PM buddy! I’m also in the East Bay as well! I’ve got a bunch for sale and trade too!
  2. thanks for the clarification buddy. Yeah I agree, there are other areas of improvement that the 29’s need reworked. My shoulders drop like crazy. And in batrroid mode, my 29 seems to fall back. I don’t know if it’s due to the weight in the back or the hips aren’t sturdy enough. Hopefully the new hips improves that.
  3. Are there any confirmed improvements with this release? Or is it just a straight reissue? My yf-29 suffered floppy joint syndrome.
  4. Anyone have an extra Dx 1s for sale or trade? I’ve got some items for trade.
  5. Bbts just put a whole bunch more up. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/89872
  6. Bump voltes, Daimos, Yf-19 sold. Lowered prices
  7. Thanks for the assist dafob!
  8. Long time member. Prices include shipping and open to offers. All items mint in sealed box never opened with the exception of the Soul of Popynica px-03 Kaneda on bike from Akira Opened to verify contents. Soc GX-34r Gunbuster - $250 Soc Gx-77 Gipsy Danger - $210 has ding on box see pics Soul of Popynica Px-03 Kaneda on bike - $220 Figuarts Street Fighter Ryu and Chun Li - $85 not breaking up set Eva NYCC Exclusive Ninja Turtles and Villians authentic, not bootleg, not breaking up set - $750
  9. I pre-ordered Gogeta, Broly and Spike Spegal from Cowboy Bebop. Next year looks great for Figuarts! I’m definitely hyped for the new Broly movie coming out! I’m glad that Toriyama FINALLY made Broly and Gogeta cannon! It’s been a long time coming! I just hope that Broly’s character has more depth in this movie versus his previous iteration.
  10. Oh yeah!!! Bandai showing UC Gundam more love! Char’s Zaku is an instabuy for me!
  11. subie81

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the boards and I’m hearing all these QC issues about the Dx Yf-19.... I’m wondering if it’s going to have the same issue as the advance with regards to the cracking around the intakes. Good thing I sold mine. I’m thinking about selling my Dx yf-19 as soon as it comes in from CDJAPAN. I’ll let you guys know. Bedsides loose ankles and wings, is the Arcadia Yf-19 prone to the same breakage around the intakes? I really like my Arcadia.
  12. subie81

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Oh man since it’s pretty much the same mold as the Vf-19 advance I hope they improve the plastic quality. I remember reports of people have breakage around the intakes. I’m still debating if I want this. I’m pretty happy with my Arcadia. I sold my advance a while back to get this, but I’m having second thoughts.
  13. At Toys R Us. I still need the X-force Deadpool and Lifield Deadpool from this wave. I’m also looking for the Walmart Exclusive Thanos.
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