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16 hours ago, dragonstar1982 said:

I'm debating about getting the metal build destiny, I found a good deal on the figure and the wings of light set. I don't own all of the metal builds yet and I was wondering if I could get some feedback and pics for scale thanks

Get it.

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The Metal Build Quan[t] was dropped in my PW. Yay. Sadly I will have to wait a while for the next PW shipment. :(

I wonder what Bandai has planned after the Strike in the 1/100 scale Gundams.

It seems to be that they are trying to diversify the line even more. I'm not into the FMP and Mazinger releases but I will buy the MB Eva units if they are good.

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Ever since the new payment system things take a long time for autopayment and drop to pw.  Maybe cause im using creditcard instead of paypal.  Paypal with invoice was much quicker.


This MB is hella hot , i just checked history and it seems cdjapan open more this morning but was gone  just as fast.  I was too tired so my alert didn't wait me up. 

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6 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

Man I hate LEDs features in the toys I own. At least on the Quan[t] it doesn't look bad when the LED is not switched on.

Does the review mentions if the toy is solid with al the armor parts being able to swing out and be removed? 

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Metal Build 00 Qan[T] available again at Nippon-Yasan for Y34000.

Metal Build Gundam F91 Harrison Custom at Nippon-Yasan for Y26500.


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