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  1. I think I'd be embarrassing. Nothing stately nor dignified about that scheme. It'd be like having the president wear a blazer with the flag on it. That said...this being the United States, I'd give it even money.
  2. I'd certainly pick it up if it were a reasonable amount. I don't pay that kinda money for Blurays, no matter what they are. I'll stick with my old M2 DVD
  3. Here's a question for the modelling guys around here (maybe it could go in the other thread, but this seems an appropriate place for it): How do you remove PE parts without fear of warping/bending them? I use PE occasionally for a cockpit or with armor accessories, but there is always the chance that in merely removing the part from the sheet I'll crease it. I usually cut with a sharp x-acto against a flat cutting board...but even then the sheet has some flex once pressure is applied to the spur. Solutions from the gurus?
  4. Was there a transformers film I'm not aware of? 'Cause nothing in any of the ones I saw could be said to have "worked great on screen."
  5. Thanks guys. A "fake tank destroyer" is just an un-turreted armored fighting vehicle that looks plausible, but didn't actually exist. Just an idea I had for a multi-build project. It was my first attempt at a whitewash, so I really appreciate the kind words.
  6. My lastest super-project is done. Three fake tank destroyers, one German, one British, one Russian. Aureole (from Panzer Front game): http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35120&view=findpost&p=1022959 Sherman Firebug: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35120&view=findpost&p=1040943 Now the trilogy is complete: There are parts I'm not happy with, particularly that the extended ASU-85 hull loses a lot of the low menace that attracted me to this project in the first place...but it was fun.
  7. Really fine work. I don't know which is more impressive, the technical craftsmanship or the perfect translation of the art into 3-D form. Some of us have been anticipating this for longer than some of the board members have been alive!
  8. Nasty seams with miniatures are certainly nothing unfamiliar to wargamers, and a modeller can fill/file those. They don't look great, but with some work they'll be better than the old 1/200s which is their only real competition. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those were stuck together minutes before the show
  9. PRE-Fukin'-ORDERED! Although his hand looks a tad too small, and his feet seem slightly too big (but that could be because I'm so used to the 1/144 version). They really should have more series with non-generic-gundam designs. Pretty much MSG and Zeta/ZZ and Turn A are the only ones with out of the box designs.
  10. I gotta say, those look pretty good. Detail looks a bit soft, but overall sculpts and posability look alright. I'd pick some up.
  11. I think this is what you're referring to: imaifiles.pdf Enjoy
  12. 1) Bay's track record so far I think indicates this is a good idea 2) Star Wars trilogy all directed by different people 3) If you aren't already prepared for crap, you should be
  13. If we get that protector inbit project as well I'll be in Mospeada nirvana.
  14. These sculpts are pretty, eh...interesting...but my mom is selling some female 1/6 bodies on ebay that might be fodder for conversions or something. She said she'll remove the listing and sell to any individual who uses me as a reference. I don't know anything about figures, but I know lots of my MacrossWorld brethren do. If you're interested. She buys toys/figures in large lots for her collectios (mostly Barbie and Sindy horses and cars), and gets lots of weird stuff like this that she just wants to give a good home. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-1-6-DOLLSFIGURE-Female-Action-Figures-w-Extra-Feet-EXCELLENT-/121284781058?
  15. My family experience with VWs in general is that they are maintenance monsters. I've never had one be rock solid for longer than a year or two. Usually not mechanically, but the electronics seem like they'd be more appropriate for an '80s Jaguar. Fun cars though, so it may be worth it
  16. I disagree. No need to drag another series into this freak scale. Besides, I don't know of any macross models in 1:60.
  17. 1/60? No thanks. I don't want no wacky-scale models. 1/35 to go with my armor, or 1/48 to go with some planes, or if cheap is the goal, 1/72 to go with just about everything. Gundams and Macross toys can keep 1/60 to themselves
  18. I think the Gallardo he based it on is a pretty boring looking car, so the project makes sense to me...but the rear fascia is horrible. The rest of the project looks really well done, but that rear end is looks like it was done in a day. An interesting idea though. I'm all for people making their cars their own...even if their taste doesn't match mine. That's a well-done build, more power to 'em.
  19. I'm in for 1, but I'll get two if the project greenlight seems iffy.
  20. Whatever, I'm in...this has been on my top-3 most wanted kits for over 20 years. C'mon people, it's this, or your 8th VF-1 repaint...
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