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  1. With the ship backup off CA it's going to be longer now. I've got a ton of BBTS orders that are REALLY late. I'm not stressing. It is what it is.
  2. I've got Yamato Ghost's on mine. They don't fit perfect, but they fit enough......as long as you're not swooshing.
  3. I think it's three or four. I haven't been buying from them long. They're my go to sop for Macross stuff now. I can get my order in before PO night and not have to worry about it. Yeah, I pay a markup. WORTH IT. That said, after the NY garbage I NEVER let my ability to chargeback expire at any shop.
  4. They do the same thing with every release. I've gotten all of my stuff from them lately without fail.
  5. Perfect Grade Perfect Strike. This thing is HUGE with all of those weapons. Now where to put it.........
  6. Completed PG Perfect Strike. Now where to put this monster???
  7. Finished the last episode. Saw Ed sow up at the end. I'm not feeling her like I didn't feel Vicious. That's a bummer.
  8. What makes you say that? When have they not come through with stuff lately?
  9. I've always wanted more backstory on the Astral Gate accident. In the anime it seemed like a lost opportunity. It would be cool if they put it in season 2. I was hoping for Ed in season 1. I can't explain why but I absolutely loved Ed in the Anime. On paper I would say she would irritate me to no end. But, in practice I found myself laughing out loud at her shannangins. And her physical comedy had me smiling the entire time. That part from the amine had my cracking up HARD! The biggest issue is casting Ed. Wow, that will be a task.
  10. Maybe. Regardless, they screwed up hard.
  11. I'm on 9. I agree it's getting better. Vicious still sucks though. Super hard. The Kylo Ren description of him above is spot on.
  12. I'm about half way though. I'm not impressed at all. As someone mentioned above, it feels "cheap". Not just in budget, but in "soul". I'll watch it all the way through a bit at a time while eating meals and maybe a half episode at a time when I jump in bed. Definitely not something that I am at all inclined to binge watch. It's more "background noise" than anything else to me. It's a shame. I had high hopes. The anime was way, way, way better.
  13. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    Not on this board.
  14. I'm a hard pass on the 25 too. It's the best looking anniversary edition IMO. But that's not a high bar. It doesn't do anything for me. I have a M&M display and I would be tempted to get the 29 for that. But it's pretty full..........and right now there is a M&M of everything. Having a Max 29 and no Miria would throw it off balance and my OCD would murder me.
  15. Yeah, Vicious............isn't vicious. He seems like someone acting like they're scary, opposed to actually being scary.
  16. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    I'd lose my mind if they released DX Destroids.
  17. I watched the first few episodes. The only word I can muster is "soulless".
  18. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    Why purple? That's not cannon is it?
  19. Metal Structure Sazabi!!! I'm so in!!! I hope they re-pop the NS NU too. I'd get one of those too. Man, people who paid way over retail for theirs would be bummed. The MB NU looks cool. The EVA-00 just doesn't look right to me. All of the non cannon weapons and crap for the EVA's do nothing for me......
  20. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    Please, please, please, please!!!! VF-0S, check. VF-1S Super Hikaru, check. Destroids...............MULTIPLES!!!!!
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