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  1. Starfleet Voyager was my favorite as a kid. I still have the pieces somewhere at my parents in the garage rafters probably but I used to make imaginary designs (without minifigs). Instructions and boxes are probably long gone, of course.
  2. Yup. I came close a couple time to $200'ish on evilbay but would much prefer to buy one from TRU.
  3. Even without knowing the story (I never really cared much for comics in general and don't know any of the big Marvel backgrounds beyonds the most famous like Spiderman, etc) It seemed so obvious what would happen when I saw the first movie. Anytime in a movie you don't see the body, especially a superhero movie but also dramas and even comedies , you should suspect what's going to happen.
  4. Hope more Decepticons come on deck. Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge/Sweeps plz.
  5. That Galvatron looks great. I'd only pay that price if it was MP10 sized and had an orange barrel. The cannon should be trivially easy to fix. I would prefer they did something else with the head in alt mode... and those wrists should swivel but otherwise just scale it up!
  6. Quit listening to green peace. Nukes don't have to be 'dirty' especially the tactical kind that would be ideal to hit a kaiju from a cruise missile or even air dropped B61-11. Low and/or variables set to low yield, 10-100 kt or so. That said, if you're going to lose your city anyway, hitting it with a W87 or W88 from a Minuteman or Trident should be on the table, too. In general, they should be opening up with their ranged weapons and only closing to punch the Kaiju in the face if/when they can't stop it. Should be just as dramatic to have Striker's missiles softening it up and then using the blades and fists to finish it off.
  7. Nukes should have been the answer and you wouldn't have needed big giant robots. Submarines circling off the rift with nuke torpedos hitting Kaiju as they came out should have been just as effective. THEN send in the giant robots.
  8. Took my daughter yesterday. Mostly pretty good. Funny that supposedly Rapunzel and Flynn were at the coronation, which I've seen on screenshots on another site. I'll have to wait for the Blu-ray to see if I can spot it live action myself. I hear you on the toys. Went to get a birthday present for my daughter and they only had a bunch of Anna dolls and the little figures at TRU.
  9. Yeah that teaser is all flashback stock footage stuff and mcconaughey driving a truck in a farm. The burning fire line or whatever is weird. Reminds me of the last stuperman teaser before the real trailers.
  10. Heh, I remember thinking how it would seem if the roles were reversed and it was the Persians who were killing the Greek ambassador, and committing all kinds of atrocities (refusing to take prisoners and killing enemy POW, practicing domestic child abuse, infanticide, and pimping/drugging that oracle chic who couldn't consent to getting prodded and tasted by those ephors-mutants while the King watched, etc) and were just as corrupt as anything on Xerxes side (the ephors-mutants as well as the traitorous council guy who seemed like he should have still been of fighting age as did most of that weird council thing they had going on). Hell Gorgo is an adulterer... :whistles:
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if they're trying to emulate Marvel/Avengers as close as they can and for them, that's probably it.
  12. That was a Chieftain in Ep1/2, though it was sort of mocked up to look like an Abrams.
  13. Anyone playing Disney Infinity? Leaning on the Wii U version though the PS3 version sales are making it a bit attractive. Mostly for my kids, though I imagine I'll be playing some.
  14. More seriously, there WERE other plots in X-men, weren't there? Or is it a one trick pony with ill fitting analogies to race or sexuality?
  15. MP10 could really benefit from having the legs be longer and less bulky for truck mode, that's for sure
  16. Eh, I always took Zod as imprisoned, not dead, in the theatrical cut of Superman II which makes it 100% opposite of snapping his neck. at a Seagal move
  17. My guess would be his new Merle isn't a Merle at all and will kill him.
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