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  1. I hit two different TRU, one by my work and one by my house and nada. Didn't even see tags for em. Normal TF area right?
  2. Whoah TRU reissue Grimlock? I've been out of a bit. I gotta start hitting up all the local TRU.
  3. From the trailers, they're doing what I guessed they were going to do and make her the poor misunderstood anti-hero and all the good guys from Disney were really bad guys. Definitely going to wait to the bootleg download.
  4. I've been wanting a KSG for a looong time. I guess I needn't bother looking again.
  5. If you believe that one kid, Singer is into that sort of thing at parties. Which is probably more seriously why there's no toys, either, I'd imagine. Of course, maybe Playmates or whoever let the license slip? Saw it today. It was pretty good. I liked First Class (minus the cheese moments, of course), better. I don't know the comics well enough to appreciate the end credits scene, though think I know enough from the 90's cartoon to figure out what they're doing. I did read a funny article about the continuity problems somewhere where I guess Trask was in a previous movie (X2?) as the bald black dude from Predator and Commando. Good luck explaining THAT one.
  6. I still need to see this one. I couldn't finish the first one even as a Blu-ray loaner. Once he started crying I was done. I prefer most of the Raimi Spiderman but did like a few aspects. Not entirely it's fault. I just increasingly despise origin stories. Peter Parker is a crybaby, too. Not just Tobey.
  7. Once they start that, there's no stopping it. It's one reason prequels themselves and filling in every single section of the timeline is ... ill advised and things like TotJ going back a good ways is the best idea. I'll give half odds on whether VII-IX will be "real" canon since it's after the sale.
  8. I did enjoy this in 3D on the screen but man... way too much bad crap was happening to her but it didn't manage to kill her. I would have also preferred they left it with her hatch blowing and floating instead of the sinking part. I would have loved this much more if it had just been the space station her getting blown clear and then returning back to first the shuttle and then the station and taking an escape pod back instead of the whole Chinese and Russian things. No 3D at home but I didn't think it was THAT vital, though I was fully immersed and not distracted by it, either.
  9. CCW? In LA? An optimist! If the courts ever remind California that it's still in the Union and that the 2nd Amendment has never been repealed AND that keep & bear still mean the same thing in 2014 that they meant in 1791, I'll probably be buying me a G36...
  10. lol I noticed that too and remarked to my wife. But they were clearly herding them and have a bunch of people, far more than Woodbury or the Prison ever had so maybe this IS really civilization instead of a cannibal town. Everyone is alive though. Most of the functional possessions (riot armor, etc) could be explained/justified. The watch is where they look really bad, though could be explained as (I was going to give it to him as soon as we let him out). Course, in the run I saw some bloody looking carcasses/skeletons, as well... not sure if they were human (which goes back cannibals lol especially when coupled with the cries for help from other train cars) or if they were beef or something like that. Or these Terminus people could just be really cautious. Mostly satisfied with the episode. Tyreese and Carol (and Judith) still unaccounted for, right? They could either Rick, etc out... or end up in there with them (or they're in another car already) and they'll let them out... or not. Only part I groaned at was all the flashbacks. I guess it fills in stuff but I think we already saw that all that and they just used it to suck up time to get to a cliffhanger. __________________
  11. I would probably leave it alone but wouldn't blame you for continuing the build. If they want it they'll come after it. I only like to buy 80% with cash and no paper trail... Yeah you NorCal Hosers only get quality individuals like Leland Yee.
  12. No Rick killed the guy was taking a dump. That guy choked out in the bedroom was just put in a sleeper hold and saw Rick before he went out.
  13. I haven't read the comics. That place is just too creepy. No guards. No other people. Just her at the grill..
  14. I'm guessing Tasha Yar has a piece of Beth on the grill...
  15. Making me want to go hunt at my parents house that's for sure. I had a bunch of the 80's space and then the Blacktron, which I think was late 80s or early 90s?
  16. I enjoy their Legios/Tread combo. Not as nice as the Toynami Beta and got 3 of the Dark Legioss from the HLJ clearance. Not bad.
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