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  1. While I thought Gargoyles was/is perhaps one Disney's better shows, Goliath was the only gargoyle design I really liked even when it originally aired. I would get a Xanatos in mech-gargoyle suit and two bots if they're made. Since I originally pre-ordered Goliath to be a foe for my Drizzt & Guen figures, Bronx worked on the premise of evening things up; the folded wings are a welcomed bonus. I've since changed my thoughts on that particular "shelf-show" and upon realizing I can get old LOTR loose orcs for fairly cheap, I'm now leaning more toward an homage to a Thousand Orcs cover-art. Goliath and Bronx will just have to chill elsewhere or help crash the party.
  2. So do we have to get Bronx in order to pull off the folded wing poses? I'm not complaining and actually think the add-on makes sense.
  3. I was calling out the fact that they are using a G.T. car, that utilizes brute strength mixed with awesome electronics to go fast. Not exactly "Ninja" like, granted they are most likely just using the name and colors as reference. Peter, was calling out the fact the car looks like it is meant to be on a Race Track in an old but awesome Series. Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship, or JGTCC for short. Vehicles had to be production run vehicles, it had multiple classes with the 500 series being King. If you've played any Gran Tourismo or Forza and grabbed a 90's Japanese vehicle with a race livery, you most likely had chosen a JGTCC car.
  4. Nightbird, really? An FC or FD, 3rd/4th gen Rx7's, that would work; even a Z car but the R33 is only just lighter than a 3000GT or Mitsubishi GTO. Nightbird needs to go on a diet. I'll leave the Mirage that is Jazz alone.
  5. Haven't had the pleasure of driving an Evo, or an Sti for that matter, real world of course. It's actually odd that those cars have eluded me to date; as a Steering/Suspension tech I get to drive quite a few nice "toys" after aligning them. Personally, I'm stuck in the 90's when it comes to vehicles except for one, which is technically my son's. 2/3 Honda's and the daily which is a Chevy full size. From what I've gathered from the little story leaked about the Golden Disk releases, we have one more Beastformer; perhaps the last release will be a double release like the first, otherwise I'm out. There is a silhouette of the Wheeljack mold towards the bottom of the first release and this 3rd, but that has meant nothing so far, so... Yeah, I'm wanting that fifth Datsun as well and would bite on yet more Lambo's.
  6. You might get lucky with a F&F crossover, there was that blue one in the first film; Vince's car. I would love to see a Transformers/Initial D crossover; the Seekers would become the Evo's.
  7. Paint brushes and I have never gotten along well, thankfully there are Gundam Markers with varying size tips and suddenly I'm coloring more than painting. So far I've only painted on Sunstreaker; was bugging me that his rear vents hadn't been painted, same will occur with E.R. Sideswipe since they didn't paint that on him but did on R.A. Can't keep track of all the Copic marker pens I've gone through panel lining these figures though, I need a softer touch as I can make them last years with my Gunpla. I like the Lambo mold, only skipped on the Netflix editions, the roughed up paint is just too much for me to try and clean up, though Siege Sideswipe's shins came clean very easily with just a q-tip and paint thinner. Gigawatt and E.R. Sideswipe are currently in transit, so only missing the 3 Netflix molds there. I won't go into Seekers, other than to say I was a day late and far more than a dollar short on the Conehead two-pack; here's hoping for a re-release. If what I'm seeing online is any indication, I think we're about to hit repaint Wave. Road Rage, Blue Bluestreak, and 3 Huffer repaints/remolds; Pipes, Puffer, and Road Ranger.
  8. Red Alert is looking good, particularly the waist to me. The addition of the yellow/gold works well, feet too. I like the black shins over the gray but not sure it's something I would replicate.
  9. Missed opportunity with Nemesis Primal; we've had the J.P. tie-in, why not visit another Crichton property and make N.P. a white ape?
  10. JRC Design has the Kingdom Lambo spoilers available; two versions. 1) Looks just like the already produced Siege spoilers most of us have. 2) He has added some "Intake scoops" to the spoiler which would cover the non-painted vents on Sideswipe. 3) He has also designed leg-locks for Tracks in bot mode, for those who don't want tempt fate by breaking out the pliers and finishing the figures assembly. Lazy Eyebrow also has some cool print files available; 1) New headlights for Datsuns, ditches the lenses covers for the old sunken-in round ones. This seems more like a thing for Prowl and Bluestreak, with Smokescreen, Barricade and hopefully Silverstreak being more of a race or customized Z with the racing front ends. 2)a 5mm peg adapter for Studio Series Optimus, which helps to better center the Earthrise trailer over the axles. These are available at Shapeways apparently as well. Edit: Lazy Eyebrow, not JRC is the one who designed the spoiler with scoops, in his video the spoiler itself was loose on their pegs but this has supposedly been fixed.
  11. Or very indecisive, like myself. I can't bring it down to just one movie, period; I start to type a title and before it's finished another title is vying for supremacy. What film encapsulates "everything" that makes cinema?
  12. Key word in that sentence, supposed. I can't possibly imagine the ratio of fans wanting a G2 recolor that never happened, until recently, is larger than the fans who would simply like a complete set of the Seekers; even if they aren't colored correctly. From what I can tell, both G2 versions of Ramjet will most likely end up going on sale below MSRP; whereas the mold could have sold easily twice as many units, by simply changing the wings. As often as this Franchise is forced to backtrack and try and explain some techno-mumble-jumble, is changing a characters wings really that big a deal, particularly one who didn't actually come to fruition?
  13. I'll end up with most of the E.R. Seekers; the Dirge/Ramjet two pack is not happening unless it's re-released. Will most likely end up getting G2 Ramjet just so he's represented and worst case scenario becomes just another Seeker. What I don't understand is why they reused Ramjet twice already, they could have made Sandstorm the Dirge mold and people would have picked it for that fact alone, but three versions of Ramjet just doesn't make sense to me.
  14. Monsters of Man: The acting is tolerable, the story is actually quite good. C.I.A. and Acme Tech Company send in advanced A.I. robots for a "field test"; naturally what was supposed to be a safe zone for testing these things, turns into a potential political nightmare when intel isn't as up to speed as it perhaps should be. One of the robots has a malfunction and thanks to some kids, has it's "safety-limiter" removed by some local kids, this has Ultron levels of "crap" written all over it. The remaining bots, take to their mission like good little soldiers and sweep the area of any witnesses, except for a group of American medical students, a disgruntled ex-Seal and a few villagers. As soon as the military realizes that the first robot is not down but now actually free, they set the others to hunt it down as well. Due to the ever expanding crap-storm that is unfolding, both government and Acme Tech company start to limit their exposure to what is quickly becoming a SNAFU. It does have both Chappie and iRobot aspects to it well. I found this to be far more entertaining and thought provoking than Netflix's other recent release Sweet Girl with J. Momoa and the pre-teen/now teen actress from the last Bayformers film with Walburg; that has a twist but one that doesn't hold up after 2 minutes of thinking it through. The Last Czar's, and Rise of the Ottoman Empire are actually really good Docu-Drama's; I thought. The Last Czar's is worth the watch for the performances of the actors portraying Nicholas and Rasputin, who they go into far more detail than I was aware was known. They also tackle the issue of Anna/Anastatia who turned up in Berlin in 1923. Neither of these are family friendly; mainly violence and language in Ottoman but nudity as well in Last Czar's.
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