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  1. I watched that earlier today as well. While I can recall being excited about the news of the release, mainly due to it being somewhat like PowerMaster Prime/God Ginrai, in that the trailer and regular figure combine to make a larger Bot. I'm still excited, just for the Power Master and the upcoming S.S. Ultra Magnus now. I'm actually impressed with how well the combined mode turned out since the leaked photos had the mode mistransformed, nothing new. I do feel like the truck is a little too long in the back half of the chassis, but necessary for the combined mode. Should this see a Nemsis/Scourge repaint I'm down, but I'm not feeling the typical Prime colored version. I am a bit worried now that the S.S. Ultra Magnus will end up measuring the same rough 10 inches, which only puts him a few inches shorter than Jetfire/Skyfire or Menasor and any other previous Combiners.
  2. While the Trailer looks entertaining, I couldn't help but giggle and cringe at some of the scenes. If Jason Mamoa's character is so badass, why wasn't he turned loose on the crew once they torched the first stack of money that led to the vault heist? It's not like Bryan and Dom were subtle with winning new cars to try and find the right ones for the job; this film even does a call back to that very street scene. If Dom and company took this dude's entire fortune, how is he funding this uber revenge plot? Granted he still has a network he could tap into, but on that side of the fence, nothing is done with or for a promise of better riches, needs proof in the pudding. Are we simply seeing the Letty story reused with the return of Giselle in this film? Why would Bryan allow his wife to get involved if he's not? Will wait until it's free to stream.
  3. No need to apologize, didn't come across as upset/miffed, just curious. I was only trying to offer what little insight I may be privy to, which is little to none. Since I live in what is technically a small city but still maintains a "Big/small town" feel; so while we certainly have Porch Pirate issues, I've never really worried about it; even when living in the "Hood" part of town; we'll just say it's good living, yeah, that's it. On a plus note, FedEx broke down a purchased a new van for around here, I'll give it 1 week before it's in for an oil change, minimum. Guess that doesn't really help you out though, but it does mean my collection can continue growing along with everyone elses.
  4. The "operational reasons" is a easy catch-all for everything under the sun; truck broke down and none were available for a swap, driver had legitimate issues or just said that's a day. The shop I work for has the local FedEx fleet account, something that is typically taken care of in house at the Hubs. The way these drivers treat the trucks, even with all the Big Brother equipment installed in them, would make a Cabi cry! They're lucky if half of the available trucks are road worthy, while the other half awaits corporate authorization for repairs. Employee retention has been an issue lately for them.
  5. Noticed Flame Toys is set to release the second model kit in their G1 line; it's Soundwave with a Ravage, the previous release being O.P., which is the Sunbow version. Having built 4 of them, all Prime's to this point, they compete with practically any Bandai HG/MG articulation, in other words they have quite a lot of abiltiy to pose. Personally, I feel like the Soundwave sculpt is slightly off, I expect the legs to be big and boxy but it seems like the forarms are twice the width of his shoulders. Ravage also seems to come with quite the bit of articulation. I've seen a proto-type for Megatron in G1 goodness and he like Prime is lifted directly from the Sunbow version. If you like the concept of the Red line but won't fork the money out for the rubbery feel and lack of articulation, the Flame Toys model kit line is a great alternative.
  6. Well it is called Strangereal afterall. Be thankful you aren't hearing "Go dance with the angels!" over and over and over; do miss the allied attack/cover option that 6 provided however.
  7. It seems to have the spirit of the original show, or does it? Initial D was about the "street" scene and how it can be used to learn various styles, even for established professional drivers. However, it never made a huge spectacle of the races publicly, if you were there and in the know, then you knew; if not, you remain clueless. There are more than a couple of driver's who will always get to say to themselves, "I've still got room to grow because I know this guy who started on Akina and worked his way across Japan owning everything, then just dissapearing." This new series seems to be making a very big spectacle of the races to the general public; Tak would have retreated back into himself if that were the case instead of letting the beast out. I'm still going to watch of course!
  8. Never made it to the end of episode 1; while it was nice to see that they did bring back Sorsha, I was appalled to see a mirror finish on her sword. It was menacing in the first film, had a well used and trusted look, now it's just wall art.
  9. My favorite piece of work with her in it, was a made for Television mini-series, The Last Don. While she never truly wields power in the series, her character is integral to the first part of the series at least. Sort of a Beth Dutton, but with far more family drama to help one over the edge. Edit: Can't leave out Summer School.
  10. Would prefer to see Powermaster Prime but the Armada version is essentially the same thing, just carried out different. As far as Cybertron/verse; I had heard, though I pay it little head, that the upcoming Cybertron stuff was instead for the game WFC/FOC designs.
  11. Saw this on R.A. Salvatore's FB page; Fleetwood Mac being his alltime favorite band.
  12. I am not sure where he found the printable file at, but Lazyeyebrow has essentially done the same thing to Meg's back, only the faux barrel is the proper size. It's not up on his site for sale or at JRC Designs. Maybe try Shapeways but better pile on a few orders to make the shipping worth the effort.
  13. Seems like a combination of Rocky's 3-5. The (Fr)enemy is still "street hungry" like Clubber Lang and carries that same persona, though with Adonis working with him, we get a little bit of Tommy Gun from 5. Looks like we'll get both a street fight and ring side as well. Seems like we also see a, "should have thrown the towel" as we did in 4. Has potential but the lack of Rocky, even in pictures around their house is concerning; the title may be Creed but we all know and follow this mainly because it's still a Rocky film, or should be at least.
  14. Fantastic Voyage had the better video; the Impala parked on the beach with the endless party popping out the trunk.
  15. While I'm dissapointed that Breakdown is not a good Lamborghini at all; I actually don't mind how this figure has turned out. He's still very much an Italian car and not even a Ferrari, instead he is now a Maserati, not really but like the MC12 if one squints hard enough you can still see the Enzo. At least they got the gun(s) right and I doubt the aftermarket will allow the wing to remain a single piece option only.
  16. More Mike Barnes please! So Daniel married the sister of the love interest in 3, nice to see her return and add a little depth to the Wifey's character. Not sure how they intend to go forward with dueling Dojo's but they haven't really dropped the ball yet.
  17. My copy of Delta Magnus has two painted smoke stacks; bummer your's doesn't.
  18. It's nice and cool, but not $250.+, cool. Glad I painted one of the Toynami releases to scratch this itch. Maybe if they ever get around to the Battlecry schemes, if I don't just paint them myself.
  19. Well she was practically just a new born; she was still undersized compared to Red that showed up at the end of book 2, though the reason for that is later revealed. So, that snout will undoubtly grow with time.
  20. Would be great if they could Wiessman back to voice Saphira and I wouldn't mind them keeping her design from the film, yes even the feathers. Everything else, well Jermey Irons did do the best with what he had, needs a rehaul.
  21. Well with a name like Deadend, did we really expect him to go anywhere? Here's hoping some 3P gives us some decent Slippers for him, that way he can easily shed them for Alt and Combined modes.
  22. So, I'm left with a few questions after watching this film. 1) The pistol in the film is indeed the very pistol bestowed upon Glover at the end of the second film; how do the Predator's get ahold of it? 2) Billy in the first film is "Spooked" and obviously has a Native background, is it Comanchee so he's heard tales passed down at Tribal gatherings or family history? Did he in essence have a vague ideal of what they were facing, which is why he stops at the "tree-bridge" and meets his end? Other than learning the "cycle-chain" in an incredibly short time, the film was a suprising welcome!
  23. Most likely already grabbed up; from what I've "heard" there are only 2 Clampdowns per case and only 1 Cosmos. Cosmos is a cool figure, especially when compared to the original $3.00 toy, and while it would be nice to have him in the collection; I've all but given up on that one. Clampdown will be had, even though I missed the HasbroPulse preorder. Still pushing Legacy wave 1 around here locally.
  24. Nice to actually see one of these "Junkion" kits actually get installed. Wasn't aware of the NonNef version but was aware that Maiden Japans, only description in the listings, have made a couple of different kits that do the same thing essentially. New head, chest, skirts and knee bolsters from what I can tell. Funny thing, I'm still awaiting my copy of Wreck Gar but already have the second Junkion release. TF Labs, leg and interrior shoulder covers fit nicely. When it comes to Slag, I've personally found GoBetter's kit to really hit the mark I was aiming for. Allows for the horns to swivel out and be seen in Bot mode, which was screen acurate. Plus the new rear Dino legs fillout so much better, though his calf's in Bot mode will now be larger due to the extra pieces folding up for storage. Easy install, even with the removal of the lowest screw in the rear legs.
  25. Not much a Collector, so I have no ideal what's considered rare for this hobby; besides the cardboard "Christmas Promise" package that started it all. My oldest grandson just received the PowerWheels Luke Landspeeder. His father found it at a resale shop and jumped at it as he is the family StarWars Super Fan. Have never seen one, so to me that's fairly rare.
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