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  1. Nice to actually see one of these "Junkion" kits actually get installed. Wasn't aware of the NonNef version but was aware that Maiden Japans, only description in the listings, have made a couple of different kits that do the same thing essentially. New head, chest, skirts and knee bolsters from what I can tell. Funny thing, I'm still awaiting my copy of Wreck Gar but already have the second Junkion release. TF Labs, leg and interrior shoulder covers fit nicely. When it comes to Slag, I've personally found GoBetter's kit to really hit the mark I was aiming for. Allows for the horns to swivel out and be seen in Bot mode, which was screen acurate. Plus the new rear Dino legs fillout so much better, though his calf's in Bot mode will now be larger due to the extra pieces folding up for storage. Easy install, even with the removal of the lowest screw in the rear legs.
  2. Not much a Collector, so I have no ideal what's considered rare for this hobby; besides the cardboard "Christmas Promise" package that started it all. My oldest grandson just received the PowerWheels Luke Landspeeder. His father found it at a resale shop and jumped at it as he is the family StarWars Super Fan. Have never seen one, so to me that's fairly rare.
  3. From what I've seen Youtube from the various reports is that Primal is indeed his own character. However, there is a shot of his scale going around and he is essentially Mighty Joe Young size, if not slightly bigger and not a hair can be found on him. So if they aren't going to use the organic portions of Beast Wars, why even introduce them into the Series?
  4. That may be, but it doesn't take away from the fact that it's not Radio "Hit" friendly, meaning while it can certainly be played on any Top 40's Radio station, I haven't heard it make the rounds on any of the various stations listened to around work or during any test drive with a Customer's radio station preferences playing. I have heard Berlin's Take My Breathe Away multiple times in last week and my "Classic Rock/Modern Rock" station has seen fit to break out some K. Loggins; the morning D.J. in particular. As a kid it was almost impossible to get through a Summer without at least one movie cleaning up on the radio stations, even if the film itself bombed. And while the Radio has certainly lost some of it's power, it's far from dead. Never thought I would miss Sunday's C.K. Top 100 countdown and all the stories, letters that accompanied those prodcasts; as the saying goes though; you never know what've you got, till it's gone.
  5. Only two new original songs for the Soundtrack; One Republic and Lady Gaga. Can't say I'm impressed with either, but found myself asking why with the talent used a couple of songs weren't covered from the first film. One Republic could have used their harmonies quite well covering "Playing with the Boys", put some extra emphasis on the base line and they might have had something on the airwaves again on cycle. Lady Gaga completely missed the opportunity to cover Berlin's song; and while K.M. isn't returning as a love interest, the fact that the love interest is one we have already heard stories about, it could be worked in with a little humor or just paying homage to those blue lit scenes from the first film. Thankfully from what I've heard, the Theme and Danger Zone get brought back.
  6. "How does Posi-track work; it just does!"
  7. Trying to figure out why it got the score it did; a vast majority of the article gushes about how they actually managed to repeat the original in feel while visually blowing it out the water. The big complaints seem to be centered around the films diversity and or the lack of the originals; which is time period correct. They like the injection of new blood but miss the "boys" lockerroom "campiness" for lack of a better term. If you end an aritcle essentially saying it delivers just as well if not better than the orignal, how does it end up a 7, a 9.5-10 it will never be I'm sure but if its just like the old one isn't that a solid 8.5?
  8. Kingdom Arcee is a great "Action Figure" once you unpin the backpack and add the aftermarket upgrade kit. While I like some of the additional paint of the SS86 version; the fact that I will not be able to repeat said "action figure" is a non-sale, as the "Transformer" aspect of the figure is still very much lacking. Besides, she transformed what, a total of 4 times from the movie until the end of season 4? If they ever manage to pull off the headmaster version where her head can actually become Daniel in the typical Exo-suit, backpack be damned I'm in.
  9. They can keep the Eurobeat, but there better be some Noisy Tribe/M.O.V.E. tracks as well! Don't know that I'm up for a "retool" of a classic, to me, anime. Before Bunta would allow auto-driving cars on his pass, he would have kamikazed the WRX. I don't necessarily need a continuation of Tak or KT, but without a Fujiwara connection can it hold the magic? Feels more like a Midnight Wangan series over Initial D; still I'll give it a fair run-down. Should have gone with the new Supra instead of the BRZ/86; while doing so sticks with the old formula, it also automatically waters down the other drivers of the Porsches, Lamborghini's, and Ferarri's. Here's a C class car completely destroying A class cars; the original did a much better job of keeping the competition stiff but achievable, this is just bonkers for anyone who can actually drive, which given what it would cost to keep those vehicles road worthy, these fools can afford track time.
  10. They were massed produced but not in mass quanity; size, construction time and raw material make that imposssible. 2019 was the end of Jaegar construction and the height of Jaegar's, with the world having 30 active Jaegars, by 2025 only 4 remain on active duty. The Mark 5 Striker Eureka came with a price tag of over 100 Billion; not to mention alll the money and resources constantly going to the Wall project. The Australian Shatterdome was shutdown on 12-29-24; again if Australia is that important to both sides, why?
  11. I just feel like it's going off the rails simply because they can. The first two films gave us a total of what, 7-10 Jaeger's, from all around the world. We see that Australia has more than that in one valley; why, how? The Sisters aren't the reason, at least not the main reason, they would be more cause than effect.
  12. Not to mention that they were more or less just truly Robots, no personalities at all. I've never been a fan of Scourge or the Sweeps for some of the exact same reasons as you. However, this collection keeps outgrowing the original space alotted for it; already the Nemesis/Diaclone army has its own dedicated shelf with the main casts of seasons 1-3 on a 6ft table that is quickly becoming too small. So I figured it was time for a Movie shelf, but without robbing from my table, the Decepticon trio is sorely outnumbered by even Rodimus and his small cohort; the Quinteson pack helps to a degree but things just still feel off. While Cyclonus will be a "I want" purchase, the Sweeps are more of an completitionist OCD thing, much like the Insecticons will be as I never cared for them as characters either.
  13. I'm thinking the same thing; but since I didn't get the Sweeps either, things will be left unfinished, so $30 has just turned into $90. Since I don't have the original colors, no point behind the Diaclone repaints. Amazon exclusive from what I've been able to find.
  14. I've gotten as far as episode 3, where they come upon the "Domain of the Sisters". Episode 2 is a nod to Jurassic World and it's less than stellar thinking. Season 2 is sorta feeling like Amber Heard was allowed to drop and in and visit the bedroom.
  15. I thought he was Menasor, not Minisor. Nice collection and appreciate the trip down memory lane.
  16. Considering I did a rewatch of all of them just prior to purchasing NWH; I'll stand by my statement. S2 is the "cheesiest" as far as comic book acting goes; but Rami's films truly seem to capture what was early ASM in comics. The only glaring alteration would be that May tends to be more 80-90's May than 60-70's May; she is a bit more opinionated about Spiderman and his role, whereas early May just pretends to be oblivious while worrying over Peter's well being to even her detriment. The only redeeming quality to Spiderman 3, is the red head who turned blonde for the movie, giggle still gets me everytime! In fact we actually tend to get more "Swinging" Spidey action in the original trilogy compared to the others, though they all have their iconic moments or panels that they've copied. The first Avengers is the only film that really competes with Spiderman 2 as an overall Superhero story, for me.
  17. Having finally watched this movie; it was over-hyped. Mind you, this isn't a bad movie at all, just not the true successor to Spiderman 2, as far as being the best Spidey film. While seeing all the Spidey's together was cool, whether in the lab or swinging behind the masks, it felt a little rushed at the end. After all, I was under the impression Ned was bringing them in from their universes, not that they had come through with the baddies and were just hiding out in NYC until called upon; seems weak to me. Spidey in almost any version would have gone straight to people and places he knew in the new universe in order to make contact with himself, something akin to what 616 Spidey pulled off upon going to the Ultimate Universe. While I get that there was supossed to be a cute joke behind Spidey 1, 2, and 3; a more appropiate course of action would have been Peter Parker, Ben Reilly (Garfield due to the loss of Gwen) and paying homage to Tom's Aunt May. Tobey given the kill count should have chimed in with "Kaine" or one his enemies call him that, giving us both a joke and easter egg, while helping with the confusion. Molina, stole the show in the fist half and Dafoe stole the second half; both managed to reprise their roles as if having never left, same can't be said for Tobey. Connor's/Lizard was used to such appalling standards and when did Garfield's Spidey ever cure an Osborn? Norman died before ever officially becoming the Goblin and Harry was still having episodes of it coming and going at the end of ASM2, so not cured. Also given that the spiders in question for each Spiderman seem to be different, even if Garfield's genetics could have helped his Harry, it doesn't mean the formula that Tobey's Osborn's took was the same. In ASM it's implied that the only reason Peter is Spiderman is because his father's DNA was already a part of the spider's that bit him. This should have really been a two part film and not the rushed job it finally turned into. So to summarzie we got Spiderverse mixed with a little Sinster Six (Mysterio made an appearance, if only post-mordum) and sprinklings of One More Day and Brand New Day.
  18. So I've seen Blaster in both Twincast colors and SG; are they doing both or just one or the other?
  19. Just went back and rewatched the scene in King of The Road where Prime and Motormaster play chicken. My memory played it out with both of them getting a "torquing up" shot with the "coal rolling" before setting off for each other; completely not the case. In fact not even Prime has stacks in the scene. Guess I've been mixing in the scene in More Than Meets the Eye, when they are rolling up to stop the Decepticon launch, which was also used as part of the ending credits as well. A pleasant surprise was noticing that the visible kibble just behind the cab is cartoon accurate.
  20. Box art looks promising! The lack of smoke stacks is a bummer but in many ways par-for-course with the current line. I really hope that's not Deadend or Wildrider just above Dragstrip on the front cover toward the bottom; that looks nothing like either a Porsche or Ferrari. More like an 89' Pontiac LeMans or the Suzuki equivalent.
  21. Still on the fence with Laser, like you, not a fan of the shoulder (blind spots) but I don't know it's enough to deter me off the figure. It's another Prime mold is how I view it, with a trailer so swapping things between Nemesis and Laser only adds to the "leave it in the preorder pile". I'm actually hoping the trailer is a separate thing. While I know in the cartoon and the original G1 toy, truck-and-trailer made up Motormaster. I'm hoping they go two separate pieces to keep things "uniform" across both modes. While Motormaster approaches Leader height, he's not quite there, and since we already have several versions of E.R. Prime/Nemesis/Laser/U.M.; they have kept both modes to a universal length,minus length, height differences in actual cab's.. Now if they perhaps made Motormaster a "small" double-trailer, like UPS or FedEx trucks we might both be happy, but otherwise I see our wonderful scale going right out the window or one heck of nasty backpack, which I think we all want to avoid.
  22. So Hasbro offers a transforming Spike and D.N.A. is offering a transforming Daniel with their Slag/Slug upgrade kit. If I'm being honest, DNA did a better job on the alt-mode. Sculpt is a toss-up, given the differences in the approaches.
  23. Congratulations on the find, could have made for an interesting video. My copy arrived today as well, just not with the MSRP joy to boot.
  24. Never saw one in the actual wild as a child, either on the shelves or in someone's collection but vividly remember him on the fold-out-poster/checklist. So MP Skids doesn't get the mini-bike either but the release of Reboost does? BBTS is showing Reboost with a clear human and mini-bike as accessories currently.
  25. I had always been under the impression that Skids was one of the "Mail In" figures, along with various points from other purchases. Never did get my "custom" G.I. Joe as a kid, and it wasn't for lack of bugging the Mailman. While it's nice to finally be able to get Skids, as a Honda nut, he's not complete w/o the minibike in the trunk, granted it would be too small for either the Wheelie or Daniel pack-in to sit on.
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