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  1. So close to being the bar scene. Points need awarded!
  2. Was Johnny a champion his junior year or not? He says, "I never lost a point my junior year," while talking with Miguel; if he was never hit, and wasn't disqualified, how could he not have been champion in '83? The only reason I'm asking is that while everyone recognizes that Daniel was a champion, its never acknowledged with Johnny. While the show does say the Cobra Kai's have a lifetime ban from competing, nothing is said of championships/records expunged. This is my only issue with the show and in the end its so minor it doesn't really matter; awaiting season 2.
  3. Thanks guys, for the info and pics! Obviously any co-witness between Optic and BUIS is better than none, and off-set the step after that. My lack of knowledge on the ELCAN itself is now showing. I was under the "ASSumption" it was a really rugged 1x red dot and not a fixed magnified optic. This is why eye-relief never entered into my equation, I became fixated with the older concept of longer sight radius being superior to shorter. The article did mention the BUIS in question was not liked by the troops and therefore rarely seen; I suppose the fact its actually plastic is the real reason why. The lack of elevation adjustment and shotgun style ghost-ring aperture now make a little more sense though. A.B.S.; are your upper receivers as domestically accurate as the lowers? Curious as to what the actual dimensional differences in flat-top rails are. Unfortunately, the article I was reading mentioned very little in the way of C7's, not that I'm not interested.
  4. I've been doing some reading regarding the Canadian C8 model differences from the U.S. M4, while there are various nuances that separate the two what really caught my attention was that apparently for the rifles carrying the ELCAN optic; what is the thought process of putting the BUIS in front of the Optic, essentially giving one an AK sight picture as opposed to what we see above, the BUIS behind the Optic?
  5. Really, even when the Galactic Empire has modified MG42's? Belt fed, I mean rechargeable back-pack powered seems to one up disposable batteries, not only in rate of fire but in power capacity as well.
  6. For what purpose or enemy, in particular, was the VB6 Monster given a third transformation into battroid for? Given the transformation and placement of its weapons afterward I fail to see any advantage or strategic value in it.
  7. Cap's new shield has a concealed/closed option; he is wearing it in the scenes of the armies charging one another. War Machine seems to be fine, as long as Col. Rhodes is in the suit at least. No sign of Hawkeye/Ronin, yet.
  8. Personally, I always preferred Children's Palace over TRU; though I never made it to NY for FAO Schwarz. The last few times I had to visit a TRU to look for gift ideas for my nephew I was very disappointed even with half the store being stocked for his age group, toddler. Why do I have a sudden urge to re-watch "The Toy" now?
  9. You are correct. However, you could save some money and just buy the super parts kit instead and save a little unless you want two super siegfried's to display.
  10. Why would you catch grief/flak for keeping the DD upper; the fading paint? Is there significant play between the receivers; if not what does it really matter as long as it works in its intended roll? I could see an issue if it was a billet upper on a forged lower, that would have a tendency to stand out. If this was a "purist" clone, I could see the hang-up. For me, I simply can't justify the cost difference between a Colt lower and an Anderson lower, both are forged lowers, both are "Mil-spec", both have a horse logo, yet one is almost half the cost of the other. I will accept the difference in cost for completely assembled firearms, buying into history, prestige, superior QC and manufacturing but even that becomes a stretch after a time. In this case you're talking DD which in some eyes and minds is superior to Colt anyway. What Giessele trigger are you using in that? My 20" build has an ALG ACT, first aftermarket trigger and was pleasantly surprised with it.
  11. Old group shot; previously mentioned 20" far left. Second from left is a Stag model 3 that didn't stay factory; Yankee Hill, Magpul. Third is a Diamond Back that I won in a raffle, it either wears the Boyds Superstock or Slide-fire stock. Far Right was my first build, .300 blackout; Spikes Tactical receivers, Y.H.M. handguard, Magpul grips, stock, B.U.I.S., Nikon Glass and mount. The M&P 10 in the back has a new LuthAR Stock and 15" M-lok handguard now, still sporting Nikon glass and off-set B.U.I.S. and Fab Defense grip/bi-pod. http:// The current dilemma I find myself in, choices, choices. http://
  12. I'll have to work on that. All are photographed for personal C.Y.A. issues but I haven't uploaded them anywhere as of yet. Certainly won't be as nice as your photos; cheap but effective camera.
  13. About 30 secs in your question is answered unless I'm hearing the FN Rep wrong. "One or the other; both will cause a malfunction." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB_D5RGDfuY
  14. Awesome clone, given legal issues! I haven't attempted any clone builds, yet; I always get sidetracked with what else I could build for the money. Was planning an A2 clone, that went sideways and turned into an "updated" version of what an A2 might be today: flat-top upper with detachable carry handle, A.R.M.s gas block/front folding sight, Rock River Arms A2 free float tube with Magpul furniture gutted to fit around it. Presently at a cross roads on current build; 10.5" pistol or just get the stamp and go SBR in .300 blackout. Patience has never been a virtue of mine.
  15. A quick youtube search would have given you your answer. No, the weapon cannot be double loaded; it would create a double feed if the bolt could even move at all. The magazine well inserts at sharper angle to place the rounds at roughly the same place as the belt would. The whole point behind the M249s is that if belt ammo is expended the LMG is not out of the fight.
  16. Mikumo and therefore Junna is supposed to stand out from others, hence the lead vocalists. As far as her "drowning" out the rest, that is the show and the studio; from what I've seen from concert footage Junna's voice when joined with the others doesn't overpower but instead lends to the overall harmony that makes the groups foundation. As the lead vocalists we are going to be bound to hear her more or seeming to overpower the others as this is the design, rarely are all 5 singing at once. It isn't until we hear the songs that are designed to highlight the others of the group that she tends to melt into the background on CD/show. The only footage I've seen of their DYRL cover, Junna is emotional prior to the song even beginning and when her solo comes she actually falters; didn't detract from the performance in anyway.
  17. Was curious as to whether anyone here has purchased DX-9's "seekers" sets yet and how they might compare scale wise to HMR or the Toynami line. Always wanted Roy or Max to shut Starscream up as a kid, since Jetfire couldn't get it done in the show, I'll go ahead and add Dirge to the list as well! Pics, links that show comparable scale much appreciated if you have them/know of them.
  18. Roid is up for presale on HLJ.com, Sept. release.
  19. 1. Yes the OVA, is there yet another version? By dramatic, I don't mean changes the story but instead adds to it, even the M1 Garands being used in the celebration. 2. Sharon showed signs of awakening before the neurochip, the fire and phone calls in particular, she specifically had to track down Guld's car phone,not to mention Isamu,who wasn't even on base. So even while incomplete she was becoming aware and one way to get an emotion program is to achieve a physical living form. 3. Sorry I didn't mean to imply Sharon had planned out the Mikumo scenario; that was Roid's doing, though Lady M is quite aware of the Protoculture Ruins. Mikumo/Sharon mirroring each other; Mikumo's hair style and facial bone structure is not much different from one of Sharon's preferred images. Both have had the most commanding voice presences of any of the female Idols, ability to project not range. Sharon was created with Song/Music being the basis of her existence, oddly enough in Delta Mikumo says at least twice, "Music is purpose/life". Even if how the mind-control/hypnosis is different both are defeated essentially the same way, our hero just happens to hear "another" voice, helping them break the hold of hypnosis/control. IF Sharon could have escaped, given Myung's last few sentences to Sharon, saying her heart was in the right place but her actions all wrong, I instead see Sharon trying to make amends not repeat history.
  20. Guess I've just missed it, all apparently, still not the Spidey I know, regardless of the reboot. While it makes sense as to Tony building the suit for Peter in the cinematic universe, it takes away from how genuinely smart Peter was. As I've said, I stopped reading the books just before things started getting really askew, to me. Have roughly kept up by browsing or conversations with other fans who are more current over the years. I fondly recall Spiderman, Amazing, Spectacular and Web of; I know I'm no longer the targeted market just haven't adjusted even after all this time, damn nostalgia. Aunt May is indeed looking younger however all but the bottom are qualified given their actual age; I doubt even Miss Tomei's head of hair is still natural without a few strands of wisdom at minimum. Classic Aunt May just rocked it.
  21. I know the general consensus is that Lady M is Minmay due to the photo of her in Frontier and the little tidbit in Delta about Megaroad 1; I know most here don't want a generations show, personally on the fence depending on the how its achieved. Just got my M+ movie version, didn't realize all the little yet dramatic differences in the two, until coming here. Anyway, If Sharon can run an island wide concert, fly the ghost and a Macross class ship, hold a conversation with Myung while captive, the list goes on, all this at roughly the same time. How is it that she couldn't figure out to upload herself elsewhere far, far off, even after the warning of how "self protective" her emotion program was? Patiently awaiting a way to return. Lady M(yung) was very involved in the development of Mikumo, who just happened to essentially do the exact same thing as Sharon only on a much larger scale.
  22. The figure above; I own all the Marvel films, yes, even the crappy VHS Captain America, so while I've seen Civil War, while the cowl and pants seem the same the hoodie is a late add on I believe. I have no further insight into whats going to actually transpire in the film past the trailers already released, different perspective, but that is it. I'm not so sure Tony will take the suit away from Peter and he will then have to rely on the original; I think Peter will realize Tony is tracking him with the suit and ditch it in order to prove himself worthy. Tony is too much Big Brother for Spidey who was traditionally only a reserve member of the Avengers. I think Peter will add the web-gliders with the help of "Death Star" friend, pointless addition, the friend not the webbing. This Cinematic Universe has been great about dropping not so subtle and subtle hints on where its going once there is no more Tony and Original Capt. Since Sony actually owns the rights to Spidey this would allow them their own shoot-offs, should they be desperate enough to go the Spider-Clone/Spider-Island/Spiderverse route.
  23. Is this supposed to be their take or play rather on The Scarlet Spider? Are they really going to open up that box? Isn't this what helped bring Marvel to its knees in the mid 90's; I know I quit reading all the titles just before they started it. Just give us Kraven's Last Hunt already!
  24. Papa McMannis passed on in the second film, just after taking out Peter Fonda's character so not an issue at all. The second film was centered on his origin story and the betrayal that set everything in motion. There are several things that Hollywood and humanity should leave be, unfortunately that is not in our nature.
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