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  1. I figured since she showed Hayate her hand; he pretty much said "Time for a normal life" or as normal as it gets for a Windmerian. If they do bring her back she will only once again have to strain herself in order to save the galaxy; maybe Mirage wins due to Freya's DNF. Either Ranka or Sheryl could fill the missing spot in Walkure; Sheryl doesn't strike me as "plays well with others" when trying to share the spotlight, however the "Who's the bigger Diva" between her and Mikumo could make it interesting. Ranka best fits in role and matches along with Freya's cuteness. Either way Alto or Ozma joins Delta; "Who's Skull leader now"?
  2. Seems I'm the odd ball around here, as I like the 1/72 transformable kits, have them all except for the Deculture versions, Tornado, and Armored versions of the VF-25. Brera's Vf-27 has been the only one that hasn't wanted to stay-put in battroid mode, that has been remedied. Granted the Strike/Super Parts backpack attachments for the VF-1 is a joke even compared to Toynami's 1/100 line; still Hikaru's 1S wears them w/o glue or tape and still balances on his own. Bandai has certainly made progress as this line continues, the VF-31 and SV-262 both shine above what has previously been released; IMO.
  3. Figured they were going to follow suit as with their mecha line. Bogue's would be a single with two more following with the choice of pilot markings. The twins blue hues seems so close as to almost allow for a single purchase and just go half/half with the design, maintaining a 5 on 5 ratio. Here they seem to have left out one of the twins unless they share crests, which makes sense if it does denote family and not squardron. Starting to wonder if I shouldn't add at least one more to the warehouse now.
  4. Just make it a "Top Gun"/"Ace of Aces" school. The different aces from the various fleets allow for multiple Valkyrie models and just interject the series with songs from the past idols, while possibly introducing a new "break out" artist if the need is so great. Edit: Whoever the main pilot ends up being can just have the "Iron Eagle/Doug McMaster's" radio taped to the leg; ipod/mp3 player now or whatever the future holds.
  5. Seems incredibly high to me but...https://www.amazon.com/Toynami-Robotech-Anniversary-Sterlings-Transforming/dp/B00S8E2IDM/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1489704050&sr=8-11&keywords=1%2F100+toynami+max
  6. My mistake, I thought those were transformable.
  7. Price is a little high but they packaged as Macross and not that other show, plus there is an official Kakazaki. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toynami-Macross-Robotech-SuperPoseable-Set-Of-5-Valkyries-Limited-Edition-/142279661682?hash=item2120875872:g:bWwAAOSw7ehXTMux I just bought two Max's and painted him to Kakazaki's color or as close I could find.
  8. Appreciate the link; I have one on back order already. Haven't seen it change status in the few months I've been aware of it. Was hoping to find one perhaps a little sooner. Again Thanks!
  9. As stated in the title, looking for a Bandai 1/72 Alto-Tornado kit. I don't mind paying a little over MSRP but what I'm seeing on ebay just isn't going to happen. If anyone has one or knows of one hovering just under a bill, please let me know.
  10. I deal with the front page every time I visit here; I scroll to the link for the forum and might glance at the most recent posted photo, but basically pay it no attention anyway!
  11. Both well said! (Except the M7 stuff, but I know I'm an outcast there. Basara is just nails on a chalk board for me EXCEPT Angel Voice.)
  12. So while replaying "That show that can't be mentioned" Battlecry recently, I was selecting my VF and skipped right over the 1S to the 1R. A 1A based unit but with either a reworked head or just fixed antenna on either side. Stats showed that it had the least amount of armor out of any version I'm aware of CATS-eye/AWACS withstanding, it could track and fire on just about as many targets as a J, can't recall the other two stats at the moment. I figured this was a creation of the game in order to try and make the game just a little more difficult for the aces out there. Later on that same day/night while watching Macross yet again, but in English this time, there is actually a good close-up of an VF-1R pretend hand-to-hand fighting with a Zentradi, just before it then shows three 1A's doing the very same and then the ambush really kicks off. So I stand corrected it is/was an actual production VF, what purpose was it designed for? Or was this just a mistake in the anime that has since gained traction? On a side note, has any company made a toy or model in any scale? My search turned up nothing.
  13. In the original opening sequence there is a point where we see a VF-1 firing its rifle, casings are ejecting in what appears to be a "burst" mode and not full-auto, three shells with the same distance between them but a slightly larger gap between shots 3-4,6-7 and so on. Then late into the series we see a VF-1 light a cigarette for a Zentradi with a single shot. Obviously the rifles are using a rotating barrel mechanism allowing a faster and more sustained fire rate but the mechanism shouldn't have a noticeable reset. Are the rifles "selective firing" weapons, if so how is this achieved, remotely or a physical switch on the weapon that just hasn't made the anime's, toys and models? What caliber's have been used? I'm going to assume, this could end badly, that the reason "traditional" firearms are still used is due to energy weapons requiring longer cool-down times, heavy fuel cells/capacitors to power them and simple lack of rate-of-fire? Why else maintain the Monster with "traditional" artillery shells.
  14. Since I was already close to pushing daiseys seven years ago, I took a page from R.o.T.J. and did barrel-rolls through a N.U.N.S. command ship bridge. "Its better to burn out than fade away".
  15. Thank you for the answers! Was unaware that the Protoculture had a Civil War, was under the impression they had reached that utopia of society we are supposed to be seeking, while leaving clues behind as how to achieve that utopia for the creations.
  16. First off, many thanks for the group who created this site, the hive that has kept it alive and wealth of knowledge you all have allowed me to stumble upon! Child of the 80's here, so my introduction to this multiverse was Robotech, hooked on the opening alone. Wasn't until years later that I was able to start piecing the Macross story together; hoping for more than three songs from Minmay, all to my dismay. Flashback was tough as I had hoped for some narrative and a little bit more insight into what happened next; Sentinels was more filling in that regard. Macross 7 is proving itself a tough pill to swallow the whole way down. Everything else has been good. On to the questions. Is Misa/Lisa the only surviving human after the Zentradi main fleet attack; making the human gene pool simply heirs of the SDF-1 city and crew, minus the mixing that's taken/taking place? If the surface was wiped out as suggested, minus the oceans apparently; where did they get the animals for reclamation? Plants and trees I get as they were aboard the SDF-1 in the park and we bear witness to the earth slowly adapting to its changes yet again. Its Anime I get it, so I won't even bother with the fallout issue after the attack. I understand the Protoculture were a race about balance, however, why make Zentradi & Meltrani and then separate them completely? Why are they to date the only race whose entire gene pool was laid out ahead of time; they were created not born, like Krypton, until they met microns? How had this gone unnoticed, men and women together on the other countless worlds they obliterated? I am the only one who thinks Delta is a lot like Lovers Again? I know Lovers Again is another dimension/universe altogether; I am referring to how the Minmay/Walkure attack is practically worthless given their enemies are also using song to support their advance, granted song is used differently but not. The love affair is even there, alien gifted singer, female pilot and male, thankfully a fighter pilot this time. What is N.U.N.S., what happened to U.N. Spacey? I get that the last two series have centered around privateers instead of regular military. Anyone else catch the fish people and wind people rehash? Obviously from Zero but I love the continuity of the whole series as a whole. Any confirmation on whose daughter the new female pilot is, since we know who the grandparents were? Apparently Max and Milia/Miria had two daughters and not just Dana/Komilia I believe.
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