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  1. Binged watched in this past weekend. My take was the pace was a little too quick; too many deaths are simply brushed aside, episode 1. Had the potential for Godzilla meets Mad-Max, then just dropped the ball; for now. the Drifting part is actually cool, want to see what happens when you attempt to Drift too often, it's here. The manipulation of Drifting was a nice new corridor to explore. For a show that is trying to be serious and adult, it has far too many open plot threads at the moment and ended a season by not answering any of them! I'm intrigued enough to keep watching but already becoming skeptical. Not impressed by the "mysterious mute" third wheel.
  2. The car's rear tires should have met up with the trailer's front tires; that 3/4"-1" would make a world of difference. The only reason I can see for going the route they did was to make the length of Rodimus the same as Prime with Trailer; which defeats the point of most future designs, comparing the cargo room in an Econoline Van and a Transit Van, one will find one vehicle is quite larger than the other but doesn't travel near as nicely or provide quite as much storage. Besides, not aware of any Econoline Vans with an XJ220 engine but I've seen the Transit with it.
  3. Nowhere have I said either lacks in content, nor hinted at being able to do a better job myself. I frequent both and here as well; I like covering the bases. Each has garnered a following and justly so, even if others point in jest. I'll turn to them before I end up on the absolute dry British reviews. Each brings a different nuanced perspective to the whole picture; don't we all?
  4. Would have quoted the talking Bionicle but none of the jokes stand out, other than bad! Edit: However, at least it's a changing useless filler/gimmick.
  5. Agreed! The multiple comparisons to figures past or 3P offerings helps a lot more than just the typical here is said figure with Prime. While all the same basic topics are covered, Mike does it without all the typically useless filler; "Because it's precious, just oh so precious".
  6. So Chuckles and Jinx are the only 2 in either camp to come from the movie? Jinx I can understand, but Chuckles most memorable moment was when he stopped driving a vehicle to rip a rocket off it and hurl it at a HISS tank, in training. Tunnel Rat would have made a little more sense, can understand why Falcon was skipped with all the other berets already on the team. Never read the comics, so if Chuckles had a larger part in that I wouldn't have known.
  7. MacrossCentral on F.B. is reporting a new Frontier movie or short for 2021. They got the news from a Twitter feed.
  8. Yes, though the end of YG2 is set in 1950 just as the beginning is, big gap between 1881 and 1950. Doc historically survived the whole thing as told at the end of the first one. Its C. Bowdry who actually died at the shack where Doc says, "Let's finish the game."
  9. IF it gets done great, if not not a big deal; but seeing a possible life where Billy went from Horse Thief to Horse Trainer for Bill Cody's Show, only to then find himself in the Rough Riders and then finally what was essentially a Livestock Agent in Texas, does have movie making possibility. Estevez's laugh would only help seal the deal. The fact that G. Bombay is back is cool, but isn't the Hanz/Franz fallback angle a bit overused in the Series already, referring to the "Barn" rink. So the Ducks are now team Iceland with accents and all? While the Ducks might be a stellar "Allstar" peewee team, international worthy is pushing it. Could do without the older Gilmour Girl. As a Hockey nut, I'm in but not expecting much at all. If you want a decent Series dealing with Hockey, there is a show called "Junior League" on Youtube, at least it deals with a team trying to break into the Semi-Pro Junior League. It is a Ukranian/Russian show and the translation isn't always the best but it's a little more Youngblood than Mighty Ducks.
  10. As the title implies, apparently Young Guns 3 is more than just a swig of peyote and dream away. For me, the first film was an instant classic, still rivals Tombstone for Best Modern Western, even keeps pace for quotes. Not sure where this will go, other than to hope we see them do the life of "Brushy" Bill Roberts, who was the individual who came forth and whom N.M. denied. Amazingly all his remaining living contacts confirmed Roberts as the "Kid". Roberts had a very interesting life in his own right, which still could make for an interesting tale. Sutherland, Phillips, and Slater are apparently on board, but not sure how that would play out. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2021/01/20/young-guns-3-emilio-estevez-and-the-gang-are-back-in-another-blaze-of-glory/
  11. So Grogu loses his head to Din? Oh, the stories Meethos could tell us as a Mando. Is Emperor Palpatine just Arimon in a Galaxy Far Far Away?
  12. Having done this on Bumblebee with a Copic 0.03 in Warm Gray, its stayed on just like a gunpla with several handlings/transformations and no rubbing off, even on the vents on the engine cover/backpack. I tend not to topcoat so if it's going to disappear it will happen on mine.
  13. Out of all of his "LEO" roles, this was the closest to his sidekick gig in Gone in 60 Seconds (remake), he was "flying around on spaceships"; should have had the, "Are you alright? Are you sure, cause you were just swallowed by a dragon."
  14. Can't lie, was hoping we would finally see the White Wolf in costume; since they already dropped the teaser anyway. Boseman is called away for whatever reason, Wakanda needs an intermediate protector, who during the film gets his butt handed to him forcing the new Black Panther to take the mantle, whom-so-ever that may be.
  15. R.A.(Bob) Salvatore, wrote about his first dinner meeting with B.B. and T.B. while at a Con in Atlanta. Apparently at some point in the night, many wine glasses later, B.B. and Bob were giving a reciting of Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail, witch skit; ending with Ben Bova standing on his chair in the middle of the restaurant. Terry Brooks was apparently quite appalled!
  16. My son, now 23 didn't recognize the name when I told him the news. However, once I told him Draco the Dragon was dead it clicked. My kids wore both the VHS and DVD copies out. My fondest memory in film will be him getting out of a new Aston Martin Vanquish, followed by CZJ's trip-wire/Laser practice scene. T. Dalton was my intro to Bond, so the bar was set just right for Brosnan to take over. Can't think of a better example of what a "Kingly" King should be with his cameo as Richard the Lionheart and supporting role as Arthur in First Knight.
  17. Technically, there is a 4th F.F. film out there. Made in the early-mid 90's with the young man from "Boy Who Could Fly" as Johnny Storm. There's a documentary playing on Prime or Hulu that goes over it. Was never officially released but apparently there are bootlegs out there of it, typically found at the various conventions. Interesting view of how the shady side of Hollywood actually works or preview to what an actual "won't mention" movie shoot would most likely be like.
  18. How an artist portrays something and how the characters are described have never truly met-up. Drow are described as having an ebboned skin tone, not gray or dusty; that's A.E. or was anyway. Even before T. Lockwood's covers Drizzt was depicted as having more of a Grayish/Blue pallor, talking about "Old man Drizzt", first printings of the books up until Thousand Orcs, when Lockwood took over cover art duties and showed that he either read the material for which he covers or at least asked the right questions; he proves this again with J. Marco's Inhumans Series. T. Jacobson just copied Lockwood's rendition of Drizzt (above) for Companions and Companions Codex. The Homecoming trilogy was done by A. Briclot who gives Drizzt "plate armor" in two of the covers on his shoulders and arms. I won't even bother with the latest trilogy artwork. Have seen quite a few Mythic Legions customs done to both Ranger class Elf's in order to produce a Drizzt, just haven't seen one I would accept as Drizzt.
  19. He has purple eyes, not skin but that seems to be the "Modern" iteration of what a Drow passes for now; even cosplay photos are a FB no-no in group right now. Modern Icons has a Gamestop exclusive statue that is far more detailed than these figures for the same price, roughly, but no Guen in tow, other than her paw prints in the base. The swords for both the statue and figure are the latest iterations of the sword hilts, though neither brings out the glimmer that Vindirath/Twinkle is described to have now. They did POP figures as well including a Mind Flayer. There are also costume renditions of the swords available currently, again hilts are the current renditions but they have a very weathered blade paint scheme for both.
  20. Wolf-1

    Hi-Metal R

    The Toynami "pilots" would be difficult to use on a HMR; you get the whole cockpit with the pilot, in one piece, and only from the waist up. Paint is poor, typically just the front of the visor and chest straps. Toynami hasn't changed their Veritech's, just added a piece between the canopy and toy with the same canopy peg holding it altogether. The standing "figures" are a little better, but not by much. They scale closer to Bandai's 1/72 DYRL VF-1S transforming model with Minmay figure, not 1/100 figures from the Mecha Base; spread them out over a diorama and they work though. Not cool when your Hikaru/Rick is taller than your Captain Gloval, standing side by side. All present releases (takatoku) retro boxes come with the figures, as did the Angel Bird releases from the previous Wave, figures should be visible from the outside of the box.
  21. BBTS has the Brownies back up for pre-order, with retro packaging. I know quality wise these don't hold up to HMR but for those looking to army build.
  22. Roughly 1/100; Its stands roughly even with HMR but when placed next to a Toynami, VF-100's or Plus figures it has some actual height advantage.
  23. Season two did not disappoint! Though the finale fight while awesome, was a bit over the top, no pun intended. This season certainly doesn't end on any kind of high note but leaves plenty to speculate about; in particular Robby, the book on Okinawa, Miguel and the text from Dr. Mills Schwarber (pediatric surgeon).
  24. As far as the world of Dezrel, I too have only read the Shadowdance series, there are 6 plus the novella. His Seraphim series is another world and only a trilogy; its got people flying around with a type of steam-punk/magic wings and shooting elemental magic at one another until swords are joined, this I really enjoyed. He also just released his latest series that is yet another world of its own; wasn't impressed with the description given. If you enjoyed the Shadowdance series then I highly recommend you check out B. Weeks Night Angel series, it is far more graphic and grand in every respect.
  25. Last "new" thing I read was M. Heitz's recent addition to his Dwarves series. Triumph of The Dwarves, so glad he decided to come back to this series. Just finished up D. Dalglish's Shadowdance series and started his Seraphim series, again. Impatiently awaiting both B. Week's, and Salvatore's latest.
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