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  1. Fingers, eyes; they're all getting cramped, fuzzy and missing feeling here or there. What's Heaven supposedly all about again?
  2. I'll be getting a couple of the Crimson Cyclops; make it an Urban EZ and I would have bought. The Lovelance will be a difficult one to ignore as was the Leo S, which means I can skip the current Deathscythe and await the second half version.
  3. Never saw Teen Witch; I remember her more for roles in 86' Wild Cats and Best of Times; yet I'm not a Football guy. If you pull up her Filmography, at least through Google she gets a credit for Cobra Kai since 18' so.....
  4. ZX Studios includes a few decals in their upgrade kit for Prowl. You get the wheel covers, shoulder cannons, rifle and a chest piece filler along with the decals, stars for the doors and blinkers - tail lights. Not sure if their Barricade set comes with any decals but it does add a night-stick. Roughly $15 each for the various Datsuns.
  5. From the photos on Pulse, it looks like they've neglected the 5mm ports at the very back and changed the shape of where Nonnef's filler pieces go as well. There does appear to be a slot cut into the rear portion of the rear quarter-panels which should allow for some sort of spoiler. While I haven't purchased one, I don't think the other popular "spoiler kit" will work either; seems like it will require a new kit.
  6. I passed on E.R. Mirage mainly due to the tag-along Beast Wars and while I liked the changes in both modes, I didn't feel it was something Siege can't copy with some paint in Bot mode at least, from the waist up. That and it sold out at the two places I could find it. Thanks for the links! Sideswipe is one I will go ahead and swallow the pride for. If Red Alert or a Siege Clampdown had been packaged with Artfire, would have jumped without thought. Not a Target/Head/Power Master fan, in execution; in theory or animation it works. Hope my nephew is adding Beast Wars to the Christmas list.
  7. Kingdom, I've checked twice because I didn't believe it. I have several figures for May release that I've been waiting on but nothing; even added Cyclonus and Scourge, who was just added individually, instead of the wave pack. Of course I just swept the pile clean last week after my son's PG RX78-2 hit, so it will be awhile yet before I actually have Galvatron in hand.
  8. I've always presumed that the early copies are much like the early copies of books that certain readers get months ahead of release. They're there to help push the demand hopefully, and be the final QC before everything starts to ship, meaning the company is fully aware and implicit in the action of it,. Obviously, this doesn't always work as both figures and books end up in mass release with issues. On that note, BBTS sent me a notification that my copy of Galvatron is in the Loot pile, anyone else?
  9. The Mario Van Peebles one; Final Dimension? Other than changing up where Conor's sword originates from, or rather whom from, it actually holds up. Granted the magic thing is a little over the top, but far less than what's pulled off in The Source, and there is no saving the "I want to be Dune" 2nd film. Endgame suffers in that they are finally attempting to give us early Connor/Duncan history as previously set-up but it conflicts with already established stories for each; the who took whose head had to happen and was actually done quite well, IMO. The fight scenes are the best in the Franchise, bar the final fight which is no worse than the original's. The Source was gobbled together because half the creative duo behind the Franchise was dying; like the Animated Series it's a Bomb not The. The Series is what actually has carried this Franchise so team D was bound to win the fight. They missed the boat when they didn't offer P. Wingfield(Meethos) a Series after the original instead of going with E. Grace(Amanda) in The Raven. P. Wingfield's character did appear in Endgame and The Source and his death was not confirmed, so I hope for a cameo at least.
  10. As someone who has seen them all, with the only omissions in the collection being Highlander 2(don't care how it's cut/edited, it just doesn't work) and The Raven ( I liked Amanda, just not that much); I'm bound to see it. I'm actually really surprised to hear that P.S. Davis is okay with this, as the whole point behind The Source was to allow W. Panzer to die knowing a "prize" had been achieved. Bring on the Queen but why not add some Who?
  11. Yeah, the subway part immediately had me thinking of "The Boys and A-train"; only x20. Even if O.M. comes back ready to be on Mark's side, how does the world start to forgive him?
  12. If BBTS doesn't get it, USAGundamStore is, pre-order is already up.
  13. Keep it on Earth during the One Year War for the film; not a retelling of MS 08th but something in the same vein. I just think it would appeal to a broader audience unfamiliar with the Franchise as a whole and only getting 90-120 minutes to become invested and slowly introduced into the war in Space and Newtypes. A two film at once announcement would be better as it would indicate the intention to tell related stories from the different Faction viewpoints.
  14. That is actually a little better than I was offered on my Drizzt/Guenhwyvar combo. Figure showed up and had no movement in his right arm from the elbow down; should have had double-jointed elbow and wrist swivel. Contacted Pulse CS and was simply told I could receive a refund or another figure of the warehouses choice from any of their other lines, including MLP; mind you, Pulse was still selling the figure. When I suggested I be able to choose the "line", not even the figure, it was a no-go. Hasbro is not in my good graces as a company. Few weeks later, they sent a link for a ranking on my issue; that didn't go well for them. Technically it's still an open issue as nothing has been resolved, just dropped!
  15. I ended up going with a combo different from that for my Sunstreaker trio. I went with Matrix Workshops set for Cordon and Spinout with the addition of Shockwave Labs thigh fillers. The kits do not work with each other w/o modification; the calf covers are black and have a nub on them that would need filed/sanded off that goes into the thigh hole when in Alt mode, with the thigh fillers in as well that nub must be removed for the leg-covers to close completely; no issues in Robot mode between the two. The rifles are more a flat gray than silver as with most other kits while the spoiler is still more a silver. The Matrix Workshop kits are $15 each or $35 for a full trio set. Thigh fillers were $8 and also came bundled with Runamuck/Runabout thigh fillers as well. For Sunstreaker himself, I opted for the ZX Studios kit, $20. It is a complete kit in that you get leg-covers, thigh fillers, spoiler, rifle, pistol, and "pile-drivers/laser" covers that were G1 toy included, 1 at least. The whole kit is painted yellow except for the spoiler and weapons, which are more a silver than gray. The yellow is once again close but no match for either the plastic or paint on Sunstreaker. Unlike the Matrix leg-covers no modding is needed to make everything work in both modes.
  16. Yes, then turns right back around in another 5 mins and undoes everything it just spent time building. The meat and potatoes don't really start happening until about half-way through; most of which is dystopian.
  17. What is going on with the GBP hands? Those are not any of the previous issued hands in either S or J releases. I like them and I don't, afraid they won't stand up to the test of time; swapped the itsy-bitsy hands for the anime style and never looked back. While the lighting gimmick is nice on this line, I would prefer to see it ditched in an effort to bring the costs down.
  18. Managed to get the last Inferno at Walmart today; almost missed him, hidden down low at ankle height. Other than a mix of Netflix, Kingdom was 2 Warpaths and a BW; SS86 was Blur. Don't have a Grapple yet, but that is now going to change.
  19. Binged watched in this past weekend. My take was the pace was a little too quick; too many deaths are simply brushed aside, episode 1. Had the potential for Godzilla meets Mad-Max, then just dropped the ball; for now. the Drifting part is actually cool, want to see what happens when you attempt to Drift too often, it's here. The manipulation of Drifting was a nice new corridor to explore. For a show that is trying to be serious and adult, it has far too many open plot threads at the moment and ended a season by not answering any of them! I'm intrigued enough to keep watching but already becoming skeptical. Not impressed by the "mysterious mute" third wheel.
  20. The car's rear tires should have met up with the trailer's front tires; that 3/4"-1" would make a world of difference. The only reason I can see for going the route they did was to make the length of Rodimus the same as Prime with Trailer; which defeats the point of most future designs, comparing the cargo room in an Econoline Van and a Transit Van, one will find one vehicle is quite larger than the other but doesn't travel near as nicely or provide quite as much storage. Besides, not aware of any Econoline Vans with an XJ220 engine but I've seen the Transit with it.
  21. Nowhere have I said either lacks in content, nor hinted at being able to do a better job myself. I frequent both and here as well; I like covering the bases. Each has garnered a following and justly so, even if others point in jest. I'll turn to them before I end up on the absolute dry British reviews. Each brings a different nuanced perspective to the whole picture; don't we all?
  22. Would have quoted the talking Bionicle but none of the jokes stand out, other than bad! Edit: However, at least it's a changing useless filler/gimmick.
  23. Agreed! The multiple comparisons to figures past or 3P offerings helps a lot more than just the typical here is said figure with Prime. While all the same basic topics are covered, Mike does it without all the typically useless filler; "Because it's precious, just oh so precious".
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