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  1. Your Google translation is basically correct. We should get details on the 25th. The post below you is right, we usually see the kanji 予約解禁 (yoyaku kaikin - reservations open) for the preorder date. 発売予定 is the release date (March 2022)
  2. If you guys are talking about the movie pamphlet, I’m flipping through mine now and there isn’t a whole lot about the Kairos Plus or SV-303, just photos and a short description. If you’re looking for anything more detailed, the pamphlet might not be your best bet. I could take photos and upload the relevant sections if your interested? I’m not sure what this forum’s policy is on that. Let me know!
  3. Just got out of the evening show. First impression-wise, I didn’t go in expecting too much after the first Delta movie… but I liked it!😄 Lots of stuff packed in, lots of action, a few surprises and payoffs. It came together reasonably well. Applause and tears in the theater after the credits, so it seems to have gone over well with the Japanese fans.
  4. Seems that way. I asked their customer service on the English site and they said that some products are now restricted. You can see it written just below the max per household section. So 4pm here, 5pm for you guys i guess.
  5. Regional restrictions I'd bet. Amiami was up 4:00 and down instantly by 4:01 here in Japan. Now listed as sold out. The English site has clear "will not ship to Japan" language on the product page.
  6. Yeah, I didn't expect it to be as popular as the super/strike sets. While it didn't sell out immediately, this was the first time I got kicked out repeatedly trying to complete the P-bandai checkout process during the initial rush at around 16:00. Finally was able to secure one 15 minutes later when the site calmed down a bit. It stayed up for a good while after that though.
  7. My VF-0D just arrived! Anasazi and F360: I can confirm that shipping was free domestically in Japan.
  8. Mine looks the same. My credit card shows a charge just for the VF-0D so far. Nothing for shipping. I looked back in my order history with them from back in 2017 (the premium finish SDF-1 Macross), but it also only shows the payment for the item. I can't remember if there was free shipping or not. Maybe someone with a more recent order might have some insight. I'm in Japan, so I'm not sure exactly if it'll be the same (but Tenso is a Japanese address right?)
  9. Yeah, things went fast. I was able to get a VF-0D Premium Finish, which was my priority. Was hoping to go back to get a standard VF-0S too if there were any left after I secured the 0D, but they were already gone. Probably should have secured the VF-0S first since the 0D was available for a while afterwards...
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