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  1. /\/\/\/\/\ Great timing! Are you going to wait 'till Christmas to open it? 😄
  2. I just tried watching the first episode Friday and couldn't even get half way through it. Not because I thought it was horrifically bad, but I had the impression the Netflix series was going to have original stories or at least a different take on the stories. I've already watched the original anime straight through at least 3 times - I don't need to watch it again as live action. From what little I saw some of the scenes were a straight translation to live action. I think they may have stuck too close to the source material IMO.
  3. Whoa! I didn't notice the difference in piece count. Still too steep for my cheap blood.
  4. Another bike is coming out for us motorcycle lovers again: BMW M 1000RR https://www.lego.com/en-ca/product/bmw-m-1000-rr-42130 As much as I want this one, 3x the cost of the previous Ducati seems a little excessive.....
  5. That's like buying a motorcycle and having someone else ride it 😜
  6. This is "interesting" news. "Some Hasbro Exclusives Are Now Only Purchasable Through Crypto Currency" https://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/some-hasbro-exclusives-are-now-only-purchasable-through-crypto-currency/46425/ As if it wasn't bad enough getting your hands on some exclusives.
  7. I'm %100 with you on this. I've only watched it subbed (several times) and seeing it in english seems very unnatural to me.
  8. Maybe, but imagine all the fun you'd have before you crashed it!
  9. Thx for reminding of that one, however I should have elaborated. What I really meant was a GP-02 with a high degree of detail and features. That Damashii unit is quite lacking in the detail department. It's more of a personal peeve I suppose, as the 02 is one of my favourite suits and it doesn't get the love I'd like to see it get.
  10. Looks like the Porche is Mirage???? https://news.tfw2005.com/2021/10/06/transformers-rise-of-the-beast-autobot-terrorcon-group-shots-with-director-steven-caple-jr-442461
  11. Early review: It's actually got some really cool hidden features too.
  12. /\/\/\/\/\/\ I know I shouldn't be surprised, but 200 BUCKS!!!! My son would love it though.
  13. Personally I'd love if Lego just dropped all the licenses all together; maybe it would bring down their prices a bit (wishful thinking, I know.) However that seems to be their bread and butter so no chance in hell that's going to happen. I would really like to see a modern take on any of the classic space sets myself.
  14. I think he's missing one "essential " assessory.
  15. That's one of the worst box art I've ever seen Check out that neck 🥺.
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