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    Hi-Metal R

    I know about the scalper issue and kept that in mind in my original post which is why I stated that members had the "potential" to snag one. You do have a point though, in that it's better that it sold out quick to possibly ensure added stock later and to give Bandai incentive to continue with enemy mech. Sorry to stir the pot, it's been a long time since I've been in "collector mode" so I no longer have the same mindset I suppose. FTR: I don't even want a Regult. They do look nice, however just a little pricey imo.
  2. mark-1s

    Hi-Metal R

    And you guys wonder why there's pe-order madness? Maybe I'm off base for saying this, but maybe have a little consideration for your fellow MW members that want one. That's 32 Regults between just 9 members. If you had just bought only one each, that would have left 23 for other members to potentially snap up. This is how you do it if you want multiples:
  3. Other than the boxy hip area, Shockwave looks pretty nice so far. Not feeling Hotrod though...
  4. mark-1s

    Hi-Metal R

    They now have it as "Discontinued" At Ieast I have one pre-orded. Just waiting for HLJ to request payment now....
  5. I don't know why, but I totally see this and the Hello Kitty SOC skyrocketing in value.....
  6. mark-1s

    3P SD VF-1S

    /\/\/\/\ That's hilarious. The head doesn't have to be removed for transformation. I'm not sure if i like it but it sure is clever.
  7. mark-1s

    3P SD VF-1S

    They are definitely looking a lot better than when I first saw them too. The 1-S head isn't too bad but the 1-J needs a bit of work. At least the visor is painted though! Very interested in these.
  8. I hope they do something about those unsightly tabs on the forearms before its official release.
  9. Whoa! I'm dying to see the finished result of the "tank" - can't remember his name. I used to have him as a kid and he had the most simple transformation of any Gobot / Tranformer I had ever seen. You just folded him in half and you had a tank. The original One-Step changer. I remember going with my father to this store called Comsumers Distributing. If you're not familiar with this store, it was rather unorthodox as it worked like an order desk - you look through their catologe, fill out a form for the item(s) you want and bring it to the desk. Then the staff goes to the back warehouse and brings you the item. I wanted Leader One, but they didn't have him in stock so they gave me a substitute, the tank guy. I had never felt such disapointment in my life.
  10. Anybody else notice the knees look like CF VF-1A heads? Otherwise looks good, just not at that price.
  11. I actually had to come out of the shadows to say "That is DAMN ugly!"
  12. This project is so awesome I had to stop lurking and actually log in and post about it. What's it been, over 3 years since I've posted anything? That should tell you how insane your skills are. Great job, and good luck with the rest of it! And like somebody else said; didn't someone make, or attempt to scatch build a lage scale Legioss years ago?
  13. I don't think these have been posted yet. Not too promising imo. Check the pix: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/30467?semperex-search -1s.
  14. mark-1s

    1/48 VF-1S Hikaru

    I guess I'm in the minority here, but the black heatsheild looks way better to me. Here's mine. Sorry for the overexposure
  15. I'd like to post pix as well, but I don't know how to re-size Any suggestions? Sorry, but I'm kind of a newb at this. Thx. -1s.
  16. Looks a little too relaxed for me. I'll keep my RR thanks -1s.
  17. Yeah, I was able to put the head back on, but it takes a significant amount more preasure to put it on than it does to "pop" it off. It scares me when I do it because I keep thinking the ball joint is going to break off And I have that same problem with the A-stance as well; I'll have to find another pose for him -1s.
  18. Trust me, I did not hold it by its head! All i did was turn it slightly from side to side with little force, and POP! -off it went Fantastic peice otherwise. -1s.
  19. I just got my MP Prime yesterday and all I can say is HOLY S**T! This thing is sweeeet! Worth every penny. The only problem I have is the head keeps popping off (keep your minds' out of the gutter ). Anyone else have this problem? -1s.
  20. WOW!! That really does look alot better. I WAS going to pass on this one, but now I'm having second thoughts. Decisions, decisions! -1s.
  21. mark-1s

    Age Check! :)

    I'm 30, but actually feel 25. Probably because of my huge toy collection. Too bad my girlfriend doesn't "get it" -1s.
  22. That's great for Sega's Japanese market, but the North American arcade business is practically dead. It would be a pretty bad move for them to slow console game developement down for the sake fo appeasing their investors. Sega has made some really good games the last couple of years, most noteably their NFLxK series, and that Macross game Graham mentioned looks pretty good as well. -1s.
  23. If the heat shield was black I'd probably pick one up. That red really thows it off for me. Even if that is the proper colour, to me it just doesn't look right. -1s.
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