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  1. So... it is the robots from Real Steel controlled by the same system from Robot Jox? I'm losing faith quickly... GdT, don't steer me wrong!!!
  2. Ummm... no they didn't. Being sucked into the black hole was an unintended consequence that threw both the Narada and the Jellyfish into the past. They had no control over when they went to and, most likely, nor would they be able to replicate the results enough to control their temporal destination.* I mean, did you even really see the film? Because there was never an implication that they could go scooting around time willy-nilly. *of course, this is completely ignoring the fact that controlled time travel has been done quite often in the 'Original Timeline' previous to the events of Star Trek (2009).
  3. OK, so there is speculation that it isn't the Big E coming out of the water. I watched it frame by frame, and it is hard to tell from the perspective whether or not it really is. There seems to be some play of shadows between the two nacelles that wouldn't be there if it is the Enterprise. Also, I guess that is not the Enterprise crashing into the water, as the pylons seem to be too long, and have an length-wise indentation on the inside of the pylon that isn't present on the Enterprise. So, could it be that the teaser simply doesn't show the E at all?
  4. Could be, but with the background Nel2012 has chosen, the light source is coming from about 2 o'clock off of Alto's right shoulder. So that makes the shadows off (they're coming from about 10 o'clock) and not strong enough. Still,as with all of Nel2012's work so far, it is an uncanny rendition of Alto. Looks like an animation cel or advert!
  5. I think these designs are awesome and, DarrinG, I'm going to gently massage your funny bone. ... ... Let me have it!!! In all seriousness, these designs are... meh. I can see where the criticism lies. A lot of the boxy nature of them (especially the arms and legs of the Russian one) remind me of the homegrown battlemechs from Battletech... and not in a good way. We have yet to see them in action, and that may redeem the designs. But for right now, I am still hoping for the best because GdT is one of my favorite directors.
  6. I'm not entirely sure. I think there is a conjugated form that is spelled that way, but with a circumflex over the second 'o'. I intentionally misspelled it b/c some of the stickers on the MG misspell it the same way. It's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek homage to some of the bad misspellings of English that the Japanese do.
  7. Shoot them at me. I admit I am really a bit swamped at the moment, but if you aren't in a hurry, I think we can make some beautiful music together.
  8. Hey guys! I just completed a new marker drawing. Another from Gundam. Here is the thumbnail. Clicking on it opens a link directly to the page on my website because, honestly, I could use the traffic. Feel free to comment here in the O/T thread, or directly on the website. Remember, liking Asplenia Studios on FB or G+ can win you a free t-shirt. Just sayin'...
  9. So that's, what, four Raptors lost with no operational kills? Seems like it is worth the cost.
  10. Anyone else hear about this? Some Spanish author literally lifts the whole concept of Replicants with only minor changes for her new book. They live for ten years instead of four, and they have cat irises. Other than that, they are still called Replicants, they are faster and stronger than humans and, yes, the military ones are tattooed. Apparently, Blade Runner is actually a film in this books universe but, aside from 'borrowing' the whole concept of Replicants, Replicants rebelling against their human masters, and lifting a direct line from the film for the title of the book... this is in no way connected to the worlds that either Dick or Scott created. WTF? http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/11/sci-fi-thriller-tears-in-rain-takes-replicants-to-a-new-level/
  11. Which is why it would've worked better as a high budget miniseries on HBO or something. Like so many have already stated, the only think reason it has the title World War Z is for existing name recognition. With the obvious changes made already, why not just make it its own film and save themselves the royalties paid to Max Brooks? True. To this day I can still enjoy the Starship Troopers movie for what it is, while still understanding that it sucks balls compared to the source material. I doubt I will see it in the theater, and I'll give it an honest chance when I watch it, but the connection to the book is hard to overlook, since the book was so entertaining and well done.
  12. Precisely. But even what is in development would probably be a bit more streamlined in its final form. This just looks loose and clunky.
  13. I don't think we have enough information to determine if this acquisition is going to be good or bad, at least not until the first project comes out. Like a bunch of people have said, it could be hit or miss, and the Marvel films have been relatively entertaining so far. I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing more of the Star Wars Universe and, well, if it done right, more power to them, eh? The main problem with the prequels is that they were too heavy-handed, which was wildly different than the original trilogy which, let's be honest here, was pretty damn basic in its story line. Also, I think the prequels tried too damn hard to tie in just about every character from the OT. Well, we'll see in two years whether or not this was a good or a bad idea. I really just want more cool SW video games, which themselves have really been as hit-or-miss as the films.
  14. OK tech support junkies! I got a problem- a friend who has started translating my GAMERGEEKDADDY webcomic into German has sent my some translations as .rtf files. However, any program I use to open them on my Mac (OSX 10.7.5), is displaying some of the characters wrong. Any idea on how to fix? Should I ask him to send them in a different format (and would that even fix the problem)? Thx
  15. But isn't a sign that its obvious flaws were so glaring that people began noticing and complaining about flaws found in almost all sci-fi films? It was SO BAD that we started bitching about things that we normally just suspend our disbelief for.
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