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  1. Hmmm... yeah. I see where you're coming from regarding the screen sizes. Didn't think of that. I e-mailed off what I have, just in case it does you any good. The game files would be awesome, cheers!
  2. Yeah, that was me working on trying to get this translated and, yeah, I lost all but the 1st disk in a HDD crash. If anyone wants to share their copies, please PM me. I would be forever grateful. I was also toying with the idea of using Construct 2 to remake this game. Although I was just planning on using the original graphics as I am looking more for the gameplay and not an HD upgrade. Partially b/c I want to preserve the retro look of the game (not to knock your updated graphics, Skull Leader, but I think they lose some of the charm...). p.s.- I'm more than happy to share what translations we got done with this, although you may already be well-past that point.
  3. Sarah Conner, now trained from childhood by the ultimate killing machine to be a bad-ass, still flinches when shooting a gun? Few things in action movies frustrate me more that actors/actresses who are supposed to be firearms experts and/or soldiers, yet flinch every time they pull the trigger. The moment they are cast, is it so hard for them to take a couple hours or so out of their "busy" schedule a few times a week until filming is done to hit the firing range and train with a firearms expert, so that they don't look like a total noob when firing away? (Angelina Jolie has been in crappy actions films almost her entire career and continues to do flinch to this day. You'd think she'd be used to it.)
  4. Hello all! Long time, no post! Anyhow, a quick one here... this is now (new revived after a summer break) twice-a-week comic, GAMERGEEKDADDY. I thought this one would be of interest as our secondary character (the first to talk) bears a striking similarity to someone we all know and (I hope) love. Link leads to the page itself, because I could use the hits. http://www.asplenia-studios.com/blog/2014/09/01/gamergeekdaddy-62/
  5. Hey everyone! I've been really busy of late, but was able to take a day off and go to the Abingdon Air & Country show here in the UK two weeks ago. The link below leads to the "best" photos I took of the event (using a new telezoom lens, so... I was still getting a feel for it). Please forgive the overly simplistic descriptions, as they were written for an audience that is not nearly as knowledgeable as you guys! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152044196036606.1073741832.713586605&type=1&l=7ede52af21
  6. You see, that's the thing, though: I don't care if a place is ugly as long as it gets the job done. But I see the F-35 being a Jack of All Trades, Master of None.
  7. BTW- Did anyone else notice that Titanfall's developers were so lazy that they skinned half of the combat suit, and then mirrored it for the other half? The picture I'm posting doesn't have the left hand, but it was onscreen and I can confirm that the right glove has a mirror image of the left glove with the letters NGER and then some strange symbol/character. *bonus points to the team for skinning the LEFT half of the body and then mirroring it to the right side.
  8. Challenge, my a$$. Your shading is top-notch and a shining example that I aspire to.
  9. Gakken's first point (which Danth just quoted above) is a big sticking point for me. Also, there are enough changes that affect the very nature of the book: cleverness often outweighs brute force. All of the points in the book where Bilbo uses this have been altered to the point where it doesn't mean anything. His well-crafted plan to free the dwarves from the wood elves after weeks of thought (and the fact the he compounds the effect of the plan by returning the keys to the jailer, providing a puzzler for the elves) is lost because Jackson wanted another useless chase scene featuring Legolas 'snowboarding' down hills on objects and dead orcs. And then Bilbo's cleverness in keeping Smaug interested long enough to not kill him by using riddles and hidden clues is gone (or altered beyond recognition) because we had to have a stupid Geonosis Droid Factory Part II action sequence with dwarves flying around in mining equipment. The more I think on it, the more I begin to hate the movie. I'm already waiting for the fan-edit when the third one is out where all of the useless crap Jackson put in is taken back out, leaving a nice, solid 2.5-3 hour movie which is actually, you know, about a hobbit.
  10. Yeah. I mean, him and his team did an excellent job condensing LotR into three films, and only two changes they made ever bothered me (Arwen's increased role [which I can get past], and Faramir's change [which was awful]). Now imagine a film full of Faramir changes and made-up Arwen-type stuff, and you'll get the idea.
  11. Just saw Desolation. Man, did that suck. I'm not going to spoiler tag this stuff below because if you've gotten this far in the thread, you've heard enough. Jackson was applauded for fitting LotR into three (very long) films. But I still don't get why the heck he felt the need to turn The Hobbit into a three (over-long) films. Even adding in the stuff from the appendices would only justify two. Instead we get a retread of a dwarf infatuated with an elf, characters who are different than they are in the book, and needless action scenes (I almost walked out when Thorin was running under Smaug with the wheelbarrow). Plus, there are tons of wild inconsistencies regarding the crap that Jackson added in, especially regarding the stuff in Laketown. Hey, these Laketown people are happy to see the dwarves, and provided us with weapons and supplies to assist us in our quest! Uh-oh, Kili is sick. Knock knock. 'Bard! You're the only one who can help!!! Not any of the other people who are actually happy to see us!' Bard spends hours in his house with sick Kili and the other two dwarves. HE IS AT HOME. Yet the moment he leaves, the guards are like 'Hey Bard, we've been looking for you!' Needless chase scene. 30 orcs attack Bard's house in Laketown. No one notices a bunch of clumsy orcs running along their rooftops. Tauriel and Legolas have a fight with them and Legolas continues the fight for a decent amount of time through Laketown, yet no one raises a cry and no guards show up. Ugh...
  12. Looking good! Do you still want me to post the logos without the background (or, better yet, e-mail the actual file to you)?
  13. So, using the two fonts I posted before, this is what I've come up with. I know that I cut the color of the space fighter, but I think a grey scale is more in line with the font itself, leaving the color for the spiral you created but, of course, that can be changed back. In hindsight I would've made the wings and stabs of the fighter overlap the text, while the spiral stayed behind. I also nicked the part of the spiral that was coming out of the trail that lead to the fighter... thought ti didn't work.
  14. KH355hamdi - nice stuff! Sometimes unfinished works tend to be more effective in their presentation! I like how well you've captured the details of the face without overdoing it. Knight26 - getting there! Sketchley's right (again)- you should be able to keep everything as independent or linked layers in Photoshop and be able to do all of the moving around and resizing much easier in there. I have two criticisms with the newer images: the first is that I think you went all the way through to the other side when altering the bright center of the galaxy in the background. Now it is such a solid brownish-orange that it just looks like a puddle of... well... something. I like the bold solid fonts over the first one (I know you put a lot of effort into making it, so I feel bad knocking on it, but it just rubs me wrong). However, I'm kind of against the outer glow you are using, how dark the background spiral in the logo is, and the color choice. If there is one thing you want to pop on the cover of your book, it is the title, and I think you have a good chance to make a recurring series logo here (spiral shape, space fighter, and SPIRAL WAR being the constant, with the book name underneath). If you'd care to, shoot me a copy of the whole logo (or at least the spiral and space fighter), and I'll show you what I mean.
  15. Oh... I don't know. Digging through my cache of DL'ed fonts, Insolent and Molot come to mind. Insolent (the top one) is thick and strong. Basic, but it gets the point across, especially since I am a firm believer that if your going to put the spiral and spaceship in the logo, the text should not detract from it (unlike the Dirty Pair, I don't prefer to go 'Over the Top!'). Molot (at the bottom) is a bit more 70s-ish, so a tad more flair, but still less distracting.
  16. What Sketchley said. Also, and I am in no way knocking Exo's drawing because I'm always lamenting how good his work is, but the pose of the characters seems a bit pedestrian. The image with the space fighters in a near-vertical position to the viewer and the angle of the galaxy make the start for a dramatic composition. And then you have these three characters just standing there, looking bored. I have two main problems with the logo: 1) The logo blends too much with the background. I can see what you want, but I would prefer that it be a solid color without the 'reflected light'. Also, I only just noticed the spiral and space fighter are part of the logo. VERY hard to see, and would be 100x cooler if it was clear that they are there. 2) I hate the font. I simply detest it. It looks very amateurish and, to be honest, reminds me of the font some garage hair metal band would've used in the 80's. SPIRAL WAR sounds so grand that I would rather imagine a strong, thick font that embodies the words 'ominous' and 'vast'.
  17. In between my full-time job (damn you, work!), trying to keep up my newly-self-imposed semi-weekly schedule of GAMERGEEKDADDY comic strips, and some freelance projects I have been working on, I have started to put together the following WIP. It is roughly A3-size, and will be entirely in pen and marker. It may be awhile until it reaches fruition, but I hope it doesn't take too long...
  18. A lot of what Phyrox said I agree with, especially aliased lines. The concept is sound, but the execution needs more work. I find the galaxy of stars in the background EXTREMELY distracting, Maybe tone it down a bit? The font for the logo and author's name are very difficult. The text for the back cover is hard to read. Maybe think about darkening the image behind, or making the text black and lightening the image. Can't wait to see where it goes!!!
  19. Is it me or are the first few pledge levels basically giving you the same thing?
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