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  1. Ahhhh... That makes sense. Oh well. We'll just have to wait and see if any of the banned come knocking. But then again, due to the anonymity of the web, they could completely slip by and none of us would ever be the wiser.
  2. I'll file that under "Things that make you go hmmm." Although I had no problem at all with Reloaded, overall it didn't have the feel of the first. Revolutions will either complete the storyline, making all three a complete trilogy that works, or it will portray all three in a different light. We'll see.
  3. OK... I may be wrong here, but didn't the Mods simply block the offending party's IP or something like that? If so, and Invision has the same capability, I wouldn't be surprised if it's already been done. But, then again, what's so wrong with Yo-Yo's?
  4. This thread is to revive the Newbie Questions thread. basically, it's the one and only place for inquiries about Macross information. From "What happened to the Macross after the TV series?" to "How many kids did Max and Millia have, and how did she stay so slim and trim?" I'll start things off with answering and oft-asked question: KAWAMORI HAS STATED THAT THERE WILL BE NO MORE HIKARU/MISA/MINMAY STORIES!!! For all intents and purposes, the Megaroad went bye-bye. Transmission was lost. Kaput. Ahem... Now, feel free to knock yerselves out.
  5. That would be the ultimate dishonor... Wrylac or BOK usurping Abombz moniker!
  6. I'd have to disagree BSU. The thread was already pretty quiet even before the troll twins were banned. Whether you liked or disliked that thread, you'll have to admit that it was a good containment unit and did it's job admirably of keeping the ownership and licensing debates out of everywhere else. By keeping it in one place, those who didn't want to bother with the issue simply didn't have to go there. But I can guarantee you that if a new licensing thread isn't put in place, "when and if" anything new happens, threads will start popping up all over the place. Cluttering the boards and making more work for the Mods. p.s.- But I am also with Abombz on this one: The Longest Thread should be brought back. Although there were several people who misused that thread, overall it was a lot of fun and gave MWers a place to just talk about goofy crap.
  7. Will this thread be revived in a controlled format as before? I'm just curious because if it isn't posted and pinned by someone in authority, threads regarding this subject will start to populate the boards as before. It might be a good idea to nip any possibility in the bud and start a new thread now, even though there is no late-breaking news as of yet, in order to curtail any rampant posting if and when something new does come up. Just an idea.
  8. I saw this button at the bottom of every post/reply that says: REPORT THIS POST and I was just curious whether or not this is a feature put in place to keep people from cluttering the feedback section with tattle-tales on other people's posting? And to satisfy the curiosity of us all, what actually happens when that button is pushed?
  9. When's the Petite-Cola machine going to be released?!?
  10. So you say! I think the new boards are much faster than the old. I'm very happy with the update and I guess I can forgive you guys for taking so long about it...
  11. I have become the bearer of bad news... <_< The concepts are sound, but there are several glaring problems which detract from the final product. First off... Sara. I like the idea a lot. But the absolute foremost action you should take is to clean up the lines around Sara and the M-Zero logo so you don't get that choppy cut and paste effect. This is best done using layers and blending the images together. Secondly, the font you've used is OK, but you need to snazzy it up a bit instead of doing one simple block color. The second wallpaper is better, but Max, Hikaru and the Valk all still suffer from the white clutter as well.
  12. I still think an avatar-only dedicated thread should be set up for the uploading of avatars. Although it should be constantly monitored to ensure it is not being mis-used.
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