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  1. The website is now dead I have no more time for it If someone wants pics, or anything else, ask ! the surprise I had for the site was a "small" interview from Ijima Marii If someone wants the text I'll give it Thanks to for answering my questions
  2. and a surprise coming for the site an interview from a member of the original cast !
  3. at last a new and final design (I hope) for the version 3.0 of my website, with new material for all the sections. Here is my new logo :
  4. a new banner is available for the people who wants to add my website to their link page : Please do not make direct link from the pic, it is not yet on my website... it will be soon be online at my home And, tell me if you add my site, so I can add yours
  5. or this one (different version the one before)
  6. I present my website's future design. Please tell me which one you prefer :
  7. Hello again ! I need some help for my forum's ranks... I'll need 20-25 ranks but I don't know which one choose... There is some usual ranks as "UN SPACY COMMANDER", "VF TEST PILOT", etc... Please help me for this
  8. NEW FORUM ONLINE ! I've added a new forum on my website, it is available in french & english. Please tell me what you think about it ! And french people around here, what about creating (maybe for the first time) a great french macross community ? OOPS ! forgot to give the url : MACROSS FANS FORUMS !
  9. just a litlle comment, the 1rst thing I read was robotech not 2500th with this font and the valk on it... my 2cents
  10. For noob artists as I am, post here your blank drawings and be blessed for your job
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