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  1. IMHO I think Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner's involvement WITH the production process totally hindered The Next Generation movies. In the TNG television series it was ALL the crew. By the time TNG's movies rolled around it turned into the freaking Picard and Data show. Leaving the table scraps for Riker, Worf, and Troi. While Crusher and LaForge gets nothing but bones..... It was Patrick Stewart's (he was credited with Associate Producer status) involvement with Insurrection that made it go soooooooooo wrong (which was one of the main reasons for the failure of Nemesis). It was Brent Spiner's involvment with Nemesis that made it go sooooooooo wrong. Hence we have the horrid B4/duplicate android storyline. It was indeed a nod to The Wrath of Khan, the movie was full of the heart but something went wrong. If Data dies then you shouldn't have a clone replacing him at the end of the movie. You say Po-tay-toe, I say Po-tah-toe. I seem to be of the opposite opinion, but hey... I still love ya, man. I think you're candy-coating it a bit, though. Berman was still executive producer for both of those movies. That means he's top-dog and first go-to for complaints. The screenwriters were just trying to give what they thought the people wanted most. I'm curious how Stewart's role as Exec. Producer made the movie sooooo bad? It's just such a broad statement with no specifics. Also, since no one has been credited solely with the B-4 storyline, you can't simply blame Spiner, since the movie was actually written by Logan, Spiner and Berman (who, I think, was uncredited. but they mentioned it in nearly every interview at the time). In the end, though, I can live with or without it. I like Star Trek, and wouldn't mind if it keeps going. But I'm not going to cry if it goes away.
  2. #1 and 7 are basically the same, just one is on Earth and one is in space. #4 shows a great animation of the transformation from fighter to gerwalk to battroid Roy Focker shows up at the tail end of #5. I'm pretty sure (and hoping) that the bad quality is due to the video and not the actual game footage. Looks dandy to me, either way.
  3. I felt the biggest shame was when Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner made a concerted move to grab control of the franchise from Berman and Bragga, but failed. I'm curious to see what two incredibly smart and talented actors could've done for Star Trek. Don't get me wrong, I've liked ST in every incarnation it's been in (including Enterprise). But I've always felt that ST is a character-driven show and is only as good as the actors who interpret the sometimes lazy and bad writing.
  4. The site won't load the images. All I get are those damned X's...
  5. Holla!!! Front Mission 1 & 3 were kickass. I didn't like the side-scroller one (was that #2?).
  6. Oh... he found a loophole in dogmatic law and got back into heaven.
  7. Well, to prove the point that there's never too many different ways to hear a story... My impression was that HG told Toycom to stop infringing on their license. Toycom goes to BigWest and asks "Hey, wassup wid dis?" and BigWest replies "News to us!*" and then they started probing around through the secret channels that are normally found throughout the Japanese Anime industry and find out that, yes, suddenly (for it is sudden no matter how you put a spin on it) HG IS claiming all Macross as theirs. Hence, the legal wrangling with Tatsunoko begins to determine whom had what rights to sell overseas. Menawhile, George Sohn, in his fervent desire to copy an outdated, extremely bad (see: chunky monkey) VF design leaves Toycom and starts Toynami. The company who walks hand in hand with HG. BigWest hasn't ever had a change of heart. I think you're sorely mistaken there. BigWest has consistently licensed out other Macross projects excluding the International rights to the TV Series (held by Tatsunoko and, apparently, sold to or shared with HG) with ne'er a peep from Tatsunoko or HG. And, I apologize, but HG's "excuses" for not stopping them in the past is utter horsesh!t. You know the question is: Why the change of heart by HG? They never tried to stop the licensing of other Macross projects before. Hmmm... not until Macross started regaining it's popularity here due to it's upcoming 20th anniversary. And the fact that HG suddenly "decides" that all of Macross is their's... with RT's 15th anniversary cropping up? I'm guessing that HG simply knew that with Macross' 20th anniversay, some other companies would start trying to bring over more Macross stuff to coincide with the event. Stuff that would steal the RT thunder (see: whimper). They started early by making trouble and trying to scare off companies. It worked with Toycom, because Mr. Sohn is yellow. However, HG thought they could try it again with the online retailers. Oops, no go. HG, in their refusal to prove their ownership, proved to anyone with a brain that something was rotten in Denmark. HG refused a direct challenge to their claims and, hence, basically gave permission for the retailers to sell away. Meanwhile, in the Batcave ®, BigWest and Tatsunoko are duking it out in court over who owns what (excluding the bathroom, that's communal). BTW- I've never met the Mr. Sohn, but considering the crappy knock-offs Toynami has offered, I'm believe he's more of a shrewd business man than a toy visionary. And I'm sure we can all think of many cases where business profitability far outweighs previous negative experience. *in Japanese, of course. edit-spelling
  8. Is this a poster or something? If someone can provide me a very hi-res (600+ DPI) scan of that, I'd be mighty grateful.
  9. That's funny. What did you use to color it, if I may ask?
  10. That's what I'm curious about as well. What I'm extremely worried about is, if HG has gotten their grubby little hands on M7 Trash, they might want Imaji Nariguy or Studio Yune to do the covers... ...now THAT would be a travesty.
  11. That reminds me of the cockpits my dad used to do. He'd even paint the read-outs on HUD, in 1/48th scale!!! It's nice to see such quality work, and a shame that he is no longer with us to continue that work. I say: Skol!!!
  12. I was out of town for five days. As to the Legioss project, I heard differently, but I could be wrong. I had heard that HG sent a C&D letter, John, trying to keep his project alive, went into talks with Toynami for them to buy it off of him, they wanted to pay less than he was asking for so it went nowhere. As to MacII and the RPGs? DNA and Cappie of the SDF-1 pretty much summed that up with what is possibibly the most definitive answers you can find.
  13. Let's just say that it's better than Robotech: Crystal Dreams...
  14. waylandcool is now drama free... let's keep it that way. No offense, waylandcool- But you sure do have a strange sig for someone who preaches mutual kindness. I don't think there was anything wrong with Agent ONE's post. I love Quadrono to death, don't get me wrong. But Quadrono's post... ...literally brought nothing of value to this particular topic (although the value of ANYTHING in this topic is definitely in the eye of the beholder). If you feel the need to berate Agent ONE regarding his statement, one would think that you would also fell the need to chastise Quadrono for spamming the thread with useless talk. And, on a final note, it won't do you any good to antagonize Agent ONE because A- He's smarmy, and B- He probably doesn't care what you say to him. I think he has no heart, because nothing fazes him. p.s.- what you just read is a diplomatic way of addressing problems here. it's much better telling someone what they're doing is wrong, and then challenging them in case they "want to pick a fight with you."
  15. Other than the *cutesy nose* and mouth on Prime's face, there's other reasons why that picture disturbs me. *edited for spelling
  16. What I got the biggest kick out of was that their Cybertronian vehicle modes were different, but in robot mode they still looked the same (ie-Bumblebee still looked like a beetle in robot form, etc.)
  17. Oops, hit ADD REPLY too soon. Anyhow- I love Transformers. They were a definite part of my youth (enough so that I got a Decepticons tattoo). But as I grew older It began to really bug me how different the toys looked from their drawn counterparts. I mean, Kawamori could design the VF, which does actually translate well between a 2D drawing and a toy, so why can't Transformers do it? RRGGHHHH ...OK, I'm much better now. It was just gas.
  18. These two screenshots alone lead me to believe it will follow the SDF-Macross storyline with, as Abombz stated above, DYRL designs. The first is, obviously, Booby Trap. And the second is when the silly humans (who are meddling with things beyond their comprehension) decide to fold a tad to close to the surface, dragging half of South Ataria island with them to Pluto.
  19. Wait a second... let me see if I understand you correctly: You're saying that every comic made before the Wildstorm comics were never "official". If that's what your saying, your wrong. HG was involved in the whole kit-and-kaboodle. And it was official, at the time. But then HG realised that everything they had done with RT after the initial series (including the movie, the Jack McKinney novels, the Sentinels, Malcontent Uprisings comics) kind of blew chunks. So they decided to revoke their canon status and start over.
  20. Hop to it, chief!!! I still haven't gotten mine yet, but that's probably because it's being forwarded from my previous address.
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