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  1. I put the word out oto my FB friends, and also switched over to my Asplenia Studios page and 'liked' it, too, so that it can reach a broader audience than just my friends (although I'll wait a day or two before mentioning it). Just glad to help out!
  2. Hey everyone, we can add .fbx files to the list of things I can view. I DL's an extension for QuickTime that lets me view them. Otherwise, like I said, I'll take anything you throw my way and will see if I can make it work on my end. No need to try to convert files if you don't have the time to do so. Just PM me and I will send you my e-mail addy. Thanks a bunch! twdc
  3. Anyone in southeast UK going to the Abingdon Air Show on May 5th?
  4. Maybe I can? I've basically been collecting free programs on the mac to help me view this stuff- Sketchup, Sculptris, Blender, 3d Tollbox, Xee... I just downloaded a plugin that is supposed to let me view fbx files through quicktime. If anyone has any other suggestions on others, I'm all ears!
  5. Hey, wait a sec! I'm the one looking for models, not Lestat! (or, maybe he is too)
  6. Sounds plausible. I just wanted to put a little bit more of the SDF-1 in the image. However, without you, this never would've happened. You're the meaning in my life. You're the inspiration.
  7. I liked it on FB although, as an American, I take offense at the Pig. Just kidding!
  8. I have a couple of programs that can view .3ds and .obj files, so those are cool. If you can't just send me what you can and I will try to find some way of viewing them... I mean, I'll take hi-poly (am I saying that right) if someone offers. I just wanted to be absolutely clear that I am not going to go running around claiming some 3d model as my own, when someone else put so much work and time into it! What I really don't need are any nice skins or anything. just the basic form and such.
  9. I know we're not supposed to promote our other threads here, but I thought everyone who has hit this topic might be interested, and I'm pretty darn proud of it: 100% Pure Macross (links to a thread in Fan Works)
  10. Special thanks to Duke Togo for the original 100% Macross logo, the inspiration! You can read all about it at my website!
  11. Heck, one of the characters in my webcomic strip (currently on hiatus due to our recent international move) has it tattooed on his forearm...
  12. (Mods- If I put this in the wrong place, please shift it to where it belongs [i thought long and hard and wasn't sure where else to put it].) The question should be fairly easy: does anyone remember who created the 100% Pure Macross logo? A google search shows that Omni Existence uses/used it at another forum, but I can't find if he/she is the one who actually designed it. I ask because I am working on a little project (coming soon to a MacrossWorld Fan Art forum near you!) inspired by the logo, and want to be sure it is properly credited. Thx!
  13. While I wait for any submissions to trickle in, I had a flash of inspiration for a piece based on the 100% Pure Macross logo. We'll see how this pans out...
  14. The mods are under no obligation to inform you if they move something. Plus, this is not a Macross game, it is an RT game. It has been pretty clear for years that if it isn't Macross, it goes in Anime and Science Fiction. Sheesh...
  15. Gerli sent me an ARMD in .max and Blender won't read it. Guess I need to clarify that I am using the Mac versions of all of these programs...
  16. I think that the figures for the VFs, especially in Guardian and Battloid mode, don't look too good. I know that someone designed a Gnerl (don't know the RT name) and is selling it on Shapeways... wouldn't be surprised if HG bought one and then stole design just like they did with for the Super-Poseables. This brings up an interesting thought project, though. If Kickstarter existed back when HG started their whole C&D campaign, I wonder if Macross fandom around the world could've funded enough money to retain a lawyer and expose exactly what they do or do not own?
  17. Apparently I don't have anything that can read .MAX (unless you can convert them to .obj or .3ds or something) So far I have the following programs for opening/viewing these files: Sketchup (haha) Blender Sculptris 3Dtoolbox I'm not sure exactly what file types I can or cannot import using these programs, but I will give anything a shake if you want to throw it my way. Thanks!
  18. Some dubs that are 'adapted' instead of translated literally, when done right, can be really good. I'm thinking Patlabor the Movie, and Wings of Honneamise. Even the old Streamline Akira dub isn't that bad, and I have fond memories of it (enough so that the Pioneer dub seems somehow wrong to me). I think subs are just much more preferable because a bad dub can ruin the experience.
  19. In my search for 3D models to use as references, I have spent time perusing this thread, and not just looking at the pretty pictures. It is actually really cool to watch the history of this thing play out. That head is too damn cool. Too bad my wife won't let me spend $100 on something like that... yet.
  20. I'm still not buying into the mecha designs, but I am hopeful that GdT will tell a fun and engrossing story. My wife may veto this one just because she wants Hellboy 3 so badly, but maybe we can find a babysitter when it comes out.
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