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  1. At the risk of reintroducing myself and becoming invested in Macross again, I'm Ben, aka Lestat, original creator of the DYRL mod for HW1. I was ordering some Macross models from Japan and just happened to jump on here and see my old account still worked and that the team tried to get in touch a while back. Impressive job guys! 1. Fantastic job guys, you got so much further (and more ambitious) than the original team ever did! Looks fantastic! 2. I find your lack of meltrans disturbing 3. Ghost-series needs some more love too... 4. What are the poly counts on these warlocks? Ideal budget? 5. Are the export tools from maya? Otherwise, what format? 6. Does the new HW use normal maps? 7. I'm a busy man making spaceships all day long. No promises.
  2. There is only one thing to do with the incredible detail. STAR CITIZEN SHIP MOD Awesome work.
  3. It has been mentioned by Chris Roberts many, many times that the game is fully moddable, and that after release, modding tools will be available. Plus they have done the next greatest starship, and those ships (some of them) will make it into the game. They have mentioned that there will be the possibility of private servers where any mod can be installed. So it will never be for the full Star Citizen version (they will accept submissions through an approval process, but Macross is IP), but private servers are a go!
  4. Maybe one day. But you would need to find someone that is in YF-19 to that degree of fidelity. Wonder if we can get a hold of some Tenjin models? lol Hi Chthonic, a pleasure, as usual my old friend. I have no serious plans for this, especially not for a few years, but I would like to see it happen. Since this game uses much higher polygon counts, maybe the community itself will be more into helping out.
  5. I don't know how many of you may be following the Star Citizen development, but one of the awesome features of this soon to be outstanding game enterprise is the ability to mod on private servers. The game itself is a spiritual successor to the Wing Commander and Privateer franchises, but it does real physics simulations of space fighters (including complete, modelled, real-time vernier thruster systems!). This would enable a team of modders to recreate variable fighters (which are best detailed) on a per component level, and Macross is one of the few source materials where there is plenty of detail in the designs. I am currently modelling a picket ship of my own design (shameless plug: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/144856/aesir-class-multi-role-deep-space-vessel-chassis-wip), which is a rather ambitious and perhaps foolhardy thing to attempt alone, but the process (and obvious inspiration of Macross) has me nostalgic for the good old HW mod days, and whilst the Macross itself is probably too big to build, and the variable fighters perhaps a little too hard to make variable, I can easily see VF-1's with FAST packs duking it out in multiplayer games. More of the game here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game Has anyone considered this already/dreamed about it?
  6. Still, much appreciated. PM me your addy, I'll sort out some Macross models over the weekend from my archives.
  7. Mate, I have not touched the mod in at least five years, at this stage, I would not have a clue. Sad, since I work with Maya on a daily basis now.
  8. I have models somewhere, but not in HW format.
  9. Weird... can't read FBX? No, Chthonic, I am not looking for the models, I have them I think... well, most of them. Nice to see you too. I could maybe convert some on the weekend or something. Not sure if I have the software for it. What are you using to view the models?
  10. I could have done such a better job... god... they all look so primitive...
  11. Cool! Thanks. Every like makes a difference. There are no Americans in Duffton.
  12. Post deleted. Iframes don't work, of course...
  13. I have buttloads of 3D models of Macross, but they are all low polygon game models. I assume you want more detailed models. I should say, I work in Maya. I could make the models available in FBX, maybe some other formats.
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