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  1. SDF Macross did get a non-robotech dub, with Iijima reprising her role in english. Macross II also got a dub around the same time as Plus. There's also that ancient dub of Do you Remember Love, but I don't think anybody can recommend that. But yeah, those are the only ones that ever got officially released english dubs. There might be unofficial fandubs out there, but I don't think that counts. ETA: Haha, Lorindor beat me to the punch by five minutes!
  2. A couple years back there was a local convention I had been kicking back and forth between going or not, and I decided 'eh, not worth it, they never have anything good there anyway' A day or two later I find out somebody was selling a 1/55 Elint balls cheap. Rediculously good deal, the seller clearly had no idea what it was- probably thought it was some unpopular transformer or something. I'm still kicking myself for not going to this very day.
  3. Considering how quickly every 1/100 scale line has been cancelled, I'd almost say that's the riskier bet at this point. 1/60 forever!
  4. I always kind of worked out in my head that the smaller size might just be a result of peacetime cost cutting. It's a nice simple explanation that works well enough for me to shrug off any technical inconsistencies and just enjoy it as a super-future revisit of the VF-1. But I'm also crazy enough to want to close my eyes and pretend it's all one timeline, so whatever. At this point it's the one Valkyrie that I care enough to drop everything to preorder on the spot, and even my GF is aware and resigned to this fact.
  5. That might not be so far off. The YF-21's start up sequence in plus pretty much shows this exact thing happening with the wings, so it's entirely possible.
  6. They were definitely animated with some heavy fading weathering... which I frankly thought looked awful with the very conspicuous CG and didn't fit the rest of the cel animation at all, so I have no preference. I can see why they'd pick a brighter and bolder color for a plastic version, especially with how poorly the weathering versions of the old yamato toys sold. They're probably overcompensating.
  7. Happy to have a VF-27 in the collection now after getting an awesome deal on it yesturday :B
  8. Even CGI models aren't nearly as consistent as you'd think they'd be. I've dabbled a little bit in 3D animation- you don't just have one model that you use for everything, you've got several models, often with varying proportion for scale and perspective purposes that are used for different shots with different rigging. I'd bet good dollars that if we ever actually got our hands on Satelites' animation models they'd be dramatically less scale/transformation consistent than we tend to assume they are.
  9. I wonder what this poll would look like if it was actually conducted among fans over in japan. Then again, the VF-2SS actually did make it in the top 10 most popular valkyries when they did their facebook poll a year or two back, so maybe it wouldn't actually be that different.
  10. Probably one of my favorite things to do with my valks is take them out of the case to set up on the desk while I do crap. Sure, you can't see the screen, but it's awesome!
  11. I know it's been said over and over again that MII is problematic and that they don't think it's profitable, but at this point every other series has had at least serviceable toys of their hero mechs, so frankly the only thing left I'd want to see is the VF-2SS. I mean yeah, I'd love to see everything get made eventually, but not before the last hold out gets a modern toy interpretation. It's just kind of sad at this point that it still doesn't exist.
  12. Looks like a version of the 1/60 Zentreadi soldiers. TV version, apparently.
  13. To be honest, even for all of it's problems I don't regret it at all. I think there's a weird sort of thing going on where the more I fix the toy the more I love it. Maybe it's stolkholmes, or maybe it's just that I appreciate an underdog, but all problems aside, my patchwork repair-job has held more or less since I got it, so I'd like to think there's hope even if you get a lemon, as long as you're able to fix it.
  14. Those look really good! Honestly, I would have considered these for my display if I had seen them, they look pretty nice. Digging the car display, too!
  15. Macross World: Official sponser of DETOLF Thanks! They really do work perfectly for macross scale figures, highly recommended!
  16. I moved recently, new furniture (DETOLF) and new display!
  17. Honestly, the silly looking missile thing is probably my favorite part. It's different! It kinda reminds me of something you might see on a Destroid.
  18. Aaaand this just got moved to high priority as soon as I can afford it, that looks amazing
  19. Everything goes out on display, and is regularly posed/reposed/transformed. I buy things to play with them, otherwise I'd just buy statues. I was a modeler before anything else, so any harm they might come to as a result of the above is immediately fixed with a dab of superglue or a quick paint touch up as needed. I buy things for my own enjoyment far more than any resale value.
  20. This whole project has been amazing. I feel like I've learned so from reading these, you do the world a service.
  21. Maaaan, now that the video and more images are up I'm even more excited about this. These are definitely in the 'do want' category
  22. That looks amazing, what do you think your price point going to be?
  23. Jeeze, I blink and it's over. The second hand prices seem to be dropping, at least. Seems like about the right time to finally jump on this bandwagon and replace my v.1s
  24. Hrm... on one hand, free labor to dust the collection... on the other hand, there's probably some sort of laws against it, but I might be willing to take that chance
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