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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. Thank you, that helps a lot! Maybe some of the rumors I had read about that were just overblown. Honestly, the much better better legs and hips on the V2 really are tempting but with the V1 at literally a fraction of the renewal's price right now I can live with the old toy's problems. Since you mention it actually, Anymoon has been a lot of help looking at comparisons; I appreciate the time and effort you put into keeping that site up.
  2. Eh, the market on those looks like it's gonna get worse before it gets better, and the old one doesn't bug me too much. I'm just curious about experiences with the plastic anyone who owns one might have had.
  3. So here's a question I'm not sure should go here but what the hell- i'm looking at the VF-25 toys, but the renewals are just too rich for my blood at the moment so I think I'm going to settle for a version 1, despite all of it's problems. I've heard some horror stories about the minty-white plastic on the alto type going yellow already, so I was leaning towards that blue-tinted movie version. Anybody here have any problems with the plastic on that one?
  4. Considering the poor shape of the US anime market, the poor sales ADV received when they did finally release original Macross in it's original form, and the fact that Bandai shuttered it's north American anime release branch back in January and announced they'd no longer be releasing anime beyond allowing other distributors to license series; it makes a lot of sense that these shows wouldn't be released world-wide regardless of problems with HG sitting on licenses. It's not like the world anime market is booming, and it hasn't been since 2005 or so. If anything the US market has been shrinking by leaps and bounds if you count the sheer number of former anime releasing groups that have completely gone under since then.
  5. Yeah, the last sale I bit on it as my first premium Valk and it did arrive with one shoulder cracked. Holding tight with super glue, and with the new replacement hinges available it doesn't seem like that big a risk anymore, but definitely something to keep in mind.
  6. I'm actually not too bummed out about that. Pulling off the hands isn't that big a deal for me... Maybe that means it'll be a little less difficult to find!
  7. Hey, guys. Sorry, I'm a relatively new poster to these boards so I don't know if this has been asked/answered before, but I just started collecting some of the larger Macross toys, and just won one of the old Matchbox Regult/Battlepods on ye olde Ebay, and I know those tend to have problems with their old stickers peeling. I'm wondering if there are any quality aftermarket replacement sticker sheets or similar options out there to get some sort of reprint? Most of my experience is in model kits and ordinarily I'd just run off some new water-slide decals on my own printer, but I'm thinking that for a toy like this, if I can get some clear adhesive decals that'd be the way to go for more of an 'authentic flavor'.
  8. In that case, I surely do know what I'll be buying myself for christmas. I hope you're right, because that would be just about perfect for me.
  9. Do we have any rough estimate of when this is gonna be out?
  10. Still... very sloooowly making progress with this, but I'm finally making time to work on it again and it's coming along again, bit by bit.
  11. Finally was able to get ahold of a camera to get a shot of the work on this guy!
  12. http://i.imgur.com/fyPmR.jpg Just arrived this morning
  13. Small update on this! I was hit by a sudden bout of inspiration and came up with a quick hip-joint mod to improve the kit's flexibility. Here's a real quick shot of the results (warning, large un-resized image) I've got another of these Imai kits on the way now too, so you'll probably hear more from me soon!
  14. Oh man, I really like that. The add on pack looks amazing, despite all of the problems it sounds like you ran into with it. It's a shame some resin kits end up being such garbage like that, but you really pulled it out of the trash and made it something else altogether, so my hat goes off to you. I have to agree with you when it comes to seeing builds from these older kits, though. I spend a disproportionate amount of time on image search looking for builds people have done starting with these vintage kits. The things I've seen people do with them despite their age and quality really blows me away sometimes. They're definitely a nice challenge, I'd say. I was actually more impressed with how well it went together for it's age compared to some older mecha kits from say, gundam for example, but you do really need to be willing to invest the elbow grease to make them shine. Like you said on your build, the engineering really is top-notch on this mold- probably better than some modern variable mech kits I've worked with, honestly.
  15. That's lovely! I'm particularly impressed with the wash effects, I think you did a fantastic job with it!
  16. Thanks, guys! I really like the anime style paint too- It's a style I've been using for years, mostly on Gundam and other anime robot models. It's deceptively time consuming, all of the panel lines are hand-painted with a very, very fine brush, as opposed to a wash or using any kind of inking pen. It gives it a very crisp look, but it takes forever to paint and repaint things until it's 'perfect', haha... I'm very happy with how it turned out, though. On the plus side, I had a huge surplus of orange paint before working on this, and I've managed to put most of it to good use now!
  17. Hello, Macross World! I finally decided to join these forums recently, after lurking for god knows how many years... Anyway, what I've got here today is a build of the Bandai release of Imai's old 1/72 variable VF-1D. I got this kit for christmas from my new girlfriend after showing her the entire original series- I think she's hooked, haha... For the most part the kit is stock, although I added a few extra panel lines hare and there and replaced the funky old-school micky mouse hands with a set of movable doner hands care of an old gundam model I don't remember anymore. I also resculpted one of the pilot figures into a tiny minmei, although I'm not entirely thrilled with how the paint job on the pilots came out. As for the model itself; I'm actually impressed with how well this kit's aged, all things considered. Yeah, it's proportions aren't perfect and the detail and everything aren't quite up to the level Hasagawa offers, but it's got a certain charm that I quite like. The fact that it transforms (albeit with part swapping) also makes it a lot of fun, and I had a good time building it. Sorry for the large images- The rest of the images can be found in my gallery here. I've also got a number of WIP photos up, if anybody cares to see those.
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