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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. I doubt we'll ever hear much more about it than we already have here, honestly. Bandai will probably never bother to talk, and business in japan tends to put a bigger emphasis on keeping things under wraps to save face. Interesting to think about, though
  2. I've always been so iffy on these. They're beautiful, but they're also waaaay too doll-like, and there's an odd sort of uncanny valley. That said, I've been eying the Super Robot Taisen figures they made a while back for years... For Sheryl and Ranka? I'd think about it. I wonder if they'd do a Minmay...
  3. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna need to get a new case for sure if I get anything else. Gakken- Props again to your flight effects! That's still such a cool idea!
  4. Edit- Wrong thread, meant that to be in the YF-19 thread instead, whoops
  5. So thanks to a mailing snafu (not the sender's fault), a package of mine accidentally got sent to my old hometown. After calling the post office and getting nowhere, I just decided to take the drive back to pick it up in person, from SoCal all the way to NorCal. Honestly I just chalk it up to 'just my luck' and laugh the whole thing off, but it's got me thinking- what's the most any of you have ever done for a single toy? What are your most harrowing tales, furthest trips, biggest hassles, highest hurdles? Which mountains have you had to sing at to get sweet plastic satisfaction?
  6. This was my first year here, and it was amazing! I'm totally drained, but it was awesome getting to see and meet people in the real world. I already can't wait for next year!
  7. New ankles would have required them to spend time to actually redesign and tweak the molds, and it sounds like that's prohibitively expensive for the new company, so oh well. Pretty sure the YF-21 was specifically influenced by the Queadluun and other Zentradi mechs as a point of fact, so you'd be correct.
  8. In-universe, the VF-1 was so ubiquitous and had so much impact that all variable fighters are colloquially referred to as Valkyries regardless of their other designations. It's pretty much the same case for the fandom.
  9. I wonder how they compare to that little Ranka figure that came with that Gallia 4 fold booster pack
  10. Not gonna lie, the fact that the destroids separate so easily makes them a loooot of fun. I just wish I had a few more!
  11. Redid my display for some new arrivals And just for fun, everything I've got in that scale all in one shot
  12. Just an epileptic trees theory, but could it be Stern? It was a pseudo-plot point that Grace had the audacity to do everything she was doing under her own real name, so maybe she wouldn't even bother changing the name of her cyborg pet, either. It wouldn't have made a difference one way or another with Ranka's amnesia, so it's at least possible, if improbable. OR, Probably more likely, Ranka Lee is her real name, since the fleet would have almost certainly had a passenger manifest, even if she was it's only survivor.
  13. I wasn't even thinking about that thing I know at least two stores off the top of my head that still have a few of the VF-1S, and I see them at any convention type place I step into (although oddly, I haven't seen any at Frank & Son's...)
  14. Impressive! I'm especially wowed by the condition of the old matchbox/takatoku SDF-1, that box looks pristine. I've been halfheartedly hunting one of those down myself, and well.... The samples on ebay sure don't look half as good!
  15. That's exactly what I head meant, yeah. I had remembered that there wouldn't be any retooling and frankly I don't blame them, a structural thing like that would be way too costly, but I'm interested to see if they achieved anything by changing tolerances or something.
  16. Looks like it's sold out now, I just checked. Bummer.
  17. Have any of Arcadia's releases actually been hard to come by so far? I see their VF1s all the time still
  18. Just missed it. I really wanted that one and the Dino Riders one, too.
  19. Really curious if they did anything to help with those ankles. I juuuust got the earlier version of this, and it's an amazing toy but yeah, everything everyone has ever said about those ankles is 100% true
  20. I actually love that box art. Reminds me of the episode where Basara and Gamlin almost become KFC.
  21. That is pretty awesome... If I rode, I would definitely want one.
  22. I bought them from a member of these forums, actually! In fact, now that I think about it, I think a good half of my collection is thanks to the for-sale and trade section.
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