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  1. I'm not expecting the SAP to be released right away, personally. It seems like the established precident from both Bandai and Yamato/Arcadia (and even Toynami) is to release a naked valk first, and any add on packs afterwards, and I doubt the newcomer is going to shake that up/deviate from that in any way.
  2. It seems more like a general disinterest in Macross II, which is unfortunate (it's still one of my favorites) but understandable. The price really isn't that much different from any of Arcadia's recent comperable offerings, since it's a 1/60 and that's just kind of where prices are right now, but the fact that the company is an unknown makes a lot of sense as a deturrant, plus all of the design nitpicks (although let's be honest, when is any valkyrie by any company not nitpicked to death before it's released anyway? That's what we're known for!) Personally, I just don't care. Any VF-2SS is better than no VF-2SS IMO, so even if it's a flaming mess of toynami proportions I'll probably still be happy. I'm betting it'll be better than that at this point though. I'm expecting something around the level of any given modern 3rd party transformer, which would not be bad at all.
  3. That requires them to have the Frontier licence, though. I'd much rather see a Battle Seven get made anyway. Then there'd be one capital ship per TV series on the market. But that's probably a pretty distant pipe dream
  4. I feel the same way. With only so much room, I'm only likely to buy a few variations of any one valk at most, and my willingness to double dip on 2.0/3.0/4.0 whatever is a little limited unless there's just no comparison (I only own 2.0 VF-1s, but I'm perfectly happy with the 1.0 Bandai VF-25s and the original 1/60 YF-19, etc) but this is an instant pre-order for me the second I'm able to, and I honestly don't care how flawed the design might be, simply because it exists, and it's the one valkyrie I had legitimately began to think would never, ever happen. But MII was what got me into Macross and mecha anime (as opposed to robotech or transformers) in the first place, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Any chogokin-quality large scale transforming toy of it at all is enough to give me vapors. I want more pics, I want to own this, and it's hard for me to even contain that excitement for it.
  5. I'm about a month late to this, but holy crap I'm so happy to have ANY VF-2 I could cry. Maybe it's not perfect, but even the 2.0 balks have flaws. This is my #1 holy grail and it is an instant buy, no question
  6. I actually wonder if the licencing rights were ever really exclusive in the first place. It's obvious Bandai has the right to produce and sell toys from first macross, as they do and have produced both new molds (ill-fated VF100s) and reissues of them chunky munkys. Having the right to make a thing (which yamato/arcadia clearly have) and having the exclusive rights to be the only ones who can make that thing are kinda different things, and bandai is a pretty big sponsor these days. I kind of wonder if the reason we haven't seen Bandai make a VF-1 has less to do with licence rights and more to do with simple market over-saturation and lack of interest to invest in the new tooling.
  7. All of the peripheral materials have been in complete agreement with this too. Macross chronicle was pretty explicit with their writeup about the whole thing. I'm frankly surprised it was even a debate, it seemed pretty cut and dry to me.
  8. Hrm, I hadn't thought of the possibility of a scale difference. The DX Chogokin VF-171 is pretty noticably smaller than the Yamato VF-17, and that might happen here too. Not too worried about fighter mode, personally. I'm not picky, every 19 so far other than the original 72 was plenty 'good enough' for my eyes. I think the only think I'm gonna be picky about is scale.
  9. woah I'm not sure if I'm ready to believe it yet, but wow. wow. Usually I'd prefer to stick to one mold for everything, but since the VF-19 Advance is technically a modified late-production VF-19 I think I can justify it. Especially for those super parts. Gonna be watching this for sure
  10. Is that a fold booster attached to a VF-17? I didn't know you could actually do that.
  11. Macross World. Where peer pressure lives.
  12. Must... resist... Must not buy... Must not buy and then buy SD infinity Messiah and Joke Machine VF-1s to go with it... ...send help guys...
  13. These gonna be usable with some of the older yamato molds? I'd love to have a strand for my old YF-19...
  14. Yeah, with Valkyries the difference between 1/60 and 1/72 is pretty obvious, and if you had monsters in 1/72 and 1/60 scale to compare you'd definitely see a difference, but when you get to something that huge and don't have that frame of reference, it probably won't make that much of a difference. Scale is pretty arbitrary with cartoon robots as it is.
  15. Definitely website mistake. Centimeter to meter conversion measurements math out to be almost exactly 1/72. (technically about .9 cm off, but that's splitting hairs) That said, if you put something this big next to any 1/60 valk, 1/60 and 1/72 are so close in scale most people won't be able to tell the difference anyway.
  16. Prices across the entire hobby industry have been going up. It's hardly a money-grab if it's industry-wide. http://www.hobbyalerts.com/scary-fact-prices-of-figures-rose-80-from-2006-2013/ Here's an article from last year comparing prices of figures from other companies. That's pretty much just the reality of how things are right now.
  17. Breetai, Exedor, Kamjin, Feff, Gigil, Sivil, Ivanov, Nora... I'll give you the Vajra don't have much personality, but Grace was the real antagonist of Frontier TV version- I'd say every single one of them had more personality/were more humanized characters than Shalon Apple, so as much as I love plus, I can't agree with that at all. If anything I'd consider it to be one of the defining traits of the franchise, and one I look forward to in the sequel. Kind of agree that I'd like to see a new character designer step in just because a new look might be nice, but then again that's also what plus and zero did and those have my least favorite character designs, so I'm fairly neutral on that count too.
  18. Definitely a placeholder. Looking at her hair, it's just another drawing of minmay that's been blocked out.
  19. They don't appear to be separate parts on the prototype, so there's a pretty good chance that they won't. Hard to tell at this point, but soft vinyl isn't really known for being highly mobile, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're not adjustable.
  20. As always, Kicker's collection is less of a display and more of a life goal. Fantastic video, man!
  21. The sign specifically says Vinyl. In giant Katakana letters, "Destroid Monster Big Size Sofubi" [sofubi of course meaning soft vinyl]
  22. Wow! I know limited articulation, but if it's even a little posable, I'm sold. 1/72 doesn't bother me in the least, when you get to that size the eyes won't care that it's not in true scale with the other valks, as long as 'huge monster little valkyrie' holds out, that's good enough for me!
  23. I thought Chisuga Haruko was pretty great too, I'm sure whoever they pick this time will also be awesome
  24. Kowamori's made it pretty clear over and over again that he considers that story done, and is probably never going to revisit it in any real way. Macross the first only happened because Mikimoto was willing and they saw how popular Gundam the Origin was. We'll probably have actual variable fighters before we see a redo of the original series.
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