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  1. Argh. This is why the post has instructions to leave packages on my door regardless, but I'm lucky enough to live in a quiet subdivision where nobody is going to bother taking a box from my porch... I'll be sad next time I move and I won't have that ability anymore
  2. For what it's worth, I've got an old original and while it had some problems with a few things cracking, it's actually held up really well and I'm very pleased with it overall. It gets flak for not being up to the standards of some of Yamato's newest stuff but it is by no means a bad toy.
  3. They're the same basic toy, the reissue has improved tolerances and some minor fixes. It's worth getting the renewal if you can get your hands on it, but there's fairly little if any real difference between them. It's an older Yamato toy, so the quality isn't what you might expect from the newer things, but since at this point nobody really knows what the future for Yamato really holds, there's less reason not to go ahead and get it. You can find reviews for this one up at CDX, Anymoon, or just strait up youtube for more specific details.
  4. Isn't that pretty much why Yamato decided not to tampoprint much on these in the first place, because the design quickly looks cluttered when you start to add markings? I hate to say it, but I think I kinda agree, the design looks really busy as soon as you add markings to it. I'm kinda glad they made it optional at this point.
  5. It would strike me as somewhat odd if it was for a kit, given that Bandai has seemingly all but abandoned the Frontier model line in terms of producing new molds and toolings. Why would they produce a 1/72 kit of the YF-30 when they haven't even made a transforming kit in that scale of the YF-29? They're still actively releasing Macross related DX Chogokin, that seems by and large the more obvious choice here.
  6. This is the first I've heard of it being a kit. Was it announced in another thread?
  7. That really is pretty... although I question the speaker+missile combo, I'd think it'd be pretty much one or the other, it looks pretty good
  8. It wouldn't be the first time a Valkyrie was pretty much exclusive to a video game, really. Look at all of the old Advance Valkyrie designs that only live in the older games. The only difference here is that the design is 'new' (as far as we know, but looking at it more I'm starting to suspect it's a re-used early VF-25 concept design being given life for the game) and that Bandai is aggressively producing toys now.
  9. It makes a brief background cameo and was playable in the video game, as I recall. Not a whole lot there. IDK, I wouldn't put any real money on Bandai making a toy of that one any time soon.
  10. Those are all known issues that affect all of the YF-21/VF-22 mold toys, at least so far as I know. Mine has the same 'problems'. Really they're it's not too bad all in all, though. I haven't had any long-term issues related to any of these problems.
  11. Kids, relatives, uninformed friends who think 'oh cool, a transformer' without realizing how fragile these things can be, all of the above pretty much.
  12. That's a really good question, actually. Locking display cabinets sound like a very worthwhile investment
  13. Finally got to listen to this, very informative and entertaining as ever! I got an extra laugh when you guys were talking about the Konig Monster and Renato mentioned photographing his for me in that other thread, haha. Thanks again for that one! Really though, I love this sort of thing, chronicling 'toy history' such as it is. Well done, guys!
  14. Ouch! My condolences, man... I'm not sure if any sort of aftermarket replacement exists for this, your best bet is probably to try to glue it back together somehow, but I do advice caution- many glues cause oxidation/clouding on clear plastic, so you should definitely do some homework on what kind of glue to use if you go that route. Best of luck!
  15. Haha, don't get me wrong! I think the VF-4 is one of my top favorite designs, it's just the way it came about being so convoluted seems to have caused a lot of trouble. Hell, even that recent 'whats your favorite VF' poll they had on facebook only showed the fighter design for the FB 2012 VF-4. As for the VF, I think you've got the nail right on the head that- as far as I'm aware, that's EXACTLY how likeness rights work. Because Yamato had the rights to likenesses of the VF-X (Fighter mode) and VF-1A (all modes) there was really no problem with them using an existing mold to make an approximation of the first that coincidentally was also convertible to the second. It's just another creative way of 'faking it' that wouldn't cross any wires or step on any toes as far as licencing and Intellectual Property rights does. Along the same lines, I would not be surprised to see them eventually do a 'VF-4G' in FB-2012 "homage" colors while still claiming it as the VF-X version... AKA, faking it again. But time alone will tell on that front.
  16. They're the Ikea cases, right? They were ~$65 last I checked.
  17. The VF-4 was always intended to transform but since only the fighter appears in FB2012 there's no licence to do a transforming mech from it period, all of the rights to likeness for the final transforming version are legally filed under the video game. They couldn't get FB2012 rights because they do not actually exist for any mode other than the fighter. That's the legal hangup they were talking about. You can't purchase licencing rights that strait up don't exist. That said, now that they HAVE made the video game mold, it might be possible for them to 'fake it' and release it as the video-game mech in FB2012 'homage' colors, AKA what any of us would recognize as the 2012 version, but it will never be 'official' to what the 2012 version would have 'actually' looked like because nobody can ever truly know because again, there are no likeness rights for it because they weren't even finished for about a decade after the OVA was made. It falls into a weird zone as far as legal likeness rights go. Can't really blame Yamato for that one. It's really more on Studio Neue/Koramori's head for doing things so haphazardly for that design.
  18. I think more recently that turned out to be more of a rumor/reading too much into an off the cuff joke, and the only reason they haven't done anything MII is simply because it's not very popular and they didn't feel they could sell enough to make it worthwhile. As for the Mospeada stuff... Yamato has never had licence for Mospeada, have they? I thought it was pretty much set that the Mospeada rights sat with competing companies? I wouldn't expect to see Yamato/Arcadia do anything with that any time soon
  19. A likely story... I kind of like these, though. I don't suppose there's any way to see how they'd look next to the 12 inch Hikaru doll Toynami put out?
  20. The way I see if, if a toy has already yellowed to that degree, it's damaged anyway. You might as well experiment and see if there's a way to save it. It's not the same as if you were experimenting with/risking plastic damage on a pristine example. Especially when you can pick up a yellowed loose Jetfire or takatoku for $20 or so depending on where you shop... My local consignment store has two of them at about that price right now. It's not hard to find a beat up/yellowed toy to attempt restoring, really...
  21. Aren't there a bunch of techniques now to de-yellowify older toys anyway? Or did those all turn out to be bust or something
  22. I have to go with the crowd on that one. There's a few distinctive features to me that say F-14... from where I'm sitting, at least that toy manages to convey exactly none of them. But again, I'm not fond of those designs in the first place. They look less like 'robots that are airplanes' (which Macross conveys perfectly) and more like something from armored core that an airplane threw up on. Adding little non-airplane skirt armor and an airplane hat does not an airplane make. Can we go back to panicking about company changes and/or calling each other elitists yet?
  23. Yeah, agreeing with the complete lack of love for Muv-Luv (heh). Sorry, man, those designs do nothing for me and I just can't get past the weird bizarro dating-sim game conception thing. Can't do it. As for my MII hopes, looking at the designs again, you guys are right, they're night and day. IDK why I thought they were more similar than that. Oh well, guess I'll just have to hope and pray somebody makes both someday... /BRB settling in for a loooooong wait
  24. I love that display, seriously. Honestly, I love the V1s. I think they kinda get a bad rap/weren't what people were hoping for, but knowing the flaws going in, I don't regret the two I own for a second. I think they're pretty nice toys! And honestly, given the prices on the version two releases at the moment... Personally, I think the V1s are still a pretty viable option, even still. In fact, I'll probably stick to them for my Frontier collection for the other VF-25/27 releases, too. Leave the V2s to the rest of you fine folks who can afford them/care more about the minor differences!
  25. Haha, I know what you mean. Honestly, I'm still of that mindset for the most part. Toys today as so consistently excellent that I think we've all become spoiled to it to the point where minor nitpicks are suddenly giant glaring flaws to us... It's kind of amazing, if you stop to think about it. It's good to know all of the little nitpicky changes though, now that we DO have the option. It's like coming out of the dark ages, almost.
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