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  1. 1000 Bison Dollars Gubaba says Momoiro Clover Z. :3 IRL it would have to be a tie between May'n & Megumi. I would have said SCANDAL but they're a rock band... so yeah. In Macross... geez that's tough. I think I'll have to sleep on that.
  2. This says to me that WB either just didn't care anymore or doesn't think it would work which is why they sold it off.
  3. The boosters don't have higher ranks but you can get higher ranks for the planes by buying blueprints at various towns.
  4. Now that the tutorial missions are done and the real game begins, what kinds of Valkyries or other units would you guys like to see me fly?
  5. I decided I would start a new thread for this. I've been doing a Let's Play for Macross 30 and here is where I will chronicle my adventures throughout the game. :3 Here's the link for the playlist And here's the latest episode! https://youtu.be/zKXx3uXBqjY
  6. I think it was because she was either working with or controlled by the local NUNS forces? Tochiro? Gubaba?
  7. Technically they've already done that. The New Macross-class variable carriers can break up into individual ships with one of them being, yes, the gun.
  8. But don't VF's use the surrounding atmosphere for fuel... er, when they're in an atmosphere of course. Or is my mind playing tricks on me? I would assume that would help at least a little in the lower, thicker atmosphere. And what's this VF-16? I've never heard of it?
  9. It seemed to me that in the Frontier movies, Full Barrier Systems were in more common use than before, although I don't think they were nearly as... ah, durable as the pin-point barriers?
  10. As has been said before, given the popularity of Frontier in Japan, expect at least a passing resemblance. BTW how're those idol auditions going? Runs till the end of January, yeah?
  11. LOL what a mook. NMCV eh? That's interesting. I suspect they just threw the N onto SDFN just because. The White Base from Gundam has at least three different hull codes itself: SCV-70, LMSD-71 and MSC-02.
  12. Because if there's one thing that fandom hates above anything else it's having their headcanon messed with. And why the crap does my computer recognize "headcanon" as a word?
  13. Although, aren't the Master File books considered "unofficial?"
  14. Considering we already know that Billy Dee Williams isn't in the movie, I think you'll be disappointed. Anywho, I see the nitpicking has already begun but whatever, I ENJOYED THE HELL OUT OF THIS. I don't give two flying craps about a crossguard on the lightsaber, the X-Wings look DAMN AWESOME and it's great to see the Falcon flying again. :3 I don't think we have anything to worry about where Abrams is concerned. Into Darkness sucked because of the writers. Sure, Abrams probably could have cared a bit more that they were making a crappy rip-off of Wrath of Khan but that's likely what Paramount wanted, so can we really blame him? But man, those X-Wings! I wanna see 'em flying around with Vipers and Starfuries and Valkyries now!
  15. VF-15 Banshee

    Macross 30

    I started a Let's Play! project for Macross 30! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd2A1nkF1ydCBa-xuq-ziVrdKWZq6Hzwx
  16. You guys might want to check Zoroastres' guide on GameFAQs.
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