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  1. And it's not like Kawamori hasn't designed Valks with melee weapons before. And following the Gundam trend ever since Macross Plus of having the characters fly prototypes or limited production models.
  2. I can see why they picked her. She's got my thumbs up. (y) (check the link to hear Minori Suzuki singing Do You Remember Love)
  3. No, it doesn't bother me. I've never been able to figure out how the controls work in Gundam anyway and frankly I could care less.
  4. So you might think that having a beauty contest on a warship in deep space, under constant threat of attack is somewhat strange but remember, the Macross started out with 58,000 civilians that they didn’t plan on having onboard. Despite the amenities that have been rebuilt in the city, you have to do something to keep people’s minds off the war and why not district them with titties? Even though a large part of the population is female? Eh, whatever it works well enough and Minmay has now started her path to stardom… and according to My Fair Minmay there is a LOT of shady stuff going on in the background to get her there (and behind the Miss Macross competition as Roy helpfully points out.) Hikaru is acting here much more like he would in the Reconstruction arc of the series i.e. being really dumb and dense. Seriously, if I was his commanding officer, I would have had him busted back down to flight cadet for wrecking the Armored Valk, not launching with any backup, Ghosts or Valkyries or whatever and watching the Miss Macross instead of doing what he was supposed to. (also, shoutouts to gubaba for translating My Fair Minmay.)
  5. EPISODE 9: MISS MACROSS Iconic Scene: the much beloved Armored Valkyrie... which only shows up twice in the TV series and once in the movie. And gets totally wrecked by Hikaru in this episode. Quotable Quotes: "I don't think a flimsy uniform [read: swimsuit] like that would be much use in combat." Best Character: Normally I'd say Minmay but this show isn't animated well enough for that, if you catch my drift... No, the award this time goes to Roy Focker, who shows much insight into the fact that the Miss Macross is rigged in Jamis Merin's favor... until Minmay wins of course. colonthree emoticon Best Death: The Armored Valkyrie's dignity.
  6. technically I'm on episode 23, I just haven't posted stuff for that yet.
  7. Considering it was only ever released in Japan, yes.
  8. No, they aren't. Which reminds me, we need to make an official Macross Delta Info Thread.
  9. Fixed that for you. I believe it's supposed to be both? Or that the Walkure girls actively work with the TSU?
  10. Didn't Kanno say at some point that she wasn't going to do anymore Macross after the Frontier movies?
  11. *snort* In which the Macross Quarter will be sacrificed without firing so much as a shot because there wasn't enough budget for that.
  12. I don't remember if anyone's pointed this out before but... is that fold quartz on that necklace?
  13. Meltrandi. The difference is that Zentraedi are depicted as having the Vulcan or elf-like ears whereas Zolans have pointed ears that stick outwards
  14. Is my mind playing tricks on me or are some elements of Delta similar to the Air Cavalry Chronicles design series that Kawamori did?
  15. I don't think that's quite the case as the "Walkure" girls are also called the Tactical Sound Unit.
  16. So I'm thinking this "Var Syndrome" they mention might have something to do with the Protoculture, considering they were also mentioned in the trailer?
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