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  1. Damn and I was looking forward to seeing the R35 in action again! Also, something interesting I noticed in this episode. Correct me if I'm wrong but is this implying that Sekai and Mirai's parents are dead?
  2. Maybe they want the winner to get a bit of experience before the show premieres? That was the bridge's call-sign.
  3. You're on my blacklist now boy. I'm watching you. 3:)
  4. The damage levels are indeed new. Although we've only seen levels A and C so far but I can't imagine much more than 4 or 5.
  5. Episode 3 of G-Reco is out and this show is starting to flat out confuse me. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I dare you not to laugh at this. :twisted: When you REALLY gotta go, you REALLY gotta go
  6. Gotta love that Dee-zert. Spot the Mecha. Also it should be noted that Kamiki's sister is voiced by Aya Endou. List provided by Xenosynth.
  7. Homestar Runner returns after a four year hiatus with Strong Bad and Coach Z's New #1 Jam!! http://homestarrunner.com/fisheyelens.html
  8. Gubaba did a translation for the first vol. but he left off doing the rest for other projects (BTW if I haven't said before, the Misa book was awesome!) Currently I don't know of anyone who's translated the rest.
  9. Well, I would still say that you should watch the movies when you get a hold of copies with subtitles. Sure we've told you what was going on but I've run into the same thing with Macross 30 and I'm still figuring out some of the stuff they're saying. You also shouldn't let anything you dislike about the movies stop you from watching the TV series. It's a completely different thing. As for my own self, I had absolutely no problems with the movies and they way they ended. Is that because I'd already watched the TV show? Eh maybe, but I still think I would have accepted them.
  10. The endings are all done in the conversation screens so you can't see them. If you got the one where Leon talks to Mina, it's the Mina ending. Talking to Aisha, it's the Aisha ending, and if you got he one that has a few extra photos in it, you got the "you're both my wings ending." As for Ultimate, I haven't gotten far enough yet to say but I would reckon it's probably the only difficulty mode where you need to spam all those items and mushrooms you pick up over the course of the game.
  11. Yeah but we can still read MtF for free... and by read I mean look at the pretty pictures. But yeah, we need to buy some copies of this and send them to Linkara so he can rip, er, I mean review it.
  12. You'll get the blueprints for the VF-11 when you head to the desert.
  13. At Salt Lake Comic-Con, in the giant LEGO display. Hmm? What's that in the left corner? YUP!
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