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  1. I would prefer if it took place on a planet or something similar. We've already had two tv series about fleets after all.
  2. Because the thread on Macross Delta is a great place to ask about Robotech... I shall direct you to the anime and sci-fi section of the site.
  3. "At that speed, will you be able to pull out in time?" "It'll be just like Macross Canyon back home!"
  4. Saw Gubaba post this on Facebook. Looks like things are moving along nicely. Although I do want to hear who won the singing competition... https://twitter.com/MacrossCN/status/622995936097239040
  5. The bit with rehashing the two movies. Why? Why not start with the characters going to the sixth universe and looking for these Super Dragon Balls? That sounds much more interesting than these first two arcs.
  6. Hoo boy, I just read this and it's not instilling me with a lot of confidence...
  7. Thoughts on the first episode of Dragon Ball Super. Not a bad first episode but not great either. It was nice to see other characters getting a lot of screen time besides Goku. It's also nice to see Goku doing some honest work besides just training and fighting bad guys. On the other hand, noting really happens in this episode and if you're not a fan of Dragon Ball there's not much here to entice you to watch it. As far as the OP and ED are concerned, they're not bad but not doing much for me. The OP isn't quite as catchy as that remix they did of Cha La Head Cha La they did that you can find as the OP for DB Xenoverse.
  8. Hate to burst your bubble but it was already explained in Macross 7 that the Supervision Army were brainwashed Protoculture and zentradi fighting against the others under the direction of the Protodeviln.
  9. Not really a FAST Pack, just part of the plane.
  10. 30 minutes to go... #Macross #Twitch #Macross30 #PS3
  11. One of the games my brother and I will be streaming tonight will be Macross 30! LET'S FIRE!! http://twitch.tv/livefromthegameroom 8:00 pm MDT
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