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  1. I am looking for Macross dvds or bluerays in dubbed in English. I already have Macorss,, Macross II, Macross Plus,and Do you remember love all in English. Where can I find more Macross to watch? Sorry if I asked about this before but I missed the answer.
  2. First edited scene was at the very beginning, Breetai and Exedore are studying some artifacts from a battle, Later on there is a shower scene with Minmae, IMHO was not needed.
  3. Maybe this was discussed before by someone else but here is my version. I now own both of these movies and except a few deleted scenes from DYRL there really is no difference. Clash has seems to be edited for the younger crowd as DYRL has one scene that is more adult based and just really doesn't add anything to the movie itself, sort of an artist's flight of fancy or something. Did I miss something in my viewing of these 2 movies that really set them apart from each other?
  4. Is there any Macross disc of any kind dubbed into English other than the original "Macross"? I would like to know, all I am finding is English subs for anything "Macross" other than original series, plus, DYRL and Macross II. Where do you people buy your collected Macross DVDs or Blue Rays from? Where do you get the best pricing?
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