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  1. A guy I know over on MechaTalk (Strike Zero) posted this, wanted to see what you guys think.
  2. Just watched episode 1 of Macross II and... holy fragging, smegging, fraking, CRAP! That was almost physically painful to watch!!! Not because of bad animation or anything but the english voice actors! That was HORRIBLE! I've SciFi Channel movies that have better acting than that. I really hope the dub of Macross Plus is better. Other than that, it seems fairly interesting.
  3. Well, I've made a decision. Instead of having Macross Odyssey run as a full-length story, I think I'm going to switch it to a series of one-shots. Ultimately I just wanted to tell the story of how the Megaroad-01 disappeared and I can do that without writing the next Hunt For Red October. Having the characters ride off into the sunset is all well and good (that was one of the best scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) but Macross always gave me the "Hikaru, Misa and Minmay ride off into the sunset with implication that they died a cold, lonely death in deep space" vibe. They deserve a bit better than that I think. Recently, I've become enamored of expanding on the Jenius family. Personally, I know very little about them. There's Max, Millia and their eight daughters and not much else. To sum up: Max and Millia: First Macross and Macross 7. Komillia: The baby that saved the universe! Emillia: Hangs out with Basara, tries to kiss him, has a dumb kid fall down her macronized cleavage. Moaramia: Hangs out with the coolest adoptive parents ever in Macross M3 (Dreamcast). Miracle: Almost killed Millia to give birth to her. I think that's about it. oh and as for good fics, here are two Frontier fics I've found. One deals with all OC characters who are pilots in the Frontier Fleet. The other deals with what happens after the Frontier arrives on Planet Aimo (?). WARNING: The latter fic is about 47 chapters long so far... HOLD IT... FrothyMug, are you the same FrothyMug who is writing a fic called United We Stand?
  4. Here is my first ever Macross fanfic! For now (emphasis on the for now) it will be chronicling the adventures of the Megaroad-01... and why it ultimately disappeared. Oh and who is the naked chick standing next to Sheryl? I don't recognize her from Frontier.
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