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Found 3 results

  1. So, I bought this on Yahoo Japan Auction. Have no idea how to read Japanese, and google translate doesn't help much. Said to be a wonderfest garage kit. Anyone knows how to read Japanese? WF出展個人ディーラー「宮武神信奉団」出品のブリタイ艦ガレージキットです。 余分分がありますので、お好きな方に入札して貰えれば嬉しいです。 商品は「画像2」の未組み立て状態キットで、完成品ではありません。 完成画像は展示見本品を撮影しました。 「愛おぼ~」版と言う事で「主砲発射形態」が再現可能です。 信奉団さんのキットはいつも「おまけ」が楽しいのですが、今回は標準戦艦付きです。(完成画像はありません) 入札の際は恐縮ですが、一度人手に渡った物だという事を承諾して下さり、入札・落札ともにノークレーム・ノーリターンをお約束して頂ける方のみお取り引き下さりますようお願い致します。 発送方法は宅配、郵便、定形外、落札者さんのご希望に沿いたいと思います。 宜しくお願いします。ぺこり(U_U)”
  2. So, according to the first VF-1 Master File book, here's the SDF-3. Isn't she a beaut? I mentioned this on the SpeakerPodCast and at MW Con, but for some reason, if I say anything about it on Facebook, one or more people will come out and accuse me of trolling or just being mistaken or they simply don't want to believe it or SOMETHING, but it's right there on page 120 (as Sketchley's translation confirms), as the ship that the SVF-789 Daleskarak squadron (wing?) is assigned to: "SDF-3 (Formerly Britiai's ship)" I'm honestly not sure why this brings out hostility and disbelief in people, since it doesn't really have any bearing on continuity, but there ya go. After Space War I, Britai's ship was reclassified as the SDF-3. (And before anyone points out that the Master File books aren't necessarily part of the "official setting," I'd like to say that I showed the pic to Tenjin-san... so if it wasn't official before, it probably is now. )
  3. I'm looking for screen-caps of the Hikaru vs Britai fight from SDFM, specifically when the -1J is pinned to the wall and the chest plate has been ripped off. Any help appreciated. Greg
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