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  1. Thanks everyone for all you comments! Here is my current progress. I've cut the original kit legs into sections (intake and knee) so I can begin updating the pose into gerwalk. Plus I decided to cut the wing flaps and rotate them down for more interest. Thanks again for looking. Cheers!
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments! @Thom You should try getting back into your diorama. It sounds like a good one! My idea was also to make a diorama. I was thinking of making a picnic scene with Max & Millia with Max's VF-1A in the background. I'll see how far I get. Here is a build update, this time on the arms. I noticed the kit arms are missing some additional details like the vernier thrusters on the sides. I did my best attempt to cut the thrusters out from one of my unused kit parts and patched them into these arms. Also my first try at scribing some panel details. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hey All, I just thought I'd start a thread with my latest project I'm excited to start. What I've been wanting for a long time has been a 1/48 scale gerwalk model. Seeing as no company has done that yet I'd thought I would try customizing my 1/48 Hasegawa VF-1S/A Strike Super Valkyrie model into what I want. I few caveats, I'm no model expert, so I expect lots of mistakes and hopefully lots of learning. My goal is to make the SDFM VF-1A standard version in the gerwalk pose but keep the valkyrie's arms up in the fighter position. I just like the look of that. The goal for me is to have fun and ideally not have too many unrealistic expectations, where I may become discouraged and quit the project. Goodness knows, there have been plenty of other projects I've started only to leave them unfinished. I'm aiming to complete this. Fingers crossed. By the way, the reason you see both white and gray parts is because I had another unfinished 1/48 Hasegawa VF-1J, so I'll be using parts from both kits. Since the VF-1J was started but unfinished, I don't have many parts left over from that kit. But there are some parts I'll be using from that kit. Hope you enjoy it. - Starting the build:
  4. Hey Everyone, Does anyone know where I may still find the 1/48 Color Etch from DreamModel? Item Number: CDM 48026 For those not aware, this is a coloured photo etch set for the cockpit of the VF-1A. I see their 1/72 Color Etch on eBay regularly but have never seen the 1/48 scale available again. Any help is greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thanks!
  5. Love to see more of this build. Looks great! Congratulations for picking one up, I’m still kicking myself for not getting one when I could.
  6. Phenomenal paint application on the Regult. Love how they captured the brush strokes.
  7. This looks very promising. Does anyone know the scale of this?
  8. Looking forward to seeing this build. Loving what I see so far. 😊
  9. This makes me smile. 😊 Great job on everything! Love it.
  10. I would love to see some model re-issues, ideally a couple of new molds too. Plus would love to see any new books released of SDFM. Maybe a new art book with some of the model box art from the 80s. Realistically I’ll be happy with anything. 😊
  11. @pengbuzz I can’t believe you started that sculpt with wood. That is awesome! Looking great.
  12. Hey All, Does anyone know where I may find hi-res scans of the Arii and Imai box art? I have some of the models but they have text and extras on them, I’d prefer the clean versions if possible. I’d like to use them to make myself some desktop wallpaper. Thanks.
  13. That’s beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
  14. Can’t wait to see this guy assembled. Looking good!
  15. You weren’t. Was my number 1 request. 😊
  16. I really like your colour choice. Great compromise between some of the box art examples. Hope you don’t mind but I’ll probably use your formula. 😊
  17. I would love to see these cel shaded models from other angles and lighting scenarios and see if they still hold up. I’d love to try to do one of my kits in the cel shade style but am concerned that it can only be viewed from a specific angle and lighting scenario.
  18. At first I wasn’t too interested in this kit but seeing the photos I’m slowly coming on board. It’s looking really good.
  19. I love this! Great build and great photography.
  20. I had no idea about these Easter Eggs. Will have to try them now. Thanks!
  21. Sadly, unless there is revised interest in SDFM I would assume all the value will die with us. I imagine that all the fellow SDFM lovers are in their 40s which typically is when you would have the most purchasing power. Makes sense that the prices have risen with the purchasing power of the fan base. Not sure if the new Macross shows attract young people to SDFM, hopefully they do. That way the Macross fan base continues to expand and get younger. That would insure it’s value.
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