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  1. I'm gonna pick up a PS4 sometime as well. Not just for this one but also for 'souls 3, Uncharted 4, Metal Gear and a few other up and coming games. Plus it'll be nice to play my copy of Bloodborne. I bought the collector's edition without owning a system being that I'm a pathetic super fan of all things souls Back on topic, that Griffin thing is adorable
  2. Jon Snow's death broke the internet It's so quiet in here. Do I have to venture into the unknowns of the book thread for some show camaraderie? I'm still on the first book.
  3. Damn, I think I might have to pick mine up from the post office on Saturday. I think they just left a note at the house.
  4. That is cool! If Arcadia never releases an urban camo version, I'll think about painting my spare GBP matte black and Focker gold...
  5. Damn...been away from this thread for a week and it blew up! CDJ shipped mine last week so I should be seeing delivery soon. Now I gotta request shipment on my second from HLJ
  6. That's one hell of a photo set and pose, sixty. Good stuff!
  7. I gave up on this a long while back so I'm happy they're bringing it up again. Gonna be extra sad if they shelve it again though.
  8. I missed the BGC one so I'll be throwin some money down on this in a few days. Gotta back the classics
  9. I like Ridley Scott so he gets many many chances with me and a ticket sold
  10. Well...the first one is a one in seven billionth chance so chances are slim unless you are lucky or a suave-ass mother fu.cker Second part...there are people who think bishoujo is just as creepy for various reasons as well so to each their own. I don't need everything to be anime-ized myself but sometimes they're cool and I own a few. In regards to the headsculpt on that figure...it ain't bad. I thought her design in the movie was super generic (like her brother) but wasn't terrible. Not sure I'd pick this one up though. I've got my eyes on the Iron Legion HT so far and that's it. I loved the Iron Legion scheme in the movie!
  11. Hopefully we get some production artwork soon! Wanna gawk at the new Valks
  12. SF here and I've only noticed my packages come through SFO no matter which shipping option I choose. I haven't been paying super close attention to all of em though...
  13. This is actually the one I'm most excited about out of my current Bandai preorders (even over the 19 Advanced) because of the color scheme. I own a ton of 29s too!
  14. That bike is actually the Elint version. Come on! You guys love Macross or what
  15. Mine should be here soon with a whole bunch of other action figures. I can't wait and I'm on board for all the samurai based SW figures!
  16. I'm glad they're including both heads. I've always liked the CF 27 better. I prefer it over Grace and the bare-midriff guy.
  17. I think I've settled on getting all the FP Dinos but I might pick up Grimmys from other companies if they meet my fancy. He is my favorite
  18. Close releases all in the same month would mean I would die of starvation or something I'm glad for the breathing room!
  19. Really they're all great and you can't really go wrong. My personal preference is Yamato/Arcadia.
  20. Grey goggles? Arcadia, why you gotta NOT mess up that detail? Love how the box has white goggles though. Gives us a little reason to nitpick. Anyway that little bit of grey made my day and I requested hlj ship EMS with my other stuff. Should have it by mid week.
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